Top Ten — Late Fall 2009

I won’t be baking today and will tell you why later. For now, here’s a new Top 10. This is for the period between last August and now.

Cindy McCain’s Butterscotch Oatmeal Cookie – Family Circle/Parents Magazine – Excellent for butterscotch lovers! Thicker than standard oatmeal scotchies and packed with butterscotch. I like to throw in toasted pecans.

Every Day Food Dark Chocolate Espresso Cookies – You can definitely taste the coffee. Good for adults. Fun recipe to play with because you can use different brands of high end chocolate chunks.

Amazing Hard Boiled Egg Oatmeal Cookie – Small (cough, very small) yield, but good to make as a little thank you gift or a treat for yourself. Don’t eat the dough! Katrina’s version is here. Rita’s is here. The chocolate chip version was interesting too, but Katrina thought the oatmeal was best and I received some very nice emails regarding the cookie.

Judy’s Peanut Butter Cookie – Another top notch peanut butter cookie. This one is perfect for holding chunks of leftover peanut butter flavored Halloween candy.

Basic Blondies – Excellent basic blondie recipe.

Baking Blonde’s Chocolate Shock Cookies — I really enjoyed these and found myself making them over and over with variations. BB has the base recipe on her site, so I’ve linked to it.

The Best Lemon Squares
– Really!

Mexican Chocolate Chunk Cookies
– These were really good, but I don’t think you will get the same result substituting regular chocolate plus cinnamon. For the full effect, find yourself some real Mexican chocolate. It’s kind of grainy and changes the texture of the cookie for the better.

Lunchbox Cashew Cookies – Or “Cookie Exchange Cashew Cookies”. Call them whatever you want, but the cashews are a nice twist on nutty butterscotch cookies.

Alton Brown’s Thin Chocolate Chip Cookie – It took me a while to finally try this recipe. I’d grown quite attached to Alton’s chewy chocolate chip cookies (the ones made with bread flour) and didn’t see a need to try his thin version. Lately, I’ve found myself craving thin and crunchy chocolate chip cookies and this recipe gave me just that. Photo & Review

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