Peanut Butter Cornmeal Cookies

If the Starbucks cookie recipe wasn’t wholesome enough for you, here’s another one you might consider. It’s a wheat-free, egg-free, almost vegan (just swap out the butter and milk) peanut butter cookie made with maple syrup, barley flour and cornmeal. I made a small batch this morning and thought the cookies were okay, but not very sweet and kind of dry. My two testers, 7 year olds who take the taste testing job very seriously, said the cookies were tasty but dry and asked me for a glass of water. If you try these, let me know what you think.

Peanut Butter Cornmeal Cookies from

peanut butter barley corn

I rolled mine in cinnamon mixed with evaporated cane juice crystals to give them more flavor. It helped a little.

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  1. says

    They look good. Interesting recipe. I wonder if there are too much dry ingredients. The times when I have used cornmeal in cookie recipes I actually really liked it.

  2. says

    I made these exactly as shown in the picture. Are those plastic bits in the back supposed to be that hard to chew? Maybe I just made it wrong.

  3. says

    Todd, you never know when you might get a Lego in your cookies at our house!
    Especially when Sam helps. He stands on a chair right by the mixer and often throws things in when I’m not looking.
    I’m surprised that Anna didn’t notice the big one there in your cookies. Humph.

  4. says

    lol–Todd & Katrina! I bet Sam is just trying to add extra fiber!

    Actually, I recall seeing fruit gummis or chews in Lego-shapes!

    I love both peanut butter and corn muffins, but it is true that both can be quite ‘dry’ and require a lot of water to consume. I bet these would be really good with vanilla or butter pecan ice cream to offset the dryness and totally defeat the purpose of making a healthy breakfast cookie!

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