Baking Bites Cookbook Giveaway

Here’s another chance at a free book! Nicole from Baking Bites is giving away a copy of The Baking Bites cookbook.


I got a sneak peak at The Baking Bites Cookbook last month. The recipes are scratch, the design is bright and cheery, and the directions are concise yet thorough enough for novice bakers to understand. And what I was really happy to hear was that all but 4 of the book’s 51 recipes were completely new. Nicole, who manages to post almost every day, was able to set aside her favorite original ideas and save them for the book.

What’s also admirable is that Nicole chose to see the project through from start to finish and published the book in a way that it is both beautiful and affordable. With a few mouse clicks, you can buy a copy for $16.95, and if you buy two copies, you save a few bucks. And trust me, it’s pretty enough to give as a gift.

So buy a copy, and win a second for a gift. I’m giving one copy away this weekend. For a chance at a free book, leave a comment saying your favorite brand of chocolate. I’ll pick a random winner at noon on Saturday, so make sure you get your comment in before then. Good luck! It’s a great book and I’m very proud of Nicole.

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  1. suzanne says

    I have never met a chocolate that I didn’t like- from the very cheap to expensive. Right now my favorite is Cadbury because I have Cadbury buttons at home that I have been enjoying all week. Maybe my answer should be my favorite brand is whatever I have.

  2. says

    Lindt or Girahdelli (which is so difficult to spell)! 🙂 I would love a copy – it is on my wishlist on Amazon!

  3. says

    I really love Lindt (especially the truffles!), but I really need to branch out and try other brands of nice chocolate for baking!

  4. CindyD says

    I like Lindt truffles, and for baking I usually use Nestle’s chocolate chips and Hershey cocoa. However, if I try the chocolate pumpkin bundt I’m going to get some “good” chocolate.

  5. la-la-lisa says

    I love Mrs See’s, but I also love Suchard. Godiva? meh. I mean, I’ll eat them. But give me a box of See’s nuts and chews and I’m in heaven.

  6. Rose says

    Lindt is my favorite. I even eat a square of 90% cocao Lindt chocolate every day, with a few nuts on the side. Chocolate is good for the heart. At least that is what I tell myself, when I have my little treat.

  7. says

    Exactly. I await Nicole’s book and would love to give one as a gift.

    For usual baking I use Ghiradelli but when I have a few extra $$$ or want to impress I use Scharffen Berger

  8. Pamela M says

    For plain eating, I love Lindt truffles, but if I’m not feeling so indulgent, I’ll go for Hershey’s Special Dark. For baking, I’ve been getting my chocolate from Blommer Chocolate Company right here in Chicago. It always smells so good when I drive through that part of the city!

  9. Dawn says

    Are you kidding?! Favorite BRAND of chocolate? I can’t even decide what my favorite FLAVOR of chocolate is. Give me your dark, your light and your under rated white.

  10. ladywild says

    I know its not glamorous but I love the 72% chocolate bars from Trader Joes. Its their brand and they always hit the spot.

  11. Tessa says

    For eating, Jacques Torres – seriously my new office is next door to his factory in Brooklyn and I have gained 3lbs over the last week alone. It’s bad. BAD.

    For baking, for some reason I get the best results with Ghiradelli’s.

  12. Joanna from Colorado says

    My favorite chocolate brand is Ghirardelli. It’s pretty easy to find, but still “the good stuff.” 🙂

  13. says

    GHIRARDELLI. Hands. Down. Seriously. I go to down town disney purely so I can get a sample of Ghirardelli chocolate from their little store down there. Although I can’t have milk chocolate (horrible stomach reaction) they have the best dark chocolate E.V.E.R. And with other flavors too? Heck yes, dark chocolate with toffee, you are my savior.

    And don’t even get me started on Midnight Reverie.

    I am SO glad that Nicole is getting her book out! She totally deserves it. I love her site. She’s so creative and informative. Can’t believe that she had the ability to set aside so many recipes just for us. 🙂

  14. says

    I’ve seen the book, too, and need to get one! Love all the photos.

    Favorite chocolate, hmmm, the brown kind. 😉 I feel a little spoiled with all the Scharfen Berger we were given at BlogHer and am a little bummed that I can’t find it here anywhere! I will be saving and hoarding it all and enjoying every little bit of it!

