Nature Valley Granola Thins Winner

Congratulations to Nancy, who won the Nature Valley Granola Thins Giveaway. In her comment, Nancy wrote that her way of connecting with nature was taking the dog and hiking the nature trail near her home. Realistically, that’s mine too. I wanted it to be walking on the beach, but I live in Austin so it’s the trail down the street.

Thanks everyone for participating in the giveaway. And if you do happen to pick up a box of the Nature Valley Granola Thins, here’s the top secret recipe for Nature Valley Granola Thin S’mores. 

Stuff a marshmallow between two Nature Valley Granola Thins (we used one of each flavor).  Microwave for 10 seconds.  Smash it down a little.  Eat!


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  1. says

    That’s right. The cookies have either a thin layer of dark chocolate or a thin layer of peanut butter coating, depending on what flavor you pick. We actually made our S’mores using one of each.

  2. MaryBeth says

    Oh YUM!! I have these ginormous marshmallows (aka, Campfire Mallows) that would love to be smushed between those two!

  3. says

    Cute s’more! I like the idea that there’s a little chocolate and a little PB there. With the oats in the NV granola thins, there might be a little more nutrition than your average s’more too!

  4. Tanis says

    Oh MY!!!!!! I bought some of these granola thins yesterday, they are pretty good. But then when I saw your s’more idea I just had to go home at lunch and try it. WOW, INCREDIBLE, YUMMO!!!! That was a good call! It will probably be a mistake, because I will now inhale the entire two boxes, that is and a bag of marshmallows!!!!

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