Cupcake Tower Giveaway!

Every cupcake is a miniature work of art, so why not display yours in style with a The Cupcake Tower.

Cupcake Tower

Founded by sisters Joy and Jennifer, who believed there wasn’t yet a cupcake stand out there worthy of holding the precious creations of cupcake bakers around the word, The Cupcake Tower was hand crafted as a fresh and elegant showcase to cupcake batches of all sizes.  There’s Tiny, Small, Medium and Large, and today you have the chance to win one “Small” which if you ask me, is a pretty nice size for a home baker.


It has three layers (10”, 14” and 18”) and holds approximately 72 standard size cupcakes, stands 13 ½ ” high when put together, folds flat to store just about anywhere, is made of durable wood (mdf) and has a thin laminate coating similar to a countertop so that it wipes clean easily.

If you like the Cupcake Tower, you can become a fan on Facebook to get all the latest Cupcake Tower news, and you can take a shot at getting one for free.

For a chance at having a cupcake tower sent to your home, write a comment telling me who in your town makes or sells the best cupcakes.  If your favorite cupcake was from a place not in your town, that’s okay too — but make sure to say where.  . Fuzz and I will randomly choose a comment Monday morning the 23rd of August around 7:00 AM. Any comments after that will be read with interest, but not eligible for the giveaway.  The lucky commenter will be notified by email, as always.  Good luck!  And I look forward to hearing about all the good cupcakes.

UPDATE: Contest has a winner — Dee, who chose Icing on the Cake in Folsom, CA.

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  1. bonnie says

    Sugar Sweet Sunshine in the lower east side of New York City is my pick. The cozy setting and late hours is the perfect fix to any cupcake craving! My favorite is the pistachio but they also have mouth-watering seasonal ones. And they come in the minis if only want a nibble of something sweet!

  2. pumpkinpie says

    Kate’s Frosting, in San Antonio made awesome cupcakes for my sister’s bachelorette party.

  3. Carrie says

    Celebrity Cupcakes in Houston. It is a local shop and I think much better than the other big name cupcakeries in town.

  4. says

    The best cupcakes I’ve had were in Philadelphia, at Reading Terminal Market. Visit the Flying Monkey and try their Peanut Butter Plaid cupcakes!

  5. Melissa says

    I personally love the cupcakes from a place called Delish in Buffalo, NY. In fact, I love all of their baked goods!

  6. Nancy says

    The best cupcakes are at Bleeding Heart Bakery and More in Chicago. I’m in the suburbs and there isn’t much out here. I may have to add Sprinkles to the list after I take a trip out there. Thanks for the giveaway.

  7. says

    I’d have to say the Amy Bakes Cupcakes bakery in San Luis Obispo, CA is my favorite. The cupcakes are all vegan and gluten-free, and taste amazing! Especially her Champagne Cupcakes with Raspberry Cream and the Molliecakes Rosepetal Pistachio 🙂

  8. jancd says

    My cupcakes are usually great, but if we want fancy delicious cupcakes, Elite Treat in Kingwood is a good choice. Everything they make there taste great and looks beautiful.

  9. Elaine says

    Ok, I have made the trip to Houston, tried both Crave and Sprinkles, but mine are still better! Guess I like my frosting to cake ratio! 🙂

  10. Jenny Cohen says

    Downtown Atlantic makes the best cupcakes in my neighborhood in Brooklyn. Their red velvet is the best!

  11. LaDonna says

    I live in a small town that does not have a bakery that sells cupcakes off the shelf. They have to be special ordered! That is why I bake my own!

  12. says

    My favorite cupcakes are Gigi’s Cupcakes in Nashville, TN. I had one after running the Rock ‘n’ Roll Country Music Half Marathon. I have yet to find one that I like quite as well in Austin, but my favorite here are from Hey Cupcake.

  13. Helena says

    One of my best friends made the best blueberry-cupcakes (not muffins) for her last birthday, so delicious 🙂 Sadly the bakeries I’ve tried weren’t all that good… the cupcakes were too greasy and not very flavorful.

  14. Debbi says

    The BEST cupcakes in my area have got to be from Frosted, a cupcake shop in the Belmont Shore section of Long Beach, CA. The vanilla with coconut buttercream frosting is to die for!

  15. says

    By far the BEST cupcakes come from a place called “Icing Dreams”. They make the absolutely cutest cakes and cupcakes in St.Cloud, MN! My grandchildren are SO excited when birthday time comes around and they get to pick out their cake or cupcakes.

  16. Gwen Winsor says

    Molly’s cupcakes in Chicago is seriously the best cupcake i have ever had. she does this cookie monster cupcake that has actual raw cookie dough in the middle. AH – MAZING 🙂

  17. says

    “So Cupcake” in Salt Lake City, Utah. The frosting is so smooth that it feels like velvet melting on your tongue. YUM!