  15. Janika says

    Definitely Lindt for me, a preference that has been passed down the family from my grandfather via my father to me. And it has to be the dark stuff, 70% cocoa content minimum!

  16. Kristie says

    I’ve never had Godiva, but I have to say my favorite chocolate is a local candy shops. It just melts in your mouth. I’m usually not too picky about chocolate though.

  17. Lobean5 says

    I discovered the Scharfenberger chocolate a few years ago in San Francisco and have made it my decadent treat.

  18. says

    Oooh! I don’t have a “favorite brand” necessarily, but I generally scope out the funky chocolates at Trader Joes to try something new!

  19. says

    Mmm.. like others stated, I don’t think I’ve met ANY chocolate I didn’t like! I have some Scharffen Berger that I’ve been using lately and I’m loving it. But really, anything dark is my most favorite 🙂

  20. Anita says

    Ghiradelli is my favorite – I like the variety of chocolates that they offer and the fact that I can find it at the grocery stores that I frequent as well as Sam’s Club (the chips).

  21. says

    I love Cadbury – the genuine, British-made Cadbury… It reminds me of studying in London and buying it out of a vending machine in the “tube” (subway) stations!!!

  22. Marie says

    I totally agree with LaLaLisa, Mrs See’s, nuts and chews! I always have some Mercken’s wafers in the cupboard for little chocolate projects. So I eat some of those when I get desparate. Baking, I’m afraid I use Nestle’s a lot. Seems like I always bake in quantity and it’s a good value with coupons.

  23. April says

    I’d say that I like a lot of different chocolates…Ghiradelli is right up there! But my all-time favorite is Nestle because of all the memories behind it.

  24. Erin M says

    Anna, I just wanted to let you know that I made the double crust apple pie you posted and it was a smashing success. Thanks for always sharing such great recipes. When you endorse a treat, I KNOW it will be good. I want the pumpkin bundt cake now! I use all kinds of baking chocolate, but I think Ghiradellli is a good brand for quality and affordability.

  25. says

    My favorite chocolate is the Milka chocolate. I love the creaminess and smoothness of the chocolate. My favorite are the ones with hazelnut added. I could eat a whole bar by myself!

  26. Claudia says

    My favorite is MILKA – it’s smooth and tastes great. Its availability is getting better – thankfully. What this time of season – many stores have “October Fest” Sales for anything German. Grin.

  27. SG says

    I have to vote for an entire store filled with my favorite chocolates. It is a little shop in San Francisco called Bittersweet. (Yes they have an online shop!) I walked in bought a bar of E. Guittard Ambanja 65% and a bar of Green and Black’s Organic 70% Cocoa. I sat right down with my tastebuds instantly fell in the with the Guittard. Which I so gratefully paired with an espresso. I am setting up a guided tasting for a birthday event there! So excited! Seneca Klassen (one of Bittersweet’s founding members) makes an in-house Bittersweet Origins bar to LIVE for.
    I am voting for an entire store because if you truly want to find out what chocolate is out there today you have got to try Bittersweet. They have other locations in the Bay Area.

  28. Shawna says

    I try to bake with Valrhona if possible, or Ghiradelli. For eating, most anything unless it is really sub-par.

  29. Rachel says

    I don’t think that I really have a favorite brand of chocolate. If it’s dark and I can get my hands on it, then I’m happy!

  30. Miriam says

    I really like to bake with Ghiardelli, but that feels like an expensive treat. On a regular basis, Nestle fills the bill quite nicely.

  31. says

    I love a German chocolate/wafer called Hanuta. YUM!

    I’ve been holding out that someone would get me Nicole’s book for my birthday, but winning it would also be great. Thanks for a great contest!

  32. Ellen says

    I like just about any chocolate. However, having grown up in San Francisco, I do like Ghirardelli a lot.

  33. Nancy Mihalich says

    I’m not a chocolate connaisseure! Hershey’s milk chocolate tastes great to me! I’ll have to give the others a try!

  34. Jenna H. says

    I love eating and baking w/ Ghiradelli but really will eat just about any chocoloate – it’s my favorite!!

  35. sunny says

    what a lovely cookbook! as for chocolate, all are lovely 🙂 though if i had to pick, it’s hard to go wrong with Ghiradelli

  36. Heather I. says

    Definitely See’s chocolates. I can’t pass by in the mall without getting a few pieces!

