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Fuzz is officially eight, and it’s safe to say this birthday was the best ever. We’ve had some good ones in the past, but Fuzz’s idea of hiring a magician really hit the mark because 8 year olds and magic go together like bunnies and hats. I just wish I had a better flash on my camera. The photos without flash are blurry and the ones with flash were a) annoying to the audience and b) kind of overexposed. So I mostly just skipped flash and just took blurry pictures like this.. .

emma and jm

…time to go to the camera store.


At least I captured some of the magic.


Fuzz liked being the assistant.  I’m going to sign her up for improv classes.


Garfield went over well, and I am truly impressed that Christina at Sentelli’s can make a spiffy character cake that actually tastes good. Kids had mixed feelings on the fondant, but they didn’t dislike it.

broken cake

We had enough time to open presents at the party. Some people still do that, some don’t. I guess it depends on the children’s age and time factor, but Fuzz opened hers and the kids seemed to enjoy watching. She was also able to thank everyone personally, which is kind of nice.  Next comes getting her to write thank you notes, which is like pulling teeth but necessary.

opening presents

One of her presents was a kids’ MP3 player — the kind you shake to get to the next track. It’s pretty neat. This morning she made a list of all the tracks she wants off iTunes. Too cute.

fuzz itunes2

Anyway, that’s over. Back to school madness starts tomorrow, and then I’m heading out of town for a special Cookie Madness business trip.  Expect another lemon meringue pie before that.

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    Look into getting an external flash for your camera. Take your camera, go to a camera store and find out the BEST one for your camera and then look on AMAZON AND/OR EBAY.

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    Happy birthday to Fuzz! It looks like a fun party, and the cake seems to have been a hit! You’ll have to save that song list; things like that are precious!

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    The party looks like it was a lot of fun! I love the shot of Fuzz opening presents in front of your bookcase with cookbooks. 🙂 The cake looks like it was really impressive.
    Can’t wait to see your next Lemon Meringue Pie and hear more about your Cookie Madness business trip. What a newsy post!! 🙂
    Like BigSis said. Keep that list!! Stuff like that is priceless down the road.

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    What a great party! So much fun was had and who cares if the pics were blurry…..thre was a lot of magic happening there and a lot of action too….no wonder eh?!

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    Looks like a lot of fun! I’ve NEVER heard of not opening the presents at the party. That’s part of the fun…because then you get to show the birthday kid how to use the present you gave them ! 😉 As to her list, it cracks me up. Quite a wide variety of songs there…Breathless to Colors of the Wind to Yellow Submarine. Awesome!

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    Carole, I am going to go to the camera store. I need to find a good one in South Austin.

    Kerstin, she did! This year she really enjoyed it. I think she also liked having the party on her actual birthday, so good thing it fell on a Saturday.

    Claire, when I was little we always opened presents at parties. And then later in life, at my little cousins birthday party (she’s not so little anymore) and Emma’s little friends’ birthdays, parents would take the presents, pile them on a table and open them after all the guests has gone home. I have to tell you that as a guest and present giver, I missed watching the present opening ceremony and felt it all to be a little impersonal. BUT I think parents who do it have a reason — maybe the time constraints (a lot of parties are at pizza places and bowling alleys with limtied time slots) or age. And then I think some parents might like playing down the whole gifting aspect of parties for financial and social reasons. And finally, age. Do four year olds really want to see their friends opening presents?? But at 8, it was a fun ceremoy and the kids seemed to enjoy participating.

    Another thing we really loved was that some friends made homemade gifts and cards. Fuzz, who made all her own Valentine’s last year, thought those were very special.

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    The little MP3 player is a hit. Fuzz and her girlfriend have been carrying it around all day, so everywhere they go, there’s music. I’ve been listening to Yellow Submarine, Lion Sleeps Tonight and Rainbow Connection all day. Those are the favorites right now. I’m waiting for Cherry Bomb or some Weird Al. Not sure what else Todd loaded onto that thing.

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    awww how cute. love the list of songs. is it bad of me to say I would happily eat the leftover cake? LOL I’m starving right now….

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    I agree with the present-opening–even as a small child, I loved to see the happiness on my friends’ faces when I gave them gifts. It’s so nice to see a real birthday party with favors, themed cakes, and activities–those were some of my happiest memories as a child and it makes me sad, sometimes, to see parents just take their kids to a pool or a restaurant, have a meal, and then go home, and ‘outsource’ the whole thing. I think all of your planning really paid off! What a fantastic idea to have a Garfield/magic party–Emma has really inherited your creative talents and ideas about entertaining!

    That said, it’s lucky I’m not close to that cake–kids may not like icing that much, but if I was cleaning up, I would be ‘neatening up the edges,” I’m afraid…

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    Sounds like a fun party!! The cake was adorable- fondants always a tossup- it makes amazing looking cakes but it’s like chewing on rubber!! I usually tell anyone who hasn’t tried it that they can feel free to try it but not to worry about hurting my feelings if they don’t like it!

  11. says

    Happy Birthday Fuzz! I love that list. too cute.

    I never have eaten a fondant that I liked, but you can’t beat the look.

  12. Joanna from Colorado says

    It looks like Fuzz had a great birthday! 🙂
    My mom always made me write thank you notes when I was little too, and I hated it, but now I’m 29, and I do it habitually.
    Now roles have reversed (sort of), because I bug my husband to do it, because his mom never made any of her children write them. Usually I write it so he just has to sign (or else it would NEVER get done!). He doesn’t know how easy he has it! 🙂
    I love your new web page design, by the way. I visit almost every day.

  13. says

    Jenn and Sherri, as far as fondants go, this one was pretty good. Some of the kids said they didn’t care for it but most just ate it. It didn’t have any almond flavoring in it, so that was a plus. But I told kids not to feel bad about not liking it because it was something new. This one wasn’t rubbery, at least.

    Louise, school started today! I’m all alone now.

    Joanna, my mother didn’t make me and I wish she did. I had to train myself and I’m still bad at it. I usually call or send emails, but that’s not the same as a written note.

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    Happy Birthday Fuzz!!! it looks like she had a blast – never knew she and the weeone were so close in age – 8 comes in March for her. FYI, you can make fondant from marshmallows that is pretty tasty, but nothing ever gets close to buttercream!!! =)

  15. Tina says

    Hello Miss Anna!

    It looks like ya’ll had a blast on Saturday. MF was bummed out since we weren’t able to make it. I was having to prepare a presentation for class tonight. How’s everything going? I hope that Emma had a great first day of school.

  16. says

    Hi Kristen,
    It’s funny how kids get attached to certain songs. I played Landslide once and she wanted to hear it again and again.

  17. says

    Couple of thoughts, two things that help with low light are a tripod, and an anti vibration lens. I have an optio and it does make a lot of difference. Happy birthday fuzz!

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