Freschetta Flatbread Giveaway

A few weeks ago the Freschetta team sent our family a pizza gift pack.  They’ve set one aside for a reader, and if you’d like a shot at it then read on.

The point of the coupons was to introduce Freschetta’s line of flatbread.   There are four flavors in the line, but Freschetta recommended two in particular – Italian Style and Roasted Garlic.

First we tried Italian Style. It had a sweet and spicy tomato sauce topped with pepperoni, Genoa salami and sausage. The sauce had a distinctive blend of flavors and the crust was light, flakey, and rich – almost like a cross between pie crust, a croissant and pizza dough.  I liked the flavors in the sauce and thought the crust was interesting. 

Next up was the Roasted Garlic and Spinach flavored flatbread.  Our family usually eats pizza as an entrée, so I cut the pizza into thirds and served each section with large salads. This flatbread, with the creamy white sauce, sweet roasted garlic, spinach and cheese was a surprise winner in that the family liked it even better than the Italian style.   It seems like a crowd pleaser and since the flatbread is light yet rich, I may start serving it thinly sliced as an appetizer or party snack.


If you like frozen pizza, the new Freschetta flatbreads are worth a try. And if you’d like to a chance at the gift pack (with free coupons), here’s what to do.

Write a comment below telling me what you drink with pizza.  I like Sangiovese — especially with tomato based pizzas. I also like Root Beer.

I will pick a comment at random tomorrow night (Tuesday the 18th) at midnight, so if you post after midnight your comment will not be eligible for the gift pack. You can still tell me what you like to drink, though!

By the way, if you’ve already tried Freschetta pizza and want to say something about it, check out Freschetta’s Facebook page and let them know your thoughts.    You can also follow Freschetta on Twitter.

Also, as I write this there’s a dollar off coupon on the Freschetta web page.

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  1. says

    Hmm…I usually drink water just in general but if I’m drinking a soda, I like root beer and coke with pizza. My dad is a Dr. Pepper guy and my mom likes Diet Rite.

  2. Maureeb says

    Grape Soda. Not sure why, but it is a MUST that whenever we have pizza, mom gets a grape soda. Ya know, it is the ONLY time I drink a sickly, sweet grape soda.

  3. says

    Either sparkling water (Perrier is really good with pizza!) or cream soda! Yum! There’s something about drinking soda and eating pizza that makes you feel like a kid again!

  4. Janetta says

    I’ve got to agree with Stacie, I love eating pizza with sparkling water or even ice water with lemon!

  5. Tracy M says

    As strange as this may sound, I actually enjoy a nice tall glass of ice cold milk with my pizza. Ginger Ale runs a close second though;-)

  6. says

    Well, I’m as boring as can be, but I drink water. I have to save where I can and I try not to drink my calories. I love diet sodas, but try not to even drink those and don’t hardly ever.

  7. valen says

    I just drink water nowadays, but as a kid I loved oj, yes that does sound gross and it is gross to me now, but as a kid I loved it.

  8. says

    The garlic and spinach pizza sounds delicious! My fingers are crossed! We like to eat pizza on Wednesday nights after soccer practice. It’s always quick and easy. We usually just drink water, but often with pizza we have root beer or sprite. Thanks for the chance, Jeanette at [email protected](dot)com

  9. says

    We have pizza every Sunday night! I normally drink sparkling water with my pizza, but for a treat I really like a milkshake!

  10. Penny says

    I usually drink plain old water, seltzer water or homemade iced tea with meals. On special occasions we have diet root beer or cream soda.

  11. Martha in KS says

    Ooh, pizza is my favorite food & Freschetta brand is a fave. I enjoy Coke with a squeeze of lemon & Sierra Mist.

  12. NC says

    I tend to drink white wine with everything…probably means I should branch out a bit more

  13. itsrenee says

    Depending on the company I am keeping: beer, red wine or Diet Dr. Pepper caffeine free . . .in no particular order . . well maybe just the first two in no particular order (grin).

