Readers’ Favorite Cakes

Yesterday I made a very good chocolate cake using a recipe off this comment thread. I’ll review that later, but one thing I realized was that this might be my favorite comment thread on Cookie Madness. I really enjoy hearing about your favorite cakes and am bumping this up in case you happen to be looking for a great cake.

Click here to read comments and see other people’s favorite cake recipes

In the meantime, if you have a favorite cake you are willing to share I would absolutely love for you to paste it in the comment section. And thanks again to all of you who already have.

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  1. says

    Oh, I’ve missed your blog. Internet at our duplex has been down for 5 days now, with Kevin (the computer geek) out of town. I’m going crazy. 😉
    I’m at our church “borrowing” their WiFi right now.
    More cake, coming up!
    I made your Pecan Chewies today (put some toffee bits in with them, too.) Kevin gets home tonight and he LOVES those cookies. Plus I made ice cream yesterday, so I had egg whites.
    He better get the internet back up tonight. 😉

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