Vent Frustration And Win a $10,000 Vacation Rental

This morning I received an email from my friends at “Home Away” which just so happens to be the world’s leading on-line vacation rental marketplace. I love that they’re headquartered in Austin and having been a customer, I am excited to tell you about this promotion.

For a chance at a $10,000 family vacation at a private, spacious Homeaway rental, share your story of a HOTEL HORROR in the form of a text, photo or video entry between now and March 2.

“From cramped quarters to hidden fees to noisy neighbors (even the nicest hotels can have thin walls. Ugh), hotels don’t always provide relaxation and in some cases, the opposite. So if you have a hotel horror story you’ve been dying to share, you may be rewarded for it.”

Contest entries will be voted on by the general public, and finalists will be judged by the king and queen of travel mishaps – Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo, who recently reprised their roles as Clark and Ellen Griswold from “National Lampoon’s Vacation” for a new HomeAway advertising campaign.

To enter the contest, contestants can visit


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  1. Nanna says

    We advertise our Myrtle Beach Condominiums on this site.
    Need some sunshine? Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, oceanfront condos!

  2. says

    Thanks for the link. I’ve got a great horror story, although at the time the experience really was a horror. I wonder if good writing skills count?

  3. C L says

    I wonder if I’d score extra points because it was my honeymoon? I’ll have to enter and find out. 😉

  4. Maggi says

    Oh, I’m living one now. Only, it’s not a hotel vacation. The first (and I promise, the last) time I rented a home through HomeAway was this past summer. I am still visiting the bank two or three times a week to cash the security deposit check ($700!!!) from the owner of the home. He has dodged calls, e-mails etc. I’ll never do it again.

  5. Should Have Bought Fage! says

    Just saw this at the supermarket and thought I’d give it a try. My mainstay is Fage Total, plain or honey. I tried two spoonfuls of the Yoplait strawberry and threw the container away. Maybe I got a bad one, but it tastes just like regular Yoplait (NOT like greek-style yogurt), but more seriously is NOT smooth at all, rather it has a horrible chalky consistancy like it was thickened with a clay powder or something!

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