Ciao From Italy!

Sorry it’s taking me so long to approve comments. Once again, we are spending Spring Break in one of our favorite countries — Italy!

Today we are in Florence where I’ve had a terrible time finding WiFi. The WiFi at our hotel is BROKEN and I spent the morning wandering around the city looking for hot spots. Right now I am literally on the floor in the upstairs of an Italian bookstore called Martelli. All the college kids have the tables…which is why I (and Fuzz) are on the floor. Will post photos soon!

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  1. Louise says

    When we were in Florence a couple of years ago, the place was loaded with exchange students from Syracuse University. They seemed to have loads of money too as they could afford to eat in all the restaurants my husband and I went to. Forget the WiFi and enjoy the city. 🙂

  2. says

    Louise, the kids at this place are all italian. I saw lots of midwestern high school students at the airport, but most of the tourists here are from other places besides America.

    Katrina, we’ve moved to a table and now have a Napolean and a Cappucino. Will post pictures soon.

    Florence is sunny and slightly chilly, but still very nice.

  3. Robin says

    While in Florence, look for the little hole in the wall (literally) for the most wonderful sandwiches with truffle cream. We went back to get a few more for the train to Venice the very next day!! I think the sign above their tiny shop says I Fratellini, but their business card reads, DueFratellini. Their address is: Via Dei Cimatori, 38/r-50121 Firenze
    Near their shop is a nice little ceramics shop that I found some very reasonably gifts to bring home. Oh, don’t miss my favorite gelateria… Gelateria S.Tranita. Its at the base of the Santa Tranita bridge and they had the most amazing gelato. Have a marvelous trip!!

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