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This past week I’ve been trying to index recipes to make browsing easier. It isn’t quite finished, but I’ve posted the new index anyway because I think it might be helpful. At this point, there are still duplicates and a few weird links, but it’s better than the sitemap which at this point, has too much information.

Let me know if you find it at all helpful. Again, it’s rudimentary and needs work, but it’s functional.


I’ll be adding to it later. For instance, I’d like to index all the favorites, put all the small batch recipes in one place, and add in a few things I forgot like sandwich cookies and Whoopie pies.

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  1. says

    Hi Anna – I like your new index. Are you creating it yourself, so each posting you have to add and link? That is SUCH a tedious job. I used to do it that way, but didn’t always keep it up to date. Then my blog design guy found an automatic one, but I’m really not happy with the way it looks. It’s too long – creates space between each entry, and the category titles are almost invisible. I’ve asked him to keep looking for something else. I have (at this point anyway) about 650+ posts on my blog, and the index page (a single one) is just miles long. It does alphabetize them by the first letter/word so I try ti keep that in mind when I write titles. Anyway, just curious about yours . . . you have hundreds and hundreds – maybe over a thousand? – recipes on your blog!

  2. says

    Wow! The index is great and it’s really impressive to see the recipes listed like that. I think it will be really easy to use. I found Carolyn’s comments interesting. I’m such a newbie blogger that I don’t even realize all of the things to consider. This looks like a lot of work, but I do think it will be useful, and I only clicked on the cookie category!

  3. says

    This is amazing, just seeing the number of recipes you have tried over the years! I love the new index. This is probably over the top, but just a suggestion — it would be great to have some sub categories under the most popular categories, like chocolate chip cookies, etc. Maybe listing the basic CCCs, then the ones with add ins, etc. This is probably too much, but just a thought. 🙂

  4. Rina says

    Awesome!! As a frequent peruser of your recipes, I will definitely make use of the new index. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this, it must involve a lot of work! Best of luck with Thanksgiving preparations this week.

  5. Shannon says

    Nice! The index will definitely make browsing easier. I often used the old site map/recipe index to find recipes and didn’t mind doing it that way except it took so long to get to the end of the alphabet having to go through page by page. I always thought it would be better if you had alphabetical links along the top that would automatically take you to that section of the index. The new index solves that problem though, so thanks for making it!

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