Butterfinger Cupcake from Disney’s “Starring Rolls”

Our Disney trip is coming to an end and I’m heading home with lots of new baking inspiration. I found the elusive giant carrot cake cookie at “The Writers’ Stop”, several iced Mickey and candy corn shaped rice krispie treats and all kinds of outrageous cupcakes. This is one I tracked down after reading about it on AJ’s Disney Food Blog and some Disney bulletin boards. It’s called a Butterfinger Cupcake and we found it at a cafe in Disney Studios called “Starring Rolls”.


If you can’t tell by the photo, this cupcake is big. The “stem” of the chocolate cupcake is about the size of a jumbo muffin, and it’s a moist chocolate cake surrounding a big blob of soft fudge filling. The top of the cupcake is a tower of fluffy white icing (kind of like you’d get on a grocery store birthday cake) covered in a hard chocolate candy shell and sprinkled with Butterfinger crumbs. Hopefully the visual will help.


Since this was our morning coffee break treat, we split the whole thing between us and even then, couldn’t finish it.


The other flavors were marble cake and white chocolate. I can’t wait to come back and try more flavors from Starring Rolls.

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  1. Gloria says

    That is a great cross section shot of an amazing decadent looking cupcake! I can’t imagine how they baked that shape with the cakey-looking spike under the frosting.

  2. Louise says

    Maybe if we just write to Bon Appetit, we could get the recipe direct from Disney. I’ve been a subscriber since the gitgo so I don’t think it would be too much to ask. 🙂

  3. says

    What in the heck!? Ha ha! This is insane; I love creative things like this. I too am curious, on a scale of 1 to 10, how was it? 10 being the best…

  4. says

    It almost looks like they took a plug or cone out of the middle of the cupcake, filled the hole that created with the fudge and then turned that plug upside down on top to get the height for frosting?

  5. says

    Wow — looks really fun and over the top. One way to create scale for the viewers would be to put a fork by the cupcake. I’m actually not a fan of super sugary sweets, but the chocolate and mousse part looks yummy!

  6. says

    To all of you who asked about the taste/sweetness, I will be very honest. On a scale of 1-10, each component would be about a 7. However, the creativity of the cupcake was a 10. So I’d give the whole cupcake an 8. It was not overly sweet.

    Louise, we could write Bon Appetit! Great idea. Or we could just build it using a few basic recipes. I might start with a cake mix version just to get the shape right. And I think I have a fudge filling that might work.

    I think Joe is right out them making hole in the baked cupcake then plugging it back up with the plug upside down. I would love to see you build this cupcake!

    I was too busy trying to get the light right to use a fork. The sun kept coming and going and there people moving around. But I should have stuck a fork in it ;).

    About Disney, we ran into a lot of couples vacationing here without their kids. That, and there are a lot of families on vacations together — big groups with matching t-shirts and such. I’ll write about it later. We need to unpack.

  7. Louise says

    I think chocolate ganache would make a good filling. Also, giant stuff works at bakeshops, but small versions are appreciated at home. People often turn down treats that they deem to be too large.

  8. says

    Good god, it’s a mile high cupcake! But it is sad to have to part it between friends as the slicing definitely destroys the design. I am with Louise here : smaller is better !

  9. says

    Ok, so I stupidly didn’t even notice the cupcake part sticking up, but that is a perfect idea to get that shape to hold more than just that much frosting, since I imagine it might fall (or mine would) if it was just all frosting, then dipped in a heavier icing. Fun idea. Can’t wait to see your ideas, Anna.

  10. says

    Thanks for the link, Anna! I’m well known for the fact that I eat the frosting off of four pieces of birthday cake for my birthday, but I couldn’t finish even HALF of that cupcake! It was delicious, though, and the chocolate fudge center was out of this world. If you have a recipe approximating that, I’d love to see it! Hope you’re having a BLAST at WDW!

  11. says

    Makes my tummy (and teeth) hurt just thinking about the frosting part! I’d stick with homemade Butterfinger cake. Though you have to admit, what a masterpiece! What else would you expect from Disney??

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