  14. yatesy says

    I’ll be honest, I love drinking beer with pizza. Magic Hat’s Circus Boy is a good one, something light that swirls around my stomach well with the pizza sauce 🙂

  15. Jane says

    I drink diet Coke with my pizza, but every once in a while I go crazy and throw in a shot of Jameson. Okay, 1/4 shot. I am a lightweight.

  16. Tanis says

    Believe it or not, I love to drink milk with pizza. I just love it together. Weird huh?

  17. Mary says

    usually iced tea but I often have to follow pizza with a glass of milk at the end of the meal … tomato sauces often give me heartburn, but the milk usually settles my stomach.

  18. says

    For me pizza and beer are naturals together. Now, I’m really interested in the wine you mentioned!

  19. Evelyn @ cheers2healthy says

    I have to say, my favorite drink with pizza is a coke with ice. No messing around there!

  20. says

    Oh, the best beverage to go with pizza is Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi. I’m not fussy as to the brand. I haven’t tried that brand, but my family sure does eat frozen pizza!

  21. Allie says

    It depends on the pizza and where I am eating it. If in an Italian restaurant, I like to enjoy it with a glass of red wine, like a Pinot. If at home and enjoying a frozen pizza, I always like it with s big glass of sweet tea.

  22. says

    Since I take so much medication I can’t drink beer or wine. Most of the time I drink I fruit flavored, calorie free diet drink. In the summer I drink a home brewed flavored iced tea, mango and passion fruit being my favorites.

  23. Holly says

    I love any kind of red wine with my pizza… Lately though, I’ve been having coffee. Never enough caffeine with a newborn in the house 🙂

  24. annalene says

    sparkling fruit juices are great with food. i love grapefruit izze with just about anything 🙂

  25. Tierney M says

    Hmmm…I’m more of a seltzer with lime drinker. Although pizza and beer is a great combination.

  26. Jannine says

    Ice cold Coca-Cola all the way! If I’m at a restaurant that serves Pepsi products, I will have Sierra Mist. I dislike Pepsi that much!

  27. Liz says

    Usually I just drink water. But occasionally I like root beer or diet V8 juice (the fruit flavors – not veggie).

  28. Anonymous says

    I keep myself hydrated with the grease on the pizza. Afterwards, I’ll drink some water or have a salad. I not much of a drinker.

  29. Neely says

    Ah, pizza! My favorite food…I’ll drink a can of Dr. Pepper (like when I was kid), or Amstel Light (like when I was an older “kid”).

  30. Carlie says

    If I am going all out, then I have an ice cold beer with my pizza! Pacifico or Stella Artois… yum!

  31. Rachel says

    Mountain dew 🙂 I know, it’s not the best choice! However if I’m out I usually chose some type of beer 🙂

  32. says

    Soda pop, it’s the only time I drink it. Usually Dr. Pepper or Root Beer, but a cherry flavored cola, every once in a while, will hit the spot. My husband goes for a Fat Tire.

  33. Claire says

    Cherry Dr. Pepper, which I drink with everything! It’s an unhealthy addiction!

  34. Carollee says

    Pizza and beer – its a match made in heaven. I like ice cold Coors light, sounds cheesy right,but it is so good.

  35. Susie D. says

    Even though it’s not what I LIKE to drink with pizza, I stick with water. If I cared less, I would drink anything fizzy and sweet.

  36. says

    Deanie, thanks for asking. The winner was chosen. Fuzz randomly chose #33 :).

    I really enjoyed reading all these answers and am no longer going to feel weird about serving Fuzz milk with her pizza. I do it all the time and she never complains. I thought she was just being polite, but after I told her there were people out there who loved milk with pizza she said “Why not? It’s delicious!”. I

  37. Patricia says

    Usually, I drink iced tea with everything. Although I haven’t had any in years, beer is really good with pizza.

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