Photos of Fuzz Building a Snowman on Trampoline

I forgot to mention that the snow has melted.

Fuzz is disappointed, but at least she experienced the joy of building a snowman. Snow had accumulated on the trampoline so she tried to build it there, the poor thing.  Some day I’m going to show this kid some real snow!



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  1. hulagirl247 says

    good job fuzz!

    anna ~ you need to come back to chicago – it’s been snowing on and off all day!
    you could even go to the ice skating rink in millenium park – i’m sure fuzz would have a great time skating there!


  2. says

    Normally, I am impressed by everything I see showcased on this blog. Texas snow, however…c’mon, I though EVERYTHING was bigger in Texas.

    –A woman expecting her fourth ‘two-footer’ of a snowstorm tomorrow

    A valiant attempt, however!

  3. Sarah says

    Aww, sorry it has already melted, that’s too bad! Fuzz looks like she really had fun and most the most of it, at least 🙂

  4. janet says

    Bet it was a big surprise to get the snow! Fuzz looks so grown up in that picture…maybe it’s her hair is longer? Anyway, looks like she is excited and enjoying it;-)

  5. C L says

    Come to Yosemite National Park! Fuzz could build snowfolks to her heart’s content and you and your sweetheart could ski and/or hike all day!

    On topic, Fuzz’s snowman is terrific! She is one creative young lady. You go, Fuzz! 🙂

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