Austin Statesman Holiday Cookie Swap

The Austin Statesman Holiday Cookie Swap is underway!

If you’d like to participate, submit your favorite recipe to the Statesman. Meanwhile, browse the recipes that are already there, bake some cookies, then come back and add your own two cents. Your ratings and comments will help the judges determine the top 5 recipes which will be announced on December 4; but the fun doesn’t end there. On December 17th, the Statesman’s throwing an open-invite party where everyone can visit, eat cookies and find out which of the five finalists was picked as Austin’s Best Cookie 2009.

To browse the current entries, click this link for the Recipe Database and look for the drop down that says “Recipe Category”. Select “Cookie Swap” and you’ll get a list of the cookies entered for this contest.

If you’d like to share one of your recipes, look for the “Share Your Recipes” button while you’re in the Statesman database or click the link I just provided.

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  1. gloria says

    I also want to know which cookies, if any, you submitted. I wish we had something in Minnesota like this.

  2. says

    Louise, you should mention that in the comments. Maybe next year they’ll call for photos like some of the other papers do.

    Carole, I am not going to enter this one but rather watch from afar! The party is on a day when I’m otherwise engaged.

    Janet, your eyes aren’t on a diet, are they?

    Gloria, I can’t believe the Minnesota paper doesn’t have a competition. Maybe you can submit something to the Statesman and if it wins, it can be an honorary Austin cookie.

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