Fantasy Fudge Review

Forgive me for posting a candy recipe the day after Halloween, but I finally tried the Fantasy Fudge recipe from the back of the Marshmallow Crème jar and wanted to review it right away.

Compared to the other 3 fudges from this week, this one was lighter and sweeter. I thought it was good (even better on day 2), but I made the mistake of using semi-sweet chocolate chips which are about 58% cacao and unsalted butter. The fudge would probably have been better with a darker (63 to 70% cacao) chocolate and salted butter. In my opinion, fudge needs salt to balance out the sweet, and if you use unsalted butter in this recipe, you automatically omit over 1/2 teaspoon of salt in the butter used for developing the recipe.

So next time, I’ll make Fantasy Fudge with 63% cacao chocolate and salted butter.

I made some plain fudge and a layered graham cracker marshmallow version which didn’t look or taste anything like Disney’s, but was still tasty despite the fact the graham crackers sank to the bottom.

Fantasy Fudge

The good news is, there’s a new fudge on the block! Check the December issue of Fine Cooking. The fudge has all the elements of greatness – corn syrup, heavy cream, chocolate and salt.

You can also fine the fudge recipe on Fine Cooking’s Website

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  1. Sandy says

    My mother has been making Fantasy Fudge since the ’50s. It was the first fudge I ever tasted, so naturally it’s what I compare all others to. I’ve never used anything other than semi-sweet chocolate chips. This year I’ll try your idea of using 63% cacao chocolate.

  2. Patty says

    This fudge looks fantastic! My grandmother made Fantasy Fudge every Christmas. I haven’t made it in years, but after seeing yours I think I will have to this year!

  3. Chris says

    My Mom made the fantasy fudge and she would substitute half of the semi-sweet chips with butterscotch chips. It is SO good that way! This is my favorite recipe for fudge.

  4. says

    Just checked out the fudge recipe on the Fine Cooking site, and that looks like my kind of fudge! For some reason, I’ve never really cared for the marshmallow cream type, I think slow cooking over a stove really brings the ingredients and flavors together and, when done right, leads to an unbeatably creamy fudge. Not that I’ve made any in years…..but if I were going to, the Fine Cooking recipe would be just the one for me!

  5. Louise says

    Lisa — I’m with you. I think there’s two schools of thought on fudge. I’m from the one that thinks marshmallow cream and evaporated milk don’t belong in fudge. If the Fine Cooking recipe appeals to you, the Alton Brown one will too. I made a batch of Alton’s on Friday and it’s great fudge. Very smooth.

  6. says

    Well, I’m starting to appreciate this little Fantasy Fudge recipe more than ever. I made two batches of the Fine Cooking fudge and both of them didn’t seem right. I’m not sure what’s going on. Back to the old drawing board!

    The other fudges are ageing nicely. I threw the condensed milk version out. The Alton Brown fudge is great and the Hershey Cocoa fudge, with it’s lightness and high proportion of milk, tastes better every day. I might make another batch of that.

  7. Deb says

    I looked at the Fine Cooking recipe but I don’t know…it seems like there should be more chocolate than 4 ounces for all that sugar. What was it about the fudge that didn’t seem right? I made the Alton Brown version and it didn’t taste right to me but I am really fussy. I really like lots of chocolate and I’m looking for a recipe that has both cocoa and chocolate in it.

  8. says

    Deb, I know what you mean about the amount of chocolate. It has a full cup more sugar so you’d think there’s be a little more chocolate. Still, I think if fudge is made right then the amount of chocolate is not as important. Or at least that’s my guess since some recipes have a lot less chocolate than Alton Brown’s.

    I’m on my third batch of the Fine Cooking fudge. My problems so far have all been due to my making half batches. Obviously, I’m having to adjust the cook times. You’d think taking it off at 236 would make the fudge set up with the same texture every time, but that’s not the case. Which pan I use also seems to play into it. For instance, my two overcooked batches were made in a stainless steel All-Clad pot which may conduct heat a little *too* well. This third batch was made in non-stainless steel pot and (along with my taking the fudge off at 234) seems to be working out better. It’s setting, but it’s supposed to take a while to set so that’s a good thing. My other fudge was setting the minute I dumped it out.

  9. Deb says

    I’ll be interested to know how firm it gets – also how chocolaty it tastes. Maybe I’ll try this one…the ingredients sure look good!

  10. Cynthia says

    I laughed when I saw this. I, too, tried the recipe for Fantasy Fudge on the back of the marshmallow jar. While I was preparing it, I announced to my son and husband that I was making “idiot-proof fudge”. Not sure what I did wrong, but we got chocolate marshmallow soup. I will be hearing about “idiot-proof fudge” until either I or the other two die. 🙂

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