Joanne is Coming Home!

Am I the only one who feels like it’s Friday? This week is going by so slowly. But I have some good Memorial Day news. My friend Joanne, who many of you have come to know through care packages sent to her and/or her brigade, is coming home! I’ll give you updates as they come, but I thought I’d let everyone know since I’ve mentioned her before.

Maybe I’ll make another Chocolate Stout Cake.

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  1. hulagirl247 says

    hi anna ~

    i thought it was thursday as i walked out of the door this morning – but my excuse is i am on day 10 of working 12 days in a row (with a 12 hour workday last friday and a 14 hour workday last saturday!)…..

    glad to hear your friend is coming home – i hope you get to have a nice visit at some point during this memorial day weekend.

    happy baking!


  2. says

    I am SO glad that Joanne is on her way home SAFE AND SOUND. I have come to know her, thanks to you, via care packages, letters and Facebook.

    Have a great time in CA. Which area?

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