  37. Amy says

    Cadbury’s for sure! Yum. And Lindt especially the sea salt kind. But for eating of course 🙂

  38. Louise says

    For eating, i like Baci and Lindt Dark Truffles. And a Norwegian candy bar called Daam, which was probably the original Skor candy bar. For baking Scharffen Berger, Valrhona, Ghirardelli, and Callebaut are my favorites. And I can actually do without rather than eat a ho-hum candy bar.

  39. Kara says

    Ghiradelli for baking. For eating.. I love any sort of truffle – Godiva and Lindt come to mind. 🙂

  40. Amy says

    I can’t really tell the difference, so I’ll go with Hershey’s, which is what I usually buy since it’s cheap (but I will buy the “good” stuff if it’s on sale. . .thus the 10 bags of ghiradelli semi-sweet and bittersweet chips in my cabinets that I got at Target for 1.97 each!).

  41. Julie S. says

    I don’t think there is any bad chocolate, but Hershey’s is my favorite. Thank you for the chance.

  42. Sarah says

    My favorite is dark chocolate. I’m not really picky about the brand. Pretty much any dark chocolate will do for me.

  43. Cassi says

    REAL Swiss chocolate is the best but hard to find. Ghiradellii is good and the brand I usually use.

  44. Monica says

    I love to bake chocolate chip cookies with Guittard – they are hard to find around here but totally make my cookie recipe delish! 🙂

  45. Danielle says

    I use Ghirardelli for baking and my favorite chocolate to eat is Lindt dark chocolate with sea salt.

  46. jen says

    my favourite “type” of chocolate is chocolate ganache icing – made with semi-sweet chocolate and whipping cream. mmmm…ganache.

  47. Meghan says

    I found some 51% icelandic chocolate in Whole Foods that’s delicious! It was in the baking section as well as with the chocolate bars. I prefer to nibble on it straight up, but I’m sure it would be delicious in baked goodies.

  48. Felice says

    The books looks great! My favorite chocolate just for eating has to be Cadbury’s, but not the one sold in the US. The Cadbury bars sold in Australia and England are so creamy and really do melt in your mouth. If I am baking I like to use Guittard but I also use Ghirardelli because it is easy to find.

  49. caryn says

    I’ve never tried any fancy kinds of chocolate. At my house it’s a jumbo bag of semi-sweet Nestle Tollhouse from Costco. We keep a bag on the freezer door for snacking. yum.

  50. says

    I’ve never had guittard or valrhona before. but I dream about how wonderful they taste. I think the best chocolate I have ever had was something my husband and daughter got me for mothers day a few years ago. I cannot recall the brand but I do know it had a primate of some sort on the wrapper. My daughter called it monkey chocolate. I would tease her and ask if it was made with real monkeys. Maybe that’s why it tasted so good! 😉

  51. Melissa says

    As I’ve gotten older, my taste in sweetness has trasitioned to the darker chocolates. But my taste in chocolate brands has remained child-like. I grew up and now live within 30 min of Hershey, PA, and I can’t be swayed. Maybe it’s the familiarity that I love so much.

  52. Maria says

    Lindt dark chocolate is by far the best – creamy, just rich enough, with the perfect chocolate flavor.

  53. Megan says

    My favorite chocolate is edible chocolate! I don’t think I can have a favorite. Some are better for baking while others are for those sweet cravings! They are all perfect!

  54. KAnn says

    I like so many…Guittard chips and 365 chips for cookies. Scharffenberger, too. Lake Champlain 70% dark is a new favorite.

  55. Carol says

    To eat ……I love Dove dark chocolate. For baking I use the good old chocolate chips in the yellow bag for my cookies…Nestles.

  56. gloria says

    Lindt dark or milk chocolate truffles. I love that they DO melt in your hands so you’ve got to pop ’em in your mouth fast.

  57. says

    I’ve been using Trader Joe’s brand – it’s worked perfectly in everything I’ve used it for, and it’s not cost-prohibitive. Of course, they don’t have them in TX, so I just stock up anytime I travel west…

  58. Caitlyn says

    Just having moved out to San Francisco, I gotta love Ghiradelli’s chocolate, but to satisfy a quick and dirty chocolate craving Reese’s peanut butter cups always win!

