Salted Brownies

It seemed like a brownie kind of morning, but then I logged on to Bake or Break and saw Salted Brownies. That sealed the deal. The word “salted” got my attention, but what I really liked about this brownie recipe was the combination of small amounts of unsweetened chocolate and cocoa powder. Brownies made with a little of each are almost always good, and I had little bits of both to use up.

Salted Brownies

The catch was that I was short on butter and had to halve the recipe. Rather than just bake it in a loaf pan, I tried making a foil mold  that was exactly half of a 9 inch pan. It worked! The half batch was one in 28 minutes and the brownies were perfect.

As for the salt, I used it but I chickened out on the last step. Rather than swirl the salt into the batter with a butter knife at the end, I mixed half of the salt into the dough and sprinkled the rest over the brownies. You’ll know what I mean when you read the recipe.

For an easy, one-bowl, whisk-only recipe, these were terrific brownies. They were light, yet dense and fudgy. Like Jennifer said, brownies really do give you the best return on your time and effort investment.

Recipe Here

foil mold

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  1. Suzy says

    I will have to try these. . .I just made the brownies from “Baked”, and at first thought they were much too salty, although my husband and even 5-year old thought they were just fine. The next day, they didn’t seem quite as salty, and the day after that, I thought they tasted fine. Weird. . . .

  2. says

    You know I just discovered the world of flavours that opens up when it comes to adding salt to a baked good. I completely understand your ‘salty’ morning feeling. And what better way to include chocolate on such mornings- salted brownies- super idea.

  3. says

    oh anna it’s 10:15pm and i am seriously craving chocolate. and you know how much i love my salt with my sweets. these sound soooo good.

  4. says

    I’m unfortunately a crazy salt fanatic, so these look delicious to me!! I love the sweet and salty combo in a brownie!

  5. Suzy says

    If you are ever in a Trader Joe’s, pick up a box of sea salt brownies, or the fleur de sel caramels. Both are store brand, and very reasonably priced!

  6. Nikki says

    Salted brownies? I’ve honestly never heard of that before, but being the big brownie fan that I am I think I will have to give these a try. Thanks for the inspiration

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