ABC’s Top 10 Super Bowl Foods

Yikes! I can’t believe Super Bowl is this Sunday. Have you picked your snacks? Either way, check out  ABC’s Top 10 Super Bowl Foods.  They’ve made some very good choices ;).

My menu for the weekend includes Buffalo wings, nachos and the required dish of every Super Bowl watching home in Texas, queso! Queso is big here and most of my friends make it using the recipe off the Velveeta box. This year, I might do something a little better and go with Emeril’s Queso.  I’ll post a few more interesting ones from as they come.


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  1. Louise says

    I saw the list early this morning and they did make some very good choices. When I saw “Frito Candy” listed, I thought wait a minute — that’s Anna’s recipe. And, sure enough, it is. Way to go. Actually, the Rocky Road Bundt cake looks like a winner too, but I’ve been planning to make BAKED’s Root Beer Bundt.

  2. says

    That’s pretty cool that your Frito Candy made the Top Ten!! Way to go!! That stuff is “insanely good”, and worth the 30 minutes of weight training that was recommended to burn it off. 🙂 The trick there would be to eat just one serving of it!!
    Some of the other recipes sound good too. I would actually try Emeril’s dip and I confess to steering clear of that usually because I can’t stand the flavor or texture of Velveeta. I also thought the Buffalo Chicken dip sounded appealing.
    Too much good food!!! (Is there such a thing!?)

  3. says

    I am from Texas and when I moved up to NJ no one had ever heard of having queso. I couldn’t believe my ears because queso was a staple at EVERY party I had ever been to!
    But I have shown them the light and now I have queso requests all the time 🙂

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