  59. beth says

    My favorite? Jacques Torres. My kids go crazy for his chocolate covered Cheerios and Corn Flakes. I haven’t been there in a while, I hope they still make them.

  60. says

    I don’t have a preference for baking. For eatin’, I like dark chocolate and Hershey’s raspberry-filled bliss candies.

  61. Cheryl Wilson says

    My favorite brand of Chocolate is Ghiradelli’s . I was given a piece from a friend and I was hooked from the first square.

  62. shannon says

    I recently tried Scharffen Berger chocolate for the first time and absolutely loved it. It was a darker chocolate with a nice smooth flavor, not too bitter like some chocolate can be.

  63. jasmine says

    When i bake chocolate chip cookies for some reason i think Nestle semi sweet chips are just too amazing!

  64. Bing says

    Sharffen Berger is my all time favorite (I miss the factory!), but I love using valrhona when baking.

  65. says

    I’ve always been a fan of Ferrero Rocher chocolates, and recently have been leaning more towards Ferrero Rondnoir, the dark chocolate version. (I must try them in cookies or brownies someday!)

    For baking, I just purchased a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips from See’s at the local mall and they’re great; they’re larger and flatter than the average chips and have an addicting melt-in-the-mouth quality that stands out in cookies.

  66. colleen says

  67. Heather B says

    Ghiradelli yummmm especially the milk chocolate with caramel… making a run to the pantry!

  68. Lauren says

    white. Sorry, I’m no chocolate connoisseur, don’t even like it much unless it’s white.
    In which case, Lindt white chocolate filled with hazelnut. I’d love the cookbook, even
    if it has chocolate recipes.

  69. Lindsey says

    Suzin L. Chocolatiers is based in Elyia, Ohio. They have the greatest, most melt-in-your-mouth chocolate I’ve ever tasted!

  70. Jen says

    The Trader Joe’s bittersweet pound plus bar is fantastic!! It’s priced so reasonably and the chocolate is very high quality. I have baked with A LOT of brands …

  71. Kelsey says

    Ghiradelli dark chocolate – like 70% cacao, with a teaspoon of almond butter on top – MMM!!

  72. Doris says

    Probably too pedstrian but I use Nestle’s chocolate chips all the time. The most special choclate was suedy’s kooki sushi.

  73. Valerie says

    Hmm…welll I enjoy any kind of dark chocolate. Lately I have been buying Trader Joe’s Fair Trade Swiss Dark Chocolate. However, whenever I am at a meeting I am always digging for the Hershey’s Dark.

  74. pam shank says

    We have the Holl’s Chocolate Company here in Parkersburg WVa. Many great varieties. So awesome. They ship all over the country. My favorite chocolate for sure.

  75. Angie says


    My favorite baking chocolate is Ghirardelli. I love the milk and the dark, they stay creamy and they are not waxy at all. It is my go to chocolate!

  76. Sally says

    My favorite all around chocolate (both milk and dark) is Trader Joe’s Pound Plus bars. They are delicious Belgian chocolate and are very reasonably priced. I bake with it and use it for candy making . . . my kids just eat it right out of the wrapper . . . OK not the whole 17.6 ounces but they would if they could.

  77. Angelica Macklin says

    My favorite baking chocolate is Scharffen Berger and my fave to munch on is Ghirardelli Intense Dark Twilight Delight. Mmmm!!

  78. Gwen says

    Dove – especially Dove dark. I know they aren’t anything fancy or imported but just to eat or to bake with I always get great results.

  79. krista says

    when i was little, a trip to Hershey park made me fall in love with Hershey chocolate forever! I can still smell the chocolate factory.

  80. says

    Trader Joes’ dark chocolate OR this place called Chuao Chocolatier makes chocolate-covered goat cheese with cayenne…yummmmmmmmmmm.

  81. sahib says

    i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee chocolate! however i would have to say i love dark chocolate with nuts best yummy

  82. says

    For baking, my favorite chocolate chips and bulk chocolate are those I buy from a local chocolate store called Mon Aimee Chocolat–great quality stuff, but don’t know what company actually makes the chocolate, haha. I just assume it’s probably from Europe. Otherwise Ghirardelli is my go-to “good stuff.”

