ATK Low Fat Brownies

Saw America’s Test Kitchen Low Fat Brownie recipe in the Dallas Morning News and am linking to it for future reference. Has anybody tried these? I’ve had some good low fat brownies, but enough bad ones to make me extra cautious.


Update:  The recipe is now free on America’s Test Kitchen “The Feed”.

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  1. says

    I haven’t tried these, but their low fat fudgey brownies are really good. The recipe is almost the same except that there is more flour and cocoa. I usually make them without the extra egg white.

  2. says

    It doesn’t look like there is anything to replace the butter, so I wonder how moist they are. Nothing annoys me more than dry brownies! 😉

  3. Amanda says

    I haven’t tried them, but I’ve loved everything I’ve tried from AMerica’s Test kitchen. So I bet they are great!

  4. Shannon says

    I would give these a try, but I only have regular cocoa powder on hand (not dutch process). I know there are some instances where you can substitute one for the other, but I’m guessing this isn’t one of them, since it specifically says to use dutch process. I’m also intrigued that there’s really no butter substitute. I tried a good low fat brownie recipe from Cooking Light, where cherry preserves stood in for some of the butter. The preserves kept them really moist and fudgy.

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