Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary Photos

Here are a few photos I took yesterday at the cat sanctuary at Torre Argentina. You can go there to see the ancient ruins or to play with cats!

We did a little of both.

Fuzz made friends with a cat named Paloma. Luckily Paloma had already been adopted.

These are just a few of the cats inside the sanctuary. The room was full of them. They were on top of tables, under chairs, walking on counters and others were asleep in their open cages and baskets long the walls. And these were just the indoor cats. The rest of the kitties live outside in the ruins where they are very well cared for. We walked by the ruins again today and saw a volunteer out there brushing them (the cats, not the ruins).

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  1. says

    That’s funny. I hadn’t even thought you mean brushing the ruins until you said that. Thanks for the lil’ laugh!
    Looks like fun.!

  2. says

    As one who is highly allergic to cats, I can just imagine what a sneezy, watery, itchy mess I would be in such a place! But for cat lovers, it sounds really neat! I’ve never heard of it either. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Gloria says

    I wonder how they are funded? Do you think private donations only? I am happy to know those poor discarded kitties are getting a chance at a better life. Thanks for sharing.

  4. says

    Gloria, they are funded entirely my donations and the little trinkets they sell at their gift shop — mostly cat related items that people have donated to them in order to sell.

  5. Jan Whyman says

    Hi Im from Scotland and spent a week last summer volunteering in the sanctuary,and as Anna says they rely totally on donations from the public and visitors ,you can log visit their official website and leave a donation via paypal if you’re so inclined.The people their are amazing ,they are a no kill shelter who raise funds to spay and neuter cats through out Rome as well as treat and care for the many cats in the sanctuary ,well worth a visit if you love cats

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