  83. Kathy says

    On my end, for snacks all imported choclates such as Lindt, belgium type choclates and all artisanally made chocolates. For baking, I have found some very good cooking chocolate at Walmart. But I also agree that all chocolate is good, except maybe for white chocolate which I really do not like and which really is not chocloate. Happy baking.

  84. Yvonne says

    My favorite baking chocolate is Scharffen Berger-next favorite is Ghiradelli. My favorite eating chocolate is Cadbury Dairy Milk or Hersheys Kisses.
    Holiday baking time is almost here!!!

  85. Sue H says

    I LOVE white chocolate. I miss out on a lot of treats here at work because they are milk chocolate and I won’t eat it (why gain pounds for something I don’t really like??)!

  86. says

    I’m Norwegian, and love the Norwegian brand Freia. We even got to visit their chocolate factory in secondary school, which of course adds to my affection for them!

  87. Mary Lynn says

    Dark Chocolate is my favorite, except at Easter time, when I favor White Chocolate. Thanks for the giveaway.

  88. Jill says

    Godiva and Russel Stover do good chocolate, but I just recently had a pan of brownies with a Hershey Symphany bar in the middle, a little chocolate, a little toffee, yummy!!!

  89. Grace says

    I love Ghiradelli chips and once in a while, I still enjoy a Hershey’s bar…it’s a childhood thing!

  90. Janis says

    My favorites are Callebaut and Valrhona. I guess I like Valrhona a smidgen more but Callebaut is more accessible and affordable. Both are great. The book looks great too!
    Thanks for a chance at a nice giveaway!

  91. says

    Favorite brand of chocolate?? What ever I have in my house!!! I LOVE all kinds of chocolate! But if I had to choose, I would buy Lindt Lindor Truffles. Mmmm

    (plus, like Grace, I also still enjoy a Hershey’s bar – it must be an inner child thing)

  92. says

    nestle tollhouse semi-sweet. I bake so many chocolate chip cookies that semi-sweet chocolate is the only kind that tastes good to me anymore!

  93. Bianca says

    My favourite would definitely be without a doubt Valrhona chocolate. They make chocolate a science understood and enjoyed by all! Excellent for baking and on its own.

  94. Eva. says

    For eating, Ghiardelli Dark plus Caramel squares; for baking using chips, Ghiardelli regular dark chocolate baking bits; for baking via melting in recipes, Hershey’s Special Dark chocolate bars (a HIGHLY underrated and/or overlooked chocolate).

  95. Tanis says

    When I want to splurge I buy Scharffen Berger Chocolate for baking, when I don’t have that I use Ghiradelli semi-sweet or bitter-sweet. If I am going to eat chocolate, it has to have some kind of nut in it like kisses with almonds or snickers..not just plain chocolate.

    Looks like we have a lot of chocoholics on this site, LOL!!!!!

  96. Jen says

    I find that Lindt is a great chocolate to bake with and is often on sale at my local drug store – bonus!

  97. Linda J says

    I love the Nestle mini semi-sweet chocolate bits. They are inexpensive and good! Thanks for the opportunity to win the cookbook.

  98. Shan says

    Pretty much any milk, semi-sweet, bittersweet, or dark. Love Lindor Truffles, but I’ll take just about any

  99. krista says

    Ooooh I love Lindt dark chocolate with orange and almonds. It comes in a huge bar and I have to be very careful not to eat the whole thing by myself in two days! YUM!

  100. says

    I’m simple… Hershey’s milk or dark chocolate for eating.
    For baking, I like Ghirardelli 100% chocolate (not so good for eating though).

  101. says

    Ever since I was a kid, my favorite chocolate has been Lindt. My father often went to Europe for business travel, returning with a prized box of truffles for my mother *who occasionally shared. I just love the silkiness of each of their chocolates, and it doesn’t hurt that I also lived for 6 months in die Schweiz.

  102. says

    Oooh, it’s hard to say my favorite brand, but I’d have to go with Scharffen Berger for just eating a plain bar of chocolate…so good! Their dark milk is amazing.

