Betty Crocker Cereal Spooktacular!

Explore the gallery of Halloween goodies made with cereal, or come up with your own. Betty Crocker wants to see your creative ideas for
Halloween. Just upload a photo that includes a Halloween-themed recipe using General Mills cereal. One photo will be selected by the kitchen experts to be the star of on Halloween!

Details on the Betty Crocker Cereal Spooktacular are here.

And stay tuned for the blogger version of this contest. It was a topic of conversation at the BlogHer conference and I just can’t wait to see some of the other blogger’s entries. Fuzz and I submitted two.

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  1. says

    That looks like a fun event! Even though I don’t have little girls to help me create some fun Halloween treats, I bet my 16 year old son would help me since he would get something sweet to eat!! I can’t wait to see the BlogHer contest!

    P.S. Hi Anna, If you could find time, I’d love for you to pop over to BigSisLilSis today and reply to the question BigSis poses to everyone at the end of her post, “Why do you bake?”

  2. says

    Hi Anna! It was so great talking with Friday night at dinner. You’re so lovely. I hope we can get together in Austin or SD soon.

    This sounds like fun. What’s the blogger version? I haven’t heard about it.

  3. says

    Dangg! I wish we had Halloween over in Singapore! All the overload of candy and spookiness! 🙂 Maybe I should plan a Halloween party just cause! I even remember you baking some cookies with all your excess candy from Halloween! Wow a year passes by THAT quick! 🙂

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