How to Make Olive Bread Video

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I was hoping to post a good totally awesome M&M cookie recipe today, but the two I tested were both “eh”. So back to the old drawing board. Since I don’t have a cookie, how about some olive bread?

This video won the Howcast “How To Video Challenge”. You’ll understand when you see the stop motion. I’m not sure how he made the flour creep across the counter like that…

How to Make Olive Bread

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  1. says

    Oh my gosh, that video was so cute and fun. It reminded me of claymation, but you’re right, how didi they make all that flour and such scoot across the counter?! Hmmm.

    Yeah, let’s just stick with throwing it in a bowl with some butter and sugar and making cookies! :)

  2. says

    Katrina, let me know when you figure out how to make flour move across the counter.

    Rynda, thanks for the link to that cookie. It has a lot of stuff in it and I’ll bet it’s great.

    The M&M cookie I’m looking for is thin, crackly-topped, chewy in the center and crispy on the edges. I found one recipe and it had the right texture, but it’s made with shortening so it didn’t have any butter flavor. I’m not opposed to using shortening, but I’d rather it be in combination with butter.

  3. CindyD says

    The cookie you’re describing sounds like a snickerdoodle. The recipe I’ve used calls for half shortening and half butter.

  4. Tanis says

    The olive loaf video was way cool!!!!! Brightened my day. Any comments on using one of those baking stones…..I think I may need to get one for bread making this winter. Any pros and cons on that issue anyone?

    Good luck on finding the perfect M & M cookie recipe!

  5. Therese B. says

    WOW….that video is amazing! How adorable! Just how did he do that??

    We have a baking stone…but we use it for baking pizza.

    The bread looks amazing!!

  6. Joanie says

    Hi, I’m new to your website! and I have to admit, I have become addicted, Anna….I have to tune in everyday to see what’s new!

    I couldn’t resist commenting about the olive loaf video! So cute!! it is amazing what you can do with stop motion animation. I went to school for art and design and made a video of a teddy bear blowing up a balloon….it wasn’t anywhere near the cutest of this video though!

    Can’t wait to find out what you are going to share with us next :)

  7. says

    Cindy, yes. I agree. The M&M cookie I want will have snickerdoodle qualities. I think it will need a little brown sugar, though.

    Tanis, you can find baking stones just about anywhere these days. I keep mine on the bottom shelf of my oven. I noticed that after I put the stone there, the heat started circulating more evenly. At first I thought it was my imagination, but I think the stone really might somehow be helping.

    Louise, yes. Expect all further posts to be in stop motion animation.

    Joanie, thanks for reading Cookie Madness! I hope to see you around ;).

    Sheri, thanks for posting the apple pie one.

  8. says

    This was creative and fun! I sent it around to some of my coworkers. I attempted a stop-motion video once with clay a few years back. It requires a lot of patience, but they’re sure fun to watch. Thanks for posting.

  9. says

    @Tanis – I love using baking stones. The more you use it, the better seasoned it becomes, and the flavor of your breads enhance. I use mine for pizza, breads, etc. It pretty much soaks in anything you use on it, so be careful not to soak it in dish soap or anything like that.

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