  103. charmy says

    I have a couple squares of Lindor 70%’s at lunch daily. They’re individually wrapped, so the chocolate always seems really fresh and melts in my mouth MMMM =O)) It’s a nice end of meal treat

  104. Jocelyn says

    Oh wow what a great giveaway! I love milk chocolate, but I recently bought chocolate from IKEA and it was fabulous. Can’t tell you what kind it was because it’s all gone 🙂 Gotta get some more. Thanks for entering me.

  105. Miri says

    Lindt for eating and Callebaut for baking and cooking. Especially the darkest kinds, plain or with cocoa nibs

  106. says

    Ghiradelli is my usual go to chocolate, but there are a variety of other great gourmet bars that I’m starting to enjoy as well.

  107. says

    Oh, there are so many to choose from! 🙂 I like Ghiradelli for baking, but also like the Trader Joe’s Pounder Plus for melting in brownies, cakes, etc. Love Ritter Sport for a delicious snack. 🙂

  108. Maggi says

    Ya know, I have found Mercken’s chocolate to be my go-to for baking lately (I buy it through King Arthur Flour) and I have no problem nibbling on it when i bake. But I also think the Trader Joe’s Pound Plus (chipped up) is great for cookies.

  109. says

    Hi Anna!

    I like Askinosie chocolate. It’s made right here in Springfield, MO. Let me know if you want to try some. I actually saw a store selling it when I was in New York.

  110. Shelley C says

    Gheridelli makes the best fudge and brownies! I’m not too into chocolate, but Russel STovers use to be my fave.
    freeindeed at myfairpoint dot net

  111. Elizabeth says

    Until I find another brand that does not have a peanut/tree nut allergy warning on the package, it’s Hershey’s milk or semi-sweet chocolate for me!

  112. Tammy says

    My favourite chocolate is Lindt Chocolate Wafer bar. It is very hard to find. I had my first one in Italy and after that I have been hooked.

    P.S. My boyfriend makes it special by giving me 6 bars every Valentines Day because he knows I love them and because he knows that I can’t find them. It gives me something to look forward to every Valentine’s Day!

  113. Jen says

    Valhrona! My mom buys it for me as a fancy present every time I go to visit her, just so I can bake something for her with it…

  114. says

    My absolute favorite chocolate comes from the Wilbur Chocolate factory in Small Town, PA. I live in California now, and my husband and I have our families export Wilbur’s to us on a regular basis!

  115. says

    my favorite chocolate to bake with is 60% cacao ghiradelli baking chips cause they are really big so when you put them in say…….chocolate chip cookies you get big chunks of chocolate!! otherwise i looove any kind of dark chocolate bars with fruits and nuts and stuff………..okay i could really go for some chocolate haha

  116. jacquie says

    not sure i have a favorite. after all chocolate is chocolate. how can one go totally wrong w/ that??

  117. kara says

    i know it’s not “chocolate” but i LOVE LOVE LOVE ghirardelli white chocolate. yum! it makes my mouth sing and my heart warm. (and my thighs a wee bit bigger, but that is a-ok!)

  118. Erin says

    My favourite chocolate is Ghiradelli, in fact I had some this afternoon before reading this. I may need some more now 🙂

  119. Michelle says

    I might be too late, but my favorite brand of chocolate is Theo’s – it is a small company in Seattle, if you see some I suggest you try it!

  120. Lauren says

    My favorite chocolate is from Planete Chocolat in Brussels…it was the first chocolate I tried there, and also the most delicious!

  121. Taryn says

    I eat so much chocolate my favorite changes often, but right now it’s Green and Blacks, 70% Dark Chocolate — YUM!

  122. says

    I’m not sure if your giveaway is over, but I love Dagoba chocolate – esp the lavender blueberry and the roseberry bars. However, I am sorta allergic to chocolate — can you imagine that?! Yes, If I take more than, say 1/2oz,., I’ll start getting a sore throat! How sad, isn’t it? 😛

  123. Stacy says

    For baking I like Ghiradelli and Hershey’s Special Dark. For my afternoon fix – I like Peanut M & M’s 🙂

  124. Mary says

    My favorite chocolate for eating is Dove and Lindt. For baking, I like to use Ghiradelli, Lindt and Scharffen Berger – Bittersweet Dark Chocolate.

  125. Vilma Bird says

    I will be making pumkin bars. I just had them this year for the first time and I just LOVE them!!!

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