7 Inch Pie Dish

I have a recipe to post, but first I want to tell you about the Marinex 7-Inch Fluted Small Round Pie Pan I bought last week on Amazon.  I didn’t know such a small pie dish existed and didn’t take the time to research, but I finally found it, ordered it, and am glad I did.  This dish holds a pie that serves 3 or 4 people, which means means I can make more pies and not have to worry about giving away half a pie (awkward!) or throwing the rest out when we’re tired of it.  It also means I can do more experiments without wasting ingredients.  Case in point, yesterday…

Small Pie Dish

I wanted to try lining the inside of the pie dish with non-stick foil so that I could lift the whole pie out, peel away the foil, set the pie back into the dish and not worry about it sticking to the sides of the dish when I cut it.

Using this Williams Sonoma Pie Crust recipe, I was able to make enough crust to cover the bottom of the dish and have more left over for lattice work…

…bad lattice work, but I got into a rush and just started throwing things together. I was more worried about taste and bake-time and whether or not I could remove the pie from the dish.

For the filling, I used my old (Epicurious) cherry pie recipe, scaled it to 1/3 of itself and reduced the bake time by 20 minutes. Lattice work aside, the pie looked fine and the foil trick worked perfectly.

Small Cherry Pie

Unfortunately, the pie tasted a little too cornstarchy. I think my mistake was cutting 20 minutes off the bake time to adjust for the smaller pie.  Even though the pie was smaller, I think the  filling needed that same hour-plus long cook-time to rid it of cornstarch flavor since the cornstarch is tossed with the cherries and not boiled and thickened as in most recipes.

So back to the old drawing board, but a fun drawing board! I’m glad I bought this dish and hope this info is helpful for my fellow small batch bakers.

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  1. Cheryl says

    Didn’t realize these 7 inch dishes were hard to get. I have had two since the ’80s if not earlier. They are great to split a large 9/10 inch pie recipe into 2 smaller ones. A good giveaway to friends–as long as they return your pan!

  2. says

    I’ve never even seen this size pie dish. I’m going to check it out at Amazon. Would be perfect when you don’t have a big family at home.
    A couple times I’ve decreased the size of a recipe and found it took the same time to cook. Other times, not. Very hard to predict, I’m afraid. Guess you have to watch carefully. Something like mini muffins for instance would take less time to bake.

    Looks like a nice pie though!

  3. Karen says

    I really want one of those small pans!
    Did you use sour cherries? It just so happens that I made a sour cherry pie yesterday! We only get fresh sour cherries for about a week around here, only at one market across town, so it’s a once-a-year treat.
    It was outstanding.

  4. says

    Cheryl, you are one step ahead of me in that department! I kind of wish I’d bought two of these, but I think we’ll survive with one since I tend to bake one pie and move on to another. I like the idea of baking one pie and giving the other to a friend, though.

    Sue, you should get one. At $7.00, it’s a bargain.

    Barbara, at least I learned my lesson on bake time. The crust was fine, but I don’t think it would have hurt it if I’d left the pie in for another 20 minutes. It was the cornstarch filling that got me. In most cases it probably wouldn’t have been an issue, but in this pie you just toss the cornstarch over the cherries, so I guess it needs a longer bake-time. The Epicurious version was fabulous and not starchy at all.

    Karen, I am jealous of all of you with the sour cherries. I used Bing because that’s what we have in my area. Whole Foods might have sour cherries, but I haven’t checked yet.

  5. Karen says

    Anna – Cooks Illustrated has a recipe in the current issue adding a plum to bing cherries to kind of capture some of the sour flavor. I was planning on trying it but then the elusive sour cherries showed up so I got to make the real thing, really only the second time I’ve done so since they are so so rare.

  6. Melissa says

    Love the smaller recipes! They are prefect for people like me that live alone 🙂

  7. Mary Kay says

    Absolutely adorable. Amazon doesn’t seem to have these anymore…I’m betting your post wiped out their supply! I’m googling madly in search of another source. 🙂

  8. Katherine says

    I’m ordering this from Amazon this morning – it’s a birthday present for my mother. With us kids all grown up, my mom doesn’t have as many baking opportunities anymore. But with this pie plate, she can make smaller versions of her famous pies, without fear of having too much leftover.

    Thank you for this great pie plate review!

  9. Barbara D'Angelo says

    This looked like a great deal until I went to amazon and found the price had raised to 16.20, more then double the price of just over 7.00 that it was a few weeks ago

  10. anne says

    I got a 7″ metal pie plate at Sur La Table and it was in the catalog for those who don’t have a store nearby.

  11. susan says

    I just broke a 7″ redware pie plate. You are right, it is a perfect size for a nice little pie. I can replace mine for only $89. on ebay, so I am looking for another alternative.
    I’m holding out for clay, but otherwise, I’ll try this one.

  12. says

    Susan, I use my little dish all the time. Thanks for the idea of checking eBay because now I kind of want another one.

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