Random Cookie Related Items for Friday

Cute cookie from Erin Bolger via The Toronto Star — Erin’s Go-To Cookie

Chicago Tribune answers a recipe request for Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies.

Some little kids in Detroit make “Grab and Go” Breakfast Cookies.

Voortman is selling Omega 3 cookies with 700 mg ala Omega 3 per cookie. I bought some yesterday at Sun Harvest, but apparently Wegman’s carries them as well. Haven’t opened mine yet.

University of Wisconsin Student tries to make Sarah Bernhardt cookies and fails. Bless her heart. She wasted $30 on ingredients, but saved us all $30.

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  1. says

    I enjoyed looking at those links.
    Don’t you feel challenged by the Sarah Bernhardt cookies? I clicked on the link to the blog where someone else made them FOUR times before they were successful, and they felt it was worth it!
    Too much work for me to pursue that project any time soon!

  2. says

    Hello Sue,

    I keep seeing that recipe when I flip through Martha’s book. I think I could make it, though! It calls for something I don’t usually have in the house, though….almond paste, I believe.

  3. Louise says

    It must just be me, but I don’t like confusing cookies with real food by having flax seed/Omega 3 in cookies. I eat plenty of salmon. 🙂

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