Cookie Madness Mad Ramblings and a Promising Brownie

Happy Monday!

And a double Happy Monday to all of you whose kids started back at school today. Fuzz did, and the house is very, very quiet. I can’t wait to go pick her up and hear about her first day of third grade.

I spent part of the morning at the camera store learning how outrageously expensive good detachable flashes are and that I might as well buy a new camera, and the other part of the morning at the eye doctor getting my ocular pressure checked. Found out it was high, freaked out – convinced I was going blind, then got a call saying based on my records it’s always been high and to keep taking my meds.

As it happened, something good came of the visit as well. They had a copy of Southern Living in the waiting room and I got the scoop on their latest (August 2009) brownie recipe. I didn’t steal the magazine, but I remember it said the entire test kitchen agreed that these brownies were fabulous and that they were astounded that they all agreed. Heh. Furthermore, I got a comment from a reader not long ago saying this recipe, when slightly underbaked, was the closest she’d come to Miles of Chocolate.
And if that wasn’t enough to convince you try these, the magazine had a photo of some of the variations. One was a peanut butter streusel scattered over a regular chocolate brownie — simple but brilliant. I’ll have to try that tomorrow, but today was a Little Debbie Nutty Bar kind of day for me. That’s what I eat when I don’t bake.

Here’s a link to the oh-so-promising brownie recipe (So Good Brownies). Underneath the recipe, you’ll see the variations mentioned.

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  1. says

    My little one started 3rd grade today too! How exciting for them 🙂 My daughter has her best friend in her class this year… not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing yet! The brownie recipe sounds very promising – I’ll have to give it a try some time!

  2. says

    The brownies in the picture at the Southern Living site look like they have that nice crackly top. Mmmm.
    Hope Fuzz had a good first day at school!
    Glad to know you’re not going blind any time soon.

  3. says

    I don’t know why but the spicy pecan topping/mix-in sounds good. But of them all, love the pb streuselly topping. Never thought of that before. Yes, go ahead and make me some of those! 😉

  4. Louise says

    Fifty years later and I still remember my third grade teacher’s name — Miss Eisenhard. Now, if only I could pick and choose what I’d like to remember. 🙂

  5. Laurie says

    Hi Anna! My Lil starts 3rd grade next week! These brownies are a variation of the brownie my family has made for years–Best Ever Brownies–but made in a 9 x 13 pan with 1/4 more-ish of all of the ingredients. They are phenomenal……………

  6. Amanda says

    Thank you for that link, I am ALWAYS looking for a good brownie recipe. Kind of like the search for the best chocolate chip cookie recipe, ya know?

  7. says

    My little one started third grade too! He absolutely loves it so far (thank god!)

    Thanks for the link to this new brownie recipe- already printed it out, and I’m ready to play with it! The best recipes are discovered in Dr. Offices, aren’t they??

  8. says

    Funny- I’m never tempted to steal, but sitting in a waiting room anywhere, when I find a good recipe, it’s very tempting to just rip the page out and take it with me…but i don’t- I was raised better. Finding it online is much more socially acceptable. Thanks for this one.

  9. says

    mmm, nutty bars. Have you ever bought the 100-calorie pack nutty bar. I got all excited, then quickly realized it was – half a regular package. The 100-calorie Little Debbie brownie is hardly bigger than a quarter!

  10. says

    Hi Anna,
    I’m reading this a day late. It seems as though my son was just in third grade yesterday and now he’s starting his Sophomore year in HS tomorrow. Time does fly!

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