Austin Restaurant Week

If you’re in Austin, it’s a good week to eat out. Restaurant Week is in full swing and participating restaurants are offering three course meals for either $25.00 or $35.00. For what you get, it’s a bargain and a great way to try a cross-section of dishes from Austin’s top restaurants. To plan your week or just one night out, you can check the participating restaurants on the Austin Restaurant Week website. Most of the restaurants have their special pre-priced menus on-line as well. For instance, here’s what you could get for $35 at Parkside or Louie’s 106.

And if you need another reason to try one of the restaurants listed, Austin Restaurant Week benefits two organizations — Aids Services of Austin and The Sustainable Food Center.

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  1. says

    I had dinner last night at Annie’s & it was delicious! The 3-course chicken option was just $25! and that came with house wine!

  2. says

    We went to one of the restaurants on the list last night (Bess) and it was very busy for a Monday. The Bartender said a lot of people were taking advantage of restaurant week, which was good.

    Heater, a lot of my favorites are on that list and some I linked to, but now I’m thinking your best bet would be to take advantages of the deals at some of the more expensive restaurants like Driskill Grill and Aquarelle. I’ve never been to Aquarelle, but Driskill Grill is excellent. It’s more of a celebration type place for us, but with the pre-priced menu, we might just stop in mid-week.

    Cat, I’ve never been to Annie’s. I’ll put it on the list.

  3. Adare says

    Skip Eddie Vs! We went there last night and we will not be going back. Second bad meal. Way oversalted and the creme brulee, which I adore & usually try to order when we go out, was too sugary – to the point where my teeth almost ached! Plus, the service went from warm to aloof once they knew we were there for ARW.
    Aquarellle is the plan for tomorrow! I wish they did it over the weekends like they do in other cities.

  4. says

    Adare, maybe they were crabby because Robert Rodriguez was blowing cars up in front of their restaurant all day. LOL. Okay, not all day…and I think it was just one car. But they were filming a movie right by Eddie V’s.

    Let me know how you like Aquarelle! I’m not sure why we’ve never been. It’s one of the best restaurants in Austin.

  5. Therese B. says

    That’s it! Okay…when my hubby retires we are moving to Austin!

    The restaurants, the nice temperatures,…oh geez!

    Someday girl…this girl’s gonna move it..move it!

    Aquarelle..what does that work mean? Is it near the water??? The name
    sounds so exotic!

  6. Louise says

    So have you had any desserts that you want to replicate? 😉 Restaurant week is going on in Philly right now too, but my husband isn’t here for us to take advantage of it.

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