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Fair Warning: I made brownies (again!) today and will post the recipe later. But if you’re tired of brownies, here are some other recipes you might like better.  They got my attention even though all I’ve been craving is brownies.

Crispy Oatmeal Cookies from the L.A. Times, accompanied by a very nice article about the Pioneer Woman

I’m dying to make this Buttermilk Orange Blossom Pound Cake and if I lived on a ranch with a bunch of ranch hands, I would.  This was an entry in a reality show called Ultimate Cake Off. The cake didn’t win the final prize (it lost to a towering Uncle Sam cake), but it won a taste challenge and judges commented on its moistness and unique flavor.

Old Fashioned Butterscotch Cookies — These sound good in a plain and homey sort of way.

Back to School Raspberry Chocolate Bars from the Fayetteville Flyer — Unique. They have raspberry preserves, chocolate and fresh raspberries. Last week Costco had some suprisingly good prices on fresh raspberries. We bought some and I still have some left.  Not sure if they’re still good.

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    The orange blossom cake itself sounds right up my alley! But somehow buttercream on pound, bundt or tube cake always seems wrong to me. If you end up trying it, I’ll be curious to get your reaction.

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    I’m still recovering from reading that pound cake recipe. 1 pound of shortening?

    1 pound cream cheese? 8 ounces of butter? 4 pounds of sugar in the butter cream alone, plus shortening and olive oil in the cake (presumably for the heart-healthy, flu fighting effects).

    I would love to see that made, but I’m not sure anyone but channel swimmers, Michael Phelps, and Arctic explorers should consume it.

    I’ve never seen a recipe with soured milk before–those butterscotch cookies look interesting as well.

    Those recipes were really interesting, thanks Anna! And ditto with raspberries–I also have some moldering in the refrigerator. Those berries go bad faster than a class of teenage boys with a substitute teacher! For some reason, the raspberries bars remind me of cereal bars I used to eat as a child (maybe from a local bakery or something) I haven’t had in a bazillion years.

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