Some Very Important Dates

Courtesy of Linda S. who found these in a professional baking magazine.

January 6 – Shortbread Day

January 12 – Fig Newton Day

January 23– National Pie Day

March 7-15 — Chocolate Chip Cookie Week

March 18 – Oatmeal Cookie Day

May 31 – Macaroon Day

June 12 – Peanut Butter Cookie Day

July 1 – Gingersnap Day

July 3 – Chocolate Wafer Day

July 9 – Sugar Cookie Day

July 20 – Fortune Cookie Day

September 21 – Pecan Cookie Day

October — Whole month is National Cookie Month

December 4 – National Cookie Day

December 23 – National Pfeffernusse Day

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  1. Louise says

    Last year we missed some important baking occasions. We should put these in our personal calendars so it doesn’t happen again. 🙂

  2. Louise says

    Dawn – There’s probably more than one professional baking magazine. Chocolatier and two other magazines morphed into with a physical magazine. I’m still getting it as a result of my Chocolatier subscription which I can hardly wait to run out.

  3. catlady says

    My son the mathematician informs me that Pie Day is March 14. Pi =3.14=March 14. In Europe, where they put the day first, then the month, Pie Day is 22/7, or July 22.

  4. says

    Never knew there were that many dessert days. Thank you for posting it, I’ll be adding them to my calendar. I might not be able to make them on the day but will have to plan ahead and maybe eat them on the celebrated day. Thank you!

  5. Linda says

    Go to:
    for a list of all their publications. This cookie holiday list is from one of their baking publications.

  6. says

    Yeah, where’s National It’s My Birthday day, I mean Bundt Cake day? 😉
    Wish I’d have known about shortbread cookie day in time to send my mom some. I have a feeling she wouldn’t mind it they came a little late!

    Having a giveaway on my blog today!

  7. CL says

    This is wonderful! Now I have some cute holidays/reasons to send goodies to my nieces and nephews. 🙂 I’ll be a bit late for Shortbread Day but I can send it with the Fig Newtons. 🙂

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