Sweet Potato Pie from CMW Apples

Yesterday I made two pies for a school event — one was pecan and the other was sweet potato. The pies were to be turned in today, but I had a meeting with a flooring guy and couldn’t drop them off myself. Todd had to do it for me, which means I don’t know if they were any good — especially the sweet potato because I used a recipe I’d never made, which in hindsight was kind of a dumb thing to do, but I thought this one from Epicurious sounded good.

So without having tasted the pie, I can tell you it baked up very smooth, didn’t call for much sugar (a problem with some sweet potato pie recipes) and had some melted butter in the filling to round everything out. And finally, the source of the recipe is Ruth Reichl’s book Comfort me with Apples which in itself is comforting since all of RR’s recipes are good.

sweet potato pie photo

And here’s another tip I got from Louise. If you ever need to top a pie with whipped cream and you know this pie will be sitting out for a while, there’s a stabilizer you can buy called “Whip it”. I finally got to use my “Whip it” today and it worked perfectly. Or at least I think it did. It didn’t add any odd flavors to the whipped cream.

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  1. Pam says

    Anna, it looks beautiful. Where do you find Whip It? I haven’t seen that product, but since I didn’t know it existed, maybe I just haven’t noticed it in the stores.

  2. says

    I buy it at a speciality store called Specs, but a lot of grocery stores carry it in the baking aisle. World Market might sell it as well. If you can’t find it at the store, try Amazon. I know it’s on Amazon.

  3. says

    Your pie does look beautiful. I hope you get some feedback about how it tasted. No doubt it’s good. You just about can’t go wrong with a Ruth Reichl recipe.

  4. Louise says

    Pam, “Whip It” is in little packets like seed packets. They are bundled two or three in a plastic shrink wrap. ,,, This pie got good reviews on the Epicureous site. I’m glad it’s posted so we can see it.

  5. says

    Delicious! I’m feeling the Sweet Potato Buttermilk Pie from the Lee. Bros. cookbook this year myself. Thanks for reminding us about the Whip It! I always forget that exists and it is super useful.

    Can’t wait to see more holiday goodies from you!

  6. Tracy says

    I love using Whip It! I’m in the Chicago area and I found it at Meijer… if anyone is looking for it!

    I started using this a few years ago when I was in a Baking and Patisserie Class at my college and we use whip it in basically anything we made with whipped cream! I now use it at home mostly for things that will be sitting out at a party or if its a gift for someone!


    PS – I’m a long time reader and a fist time commenter!! Keep up the good work with the blog!!

  7. Therese B. says

    The pie looks awesome Anna. The whip it reminds me of an old DEVO song…Whip it.

    I will have to check on that whip-it. Is it similiar to dream whip????

  8. says

    Whip it, a whip it good….love that song.

    You’re really making me want pie. I’ve got to take a week off eating so much stuff! (Doesn’t stop me from baking and giving it away though!) 😉

  9. joan says

    I haven’t heard of Whip It until I read about it here….I ‘ll be on the lookout for it. Rose Levy Beranbaum has instructions for how to stabilize whipped cream in The Cake Bible. One recipe calls for gelatin, and the other for cornstarch. I’ve tried the gelatin recipe, and it works pretty well, but after a day or two in the fridge, the texture gets a little weird. It’s good, though, if you need to let a cake frosted with whipped cream sit out @ room temperature for a while.

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