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Happy Thursday! I kicked off the morning by dropping a pan of unbaked bar cookie crust on the floor.

After that, I didn’t feel like baking so I threw together some 7-Layer Bars and headed to the computer to read more about Caribbean islands. While I was reading, Katrina sent me an email saying to open Goop, so I did and it’s cookies!

Sometime I forget to open Goop, so it’s a good think I have friends to alert me when important issues arrive. This one is a keeper because it starts with Gwyneth’s recommendation of Tate’s Chocolate Chip cookies followed by a chocolate chunk cookie recipe and what appears to be quite a remarkable blondie.

I don’t think it’s been archived yet to, so until it’s posted, you’ll have to just check the newsletter.

Here’s the issue!

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  1. Daisy Doodles says

    It looks like the pup is evaluating whether or not to sample the crumbs 🙂

  2. says

    I hate spills like that. Yep, I’d have gone for a walk, too! 😉
    I’m probably going to make the Katie Joel ones soon. I don’t have dried cherries right now. I think it’s funny how Gwenyth says “a friend brought over Katie Joel and her husband “William”. Billy Joel!!! How did this singer get such pretty women as wives (first Christie Brinkley)? If you’ve never seen Katie she’s cute as can be and young. She cooks a lot with Paula Deen. I like his singing and all…anyway, I’ll shut up now. 😉

  3. Therese B. says

    Holy Crap Anna!

    DANG…I truly know the feeling. I was baking
    a special cheesecake for my sister’s birthday
    get together…and low and behold…When I took it out of the oven..the bottom of the pan was
    not secured…it all plopped on the floor.

    Deep breathing helps!!!!

    Looks like the other recipes are worth delving into!! I love blondie bars!

    Also, a side note….I am subsribed to the Gourmet notices/website. There was an article
    you should know about…Cookies..the New Cake
    for weddings!! Check it out!!

  4. Louise says

    Regarding “Cookies — the New Cake”, I’m from Pennsylvania and it’s always been “Cookies in Addition to Cake” at weddings. In this area, good kipfels, poppyseed streudel and nutroll are especially well received as they are a pain to make. I found a photo of some kipfels on this website.

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