Happy Almost Fourth of July!

We’re spending the holiday with family in CT and let me tell you, getting from the New York airport to Fairfield County last night wasn’t easy. See, traffic was a little backed up due to weather.


I don’t want to re-hash the experience, but hats off to Tri-State Area drivers. I don’t know how you do it.

Anyway, we made it safely to our first hotel and have spent a lovely day with the family. We even went to Stew Leonard’s which was about as relaxing as that traffic from last night, but hey – it’s a holiday and everyone here is grilling and enjoying the (finally) good weather.  Have a July 4!

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  1. jean says

    I feel your pain. This just hasn’t been a good summer (yet) between the rain and the traffic and the rain. Well you get the idea. But the forecast is for a sunny weekend so keep your fingers crossed. Enjoy!!

  2. says

    Hope the entire Ginsberg family has a happy and safe July 4th weekend. Be safe on the roads.

    It has been cold, rainy and dank in Cleveland for the past five days. I have planned a small (5 people) cook-out for the 4th. If the rain and cold are still here we will have an indoor picnic.

  3. MaryEllen says

    Stew Leonards! Yes, it’s a great place, but not pre-holiday … did your little girl enjoy the samples? My twin boys love Stew’s for all the free tastes! Welcome to CT.

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