Pretty Peppermint Brownies from Sunset

I’m not particularly crafty, but these ganache & peppermint brownies from Sunset were so cute I figured I’d give them a try.


You start by making a batch of ganache topped brownies.  That part was simple, and if you absolutely can’t stand mint, you can make the brownies and just stop there or sprinkle something else on top.


Next is the crafty part.   You arrange peppermints on a parchment lined sheet onto which you’ve drawn grid lines.  The grid lines didn’t work out so well for me and I had better results just spacing the candies a little over 1/4 inch from each other.  This is (one reason) why I’m not an engineer.


Next, you put them in the oven at 300 F and let them melt together.  I think Sunset might say I put them too close.  Well, things worked out.  So take that, Sunset!


While the melted mints are still soft, you cut them into tiles with a pizza cutter. You’ll make more tiles than you need, which is a good thing. You can pick out the pretty ones and scrap all the rest.


And finally, you arrange the nicest of the tiles on top of the brownies.  I think I managed to arrange about 20, and yes — I have lots of scrap peppermint.

Line the tiles up as best you can on the brownies, chill for a bit to set the ganache a bit more, then carefully trim around the edges with a chefs’ knife, cleaning the blade between each cut.


And that’s that! Now I’m off to the trophy store next to the 7-11 to buy myself an award.

Here’s a link to the recipe.

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  1. says

    I saw these recipes at Sunset too and wondered how much work they’d REALLY be. I think you’ve inspired me to give them a try. THANKS!

  2. says

    Whoa, cool. You can use the peppermint candies to decorate so many things!…sides of cakes, tops of cakes, cut smaller to top cupcakes.. how fun! 🙂

  3. Sarah says

    Do the peppermints stay soft or do they harden back up? Seems like it would be difficult to eat a soft brownie with a hard candy topping?? Or is it sort of like creme brulee?

  4. says

    You are too funny, Anna! So the candy re-hardens and then how is that to bite in to the brownies? The brownies themselves look fabulous and fudgy, that’s for sure! Definitely a fun, kitchen crafty thing to do! You definitely deserve the trophy, but isn’t there a trophy store next to the wine store for ya? 😉

  5. says

    Those are pretty! Am I remembering correctly that you’re not a big fan of mint? I guess the nice thing about these is that if you don’t care for mint you can just lift off the pretty decoration!

    I’ll bet you could be REALLY crafty and remelt your leftover mints and make a sculpture! Maybe while they’re still warm you could just drape them over a wine bottle, and voila! Another crafty decoration!

  6. Louise says

    I thought Sunset Magazine was just for geezers. 🙂 They look pretty thin. Were these super crunchy? I have some ideas for them if they aren’t jaw breakers. I’ll let you know in a few days if they work out with my idea.

  7. Sally says

    I made these a couple of weeks ago and they are delicious. The peppermint does harden up somewhat but is actually easy to bite into and makes a delicious mint flavor. Unfortunately, it isn’t so easy to lift off the peppermint if you don’t like it. It pulled off the ganache and did leave a mint taste behind. Sunset says to do a 1-3/4″ grid on your parchment & I ended up doing a 1-1/2″ grid so I could center the mints. The brownies are thick, chewy and chocolaty!

  8. says

    I took these to an event last night, but didn’t stay long enough to see if people liked them. I did see a few kids ask their parents for one, so the kids like the colors.

    They were pretty easy to transport, but make sure you don’t cover them with plastic or cling wrap. It sticks to the candy cane and is difficult to peel off.

    Sally, I made a 1 3/4 inch grid and the mints didn’t quite melt into each other. It might have been the brand of mints or that I just didn’t measure well enough (because I did it quickly). I found I really didn’t even need a grid, though.

  9. Kate M says

    I happened to make these for an event the other night. I too found that the spacing recommended in the original receipe did not work at all and ended up putting them much closer together. The original receipe mentions that you might have to play with different brands and do a test run with only a few mints before doing a whole pan. Definitely a good idea. Several reviewers on myrecipes said that the Wal-Mart brand of mints melted well.

  10. Robyn says

    “I have lots of scrap peppermint.”

    This made laugh. Who gets to say that? Ever?

    These look really cute. Nice job!

  11. chappy says

    Sunset Magazine for geezers? OMG!!

    You need to check it out, mid-century modern, meets delicious food meets modern gardner. Sunset is and has always been tres-chic!

    I’m NOT paid to say that!

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