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    I thought you’ve made these before? (Not that you can’t make them again). I’m pretty sure Megan’s Brownie Project has the Baked ones on it. I’m too lazy to go look and see what she had to say. Vaugely seems like she had some issues. I could be making the whole thing up. I’m tired.


    I saw the Baked brownies in a magazine at the dentists office months back and they look good–hey, it was in O Magazine.

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    I liked the deep dark brownies that Matt Lewis made for Martha Stewart – those were great. They’re on her site, or the Brownie Project if you’re interested. Definitely worth a try.

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    I just made these last week for a work retreat and they were awesome! I can’t say enough good things about this recipe.

  4. Megan says

    Anna-I’m making brownies for a cookout this weekend. If you could make only one of your many, which would you suggest?

  5. Jane says

    Definitely go with the Baked brownie! I have never been so excited about a brownie recipe! Sadly, it’s the only recipe that I like so far from the Baked cookbook – so I guess I have to make them A LOT to make up for the $20 I spent on the book!

    If I recall correctly, Megan at The Brownie Project didn’t have much luck with these…

  6. Tanis says

    Anna, I am new to this site. Is this your site? Do you bake everyday? Very curious, there is SO MUCH info on this site for one person to be managing…is it only you? Do you just review new recipes or is this a pure hobby?
    Back to the Boston Cream Pie…I tried the one you mentioned (last year) from Joy of cooking. It was pretty good, but the pastry cream wanted to come out the sides so I put the cake layers in a pie plate and assembled it to hold it all together. It was good.

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    Hi Tanis,

    Yes, this is my site. It’s just a hobby and I do all the baking myself. The information is just the cumulative result of constantly baking, reading, experimenting and updating information. One of these days I’m going to re-organize things here, but right now I’m busy with day to day life “stuff”.

    Sounds like you did the right thing with the Joy of Cooking pastry cream. It’s kind of runny. If you get a chance, try Shirley Corriher’s.

    Baking Blonde! Hi! I can’t believe you don’t have “Baked” yet. The recipes are great, but Matt & Renato’s dedication to their business and the art & appreciation of baking makes it even more special. I think they’re working on a second book.

  8. JB says

    Saw your recipe yesterday made these last night after work, did not care for them too much, not choclately enough for me and I even added for cocoa than recipe called for. DH is eating them though!

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