1. says

    Well, if you’re considered a celebrity (in the cookie world/Pillsbury world, then a lot of us will probably be making celebrity cookies! 😉

    No really. I’m making a Mrs. Field cookie, does that count?

  2. Ellen says

    Anna, thanks to your post I am baking Chef Kate’s blondies from Goop. For some reason, I didn’t get this Goop issue in my in-box. Anyway, woah do they look/smell good. I didn’t have PB chips, but added peanut butter, didn’t have enough marshmallows, so I added milk choc chips. Definitely an adaption, but they look like a winner already.

  3. says

    Ellen, I want to make those too! We honestly do not need any more sweets in the house today, though. Let me know how the final version tastes.

  4. Ellen says

    Holy cow, they’re delish. I took them to an end of school BBQ and they were a hit, people were going back for more and more. Myself included. A definite fan favorite!

  5. Ellen says

    I used less butter (3 sticks) because of the addition of PB, and there was no love lost. Still very chewy and moist! In fact, now that I rememeber it I threw in about 1/2 c. of applesauce, too! This was really a throw-together recipe for me, and so so good.

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