1. says

    Oh shoot! I’m sorry you’re not feeling well. I hope it passes soon and that Fuzz is feeling better so you don’t have to take care of a sick kid while you’re sick. Take care!! If I weren’t so far away I’d bring you some tea and cookies.

  2. michelle says

    Hi Anna,

    So sorry to hear you are not feeling well…I check your blog each day and enjoy your posts so much. I am NOT a pie baker, mostly just stick to cakes and cookies but your apple pie post really inspired me. I am going to make my first ever pie!

    Hope you are feeling better soon!

  3. Therese B. says

    Oh you poor dear…take care of yourself. Just rest…and only come back to
    baking when you feel 100% better..

    Get a cozy blanket and have some chicken noodle soup.

    I hope you get better real soon!

  4. pam shank says

    Sorry you are sick. for you not to be up and must be very sick…
    get well soon

  5. Cheryl says

    So sorry you are sick! Make sure everyone is washing their hands OFTEN, and someone is wiping down the common surfaces to stop spreading it!

  6. CindyD says

    We hear from our family in Houston that swine flu is rampant…go to the doctor and get some tamiflu, and I hope you have lots of chicken soup on hand!

  7. KAnn says

    Another one here feeling just like you are-I’m drinking some tea right now and I only drink tea when I am sick! It’s the one time I also require toasted white bread- the good stuff, usuaully Rudi’s. I hope we both feel better soon!

  8. Brenda says

    H1N1 is definitely hitting the mid-south hard right now. Whatever it takes to feel better, you should do it. Liquids, bed rest, Tylenol and Tamiflu if your doctor advises you try it. My heart goes out to you — rest and feel better.

  9. Gloria says

    The food blog world is not the same with out you!! Take care of yourself and I hope you are better soon!

  10. Amanda says

    We’ve had something circulating through our house too, always happens when school start. :-p Hope you feel better soon!

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