An Interesting Gingersnap Recipe

I love gingersnaps in all shapes and ways, but when I first saw these I was a little skeptical. They were big, flat, and looked more like a failed batch of molasses cookies than gingersnaps. The surprise was how good they tasted.

The recipe has a lot of baking soda, and you might taste it in the finish. Some people are more sensitive to that (I think baking powder is even worse than soda) but in this cookie, the baking soda flavor didn’t bother me. I almost wonder if it somehow carried the flavors and made the spices last longer in the mouth?? Not sure, so I need some second, third, and fourth opinions. If you try these, let me know if you think they live up to their name.

Remember, they spread! Leave room between the balls of dough. The edges are crisp, the centers are chewy, and you get a big burst of ginger flavor. I’m linking to the original recipe which calls for black pepper, but if you like a little heat then use half the amount of black pepper and add in 1/8 teaspoon of cayenne.

Best Ginger Snaps You Will Ever Make by Rhonda Shield


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  1. Louise says

    I love ginger cookies and I’ll try them sometime, but they look rather basic. I’ve gotten attached to these. I add some black pepper and process the crystallized ginger with some of the sugar in the food processor until it’s about the size of rice. I usually chill them overnight just because that’s how the timing works out. I’ve made these several times too. I’ve found 15 minutes is about the right time to bake them so they aren’t overdone.

  2. says

    Hmm, I love gingersnaps and I’m really tempted to try these. The only trouble is, I’m convinced that the recipe you have for Maida’s English Gingersnaps = best gingersnaps ever. I make them with a touch less butter so they’re chewier. I’ve converted everyone in my family from my grandmother’s long-standing gingersnap recipe to that recipe. Thank you for turning me on to it! So, do I dare try I new gingersnap recipe? Probably. :)

  3. says

    I like the crackles in those cookies and the flatness doesn’t bother me. I have a gingersnap cookie recipe that I love and just made so I don’t think I’ll get to these any time soon. Jessica’s comment makes me think I need to check out Maida’s English Gingersnaps!

  4. says

    Sue, I looked at a lot of gingersnaps before making these in an attempt to figure out what was different. The most common recipes were all variations on Maida’s gingersnaps and they had around 2 cups of flour, a cup of sugar and 3/4 cup of fat (either butter or shortening). This recipe is different in that it has 2 fulls cups of sugar and only 1/2 cup butter. So it’s a really sugar dense cookie. You’d think it would be too sweet, but I didn’t find it too sweet at all – just harder around the edges. I think the extra sugar might have also contributed to the spreading.

  5. says

    Being the ginger cookie connosieur that I’ve been this year (don’t ask me why, dunno), I’ve tried lots of recipes. I just made these. I hate to say it, Anna, but these are a little sweet to me. I kind of also thought they needed a little more ginger taste (so maybe a little molasses-y??) Love how crackly they are and since I don’t like gingersnaps that are too snappy, I underbaked them (9 min.) a little. They are good, but not of my favorites so far that I’ve tried.
    (I’d have to make the other four cookie entries–that would be fun, then I could fairly judge what was up against these!) 😉

  6. says

    Thanks for that synopsis of this recipe vs. others. I think it’s interesting. I’m sure I’d like these. I’m not bothered by extra sugar. lol! With just a half cup butter, I suppose you could call them low-fat. :-)

  7. Karen Taylor says

    I agree with Katrina that these cookies (which I just made) are a bit too sweet. I had to check the recipe when I tried one to see if I had read it wrong and added too much sugar. But lovely to look at all crackly and crispy – am sure Santa will like just fine!

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