Austin Statesman Five Cookie Swap Finalists



The Austin Statesman has picked the five finalists in the Statesman Cookie Swap. One winner will be announced on December 17th, but until then we have 5 great recipes to try.  Good luck to the finalists and thanks to all the people who put recipes in the Statesman’s database.

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  1. Rina says

    Anna, did you notice that the first cookie (Uber Yummy Oatmeal Cookie) calls for “creamy” maple syrup? Any thoughts on what that might be or am I reading too much into this? 😉

  2. says

    Oh my goodness! That’s a scary kitty photo! I hope you didn’t get bit when you took it!! Off to look at the cookies.

  3. C L says

    Love the kitty photo! 🙂 I must admit the Uber Yummy Oatmeal Cookies sound pretty scrumptios…now if I can find creamy maple syrup. I might just whip some maple syrup with my KitchenAid and see what happens. 🙂

  4. Louise says

    I think the cat finally had enough of your sticking a camera in his face. He’s saying “Back off and go bake more cookies” . 🙂 I have a jar of granulated maple sugar, but no “creamy maple syrup’. The recipe only calls for 1 T of the creamy, so it’s kind of a pain to buy creamy maple syrup.

  5. says

    Actually, Todd took that picture and all the cat’s doing is meowing. The camera caught him at just the right time.

    About the maple cream, I believe it’s a spread or specialty item. I talked to the Statesman and found out they cookie work just fine with plain old maple syrup.

  6. Louise says

    Since the recipe’s in the newspaper, I think they should change the recipe to just show pure maple syrup so people aren’t put off. But, that’s just me. I can picture a little jar of maple cream when we stop in the stores in New England and they have maple candy, grade A and B syrup, etc.

  7. says

    My grandmother used to keep maple syrup spread around sometimes and it was great on toast. It has a consistency not unlike butter, but there’ s no fat in it, just maple syrup that’s been thickened and no doubt beaten to make it creamy.

  8. says

    Lisa, I vaguely remember my grandparents having that spread around. Or maybe it was apple butter. I’m not sure, but it looks familiar.

    Heidi, I just clicked on it and the Statesman page opened, but it was blank. Maybe the site’s just busy? I’ll try it later and see if it starts working again.

  9. Debby says

    Like Anna above, I can’t get to the page, even when I do a search for “cookie swap.” Did we crash the page with all of us looking for great cookies? 🙂

  10. says

    We just redesigned the site, so a few links might not work, but in general, they should have things up and running now.

    The finalist says that HEB sells several kinds of creamy maple syrup, but you can use regular, too.

    Happy baking!

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