  18. Amy says

    The Flying Cupcake in Indianapolis has the best red velvet cupcake I have ever tasted! They have vegan and gluten free cupcakes as well 🙂

  19. corinne says

    Georgetown Cupcakes in DC, or, at home, Shabby Chic in Windham NH (…as far as I know, the only cupcake place in Windham)

  20. Dawn C. says

    Just like Commenter Debbi up there said but a different location, Frosted Cupcakery in Hollywood, CA. I don’t know what they do to get their crumb so dense yet so moist. And their Orange Cream cupcake is out of this world. They are THE best.

  21. mary ann says

    The BakerMan in Texarkana,AR. The Italian Cream are my favorite!Looking forward to October and tasting the cakes he is making for my daughter’s wedding!

  22. Francesca says

    Best cupcakes in my town are from Georgetown Cupcake in Bethesda, MD (also in Washington D.C.) – The absolute BEST cupcake…EVER! 🙂

  23. says

    Hey! Cupcake! right here in downtown Austin. My God, I have to stay away from that place or my waistline wouldn’t be identifiable as a waistline. Phenomenal cupcakes!

  24. Nive says

    ‘Icing on the cupcake’ is an adorable place at Rocklin, California where you can get yummy red velvet cupcakes and I just love them…thanks for this giveaway…

  25. says

    Living in small town America the best cupcakes in my area come out of my own kitchen. It sounds conceited, but the truth is there aren’t many bakeries here and cupcakes aren’t the focus of the bakeries that already exist. Now donuts and pastries are a different story!
    BTW, my two kids have birthdays that are just weeks away and I’d LOVE to win this!!!!

  26. Anita says

    I generally bake everything from scratch. However, the “Deliciously Simple Chocolate Cake” box mix from King Arthur Flour makes the best cupcakes I’ve ever eaten. Dense crumb yet incredibly moist. Amazing!

  27. says

    Since we just moved here, I haven’t been to any bakeries yet, but hear about a place called The Chocolate and another called Sweet Tooth Fairy that are both supposed to be killer.

  28. jacqie says

    i live in nowhereland, wv. there are no bakeries here at all! it’s pretty sad especially because i am from los angeles where they have bakeries all over, but i digress! over here on this side of the states, my sister in law makes the best cupcakes. she is very inventive & they always come out perfecto!

  29. says

    We do not have speciality cupcake bakeries in our town. The best I have ever eaten came from Crumbs bake Shop in New York City. They are absolutely amazing!

  30. Stacy says

    My favorite cupcakes come from Stephanie Santana @ Sweetest Creations in Santa Barbara, CA

  31. Jenn says

    I’m with Susie D, it’s me…this area leaves a LOT to be desired in the bakery departments, unless of course, you enjoy waxy, lardy buttercreams.

  32. says

    A well known shop called Cupcakes is well known around Vancouver but the real good stuff is found at Big City Cupcakes. So many amazing options!

  33. says

    Since there really isn’t a place to get cupcakes where I live, I’d have to say that my go-to default for cupcakes is my sister.

  34. Melissa says

    In Dallas I really like Society Bakery. They’re great cupcakes (and everything else) and they donate to all sorts of good causes.

  35. xhamsterzx says

    The one’s in Sweet and Savory in LA. They taste really good. They have red velvet, carrot, and more.

  36. Jin says

    Baked, in NYC Brooklyn. Softest, fluffiest cupcakes ever. I love their sweet and salty cupcake – chocolate cupcake with a sprinkle of salt.

  37. says

    I’ve just recently discovered Flirty Cupcakes, which is a cupcake truck in Chicago! It’s b/w them and Molly’s Cupcakes in the Lincoln Park area of Chicago. Yum

  38. Monica says

    The best cupcakes in Woodbury, MN come from my kitchen! My cousin and I have a dream of starting our own cupcake business. This would be the perfect thing to add to our collection 🙂

  39. Maggie says

    I’ve had a lot of gourmet cupcakes in my life but none of them can come close to the mass produced sprinkle topped vanilla cupcakes I used to get at my local grocery store in Long Island, NY. The grocery store closed down years ago but for some reason I always get this craving for those generic cupcakes, I think my tastebuds are rooted in nostalgia.

  40. Molly says

    I love Wuollet Bakery near my hometown in Wayzata, MN. I heard that two cupcake shops, Sugar Hoot and The Sweet Spot just opened in my current town (New Milford, CT) so I’m anxious to try those out!

  41. says

    Well, in my town, there is no one who makes cupcakes. So, I will have to say me! I love baking and can make a yummy cupcake if necessary! 🙂 Staciele(at)netins(dot)net

  42. says

    A few months ago, I had a delicious mint cupcake at Tee & Cakes in Boulder, Colorado. I haven’t found a good cupcake place in my own town, but that’s definitely the closest amazing cupcake I’ve had!

  43. CC in St. Paul says

    Cupcake in St. Paul, MN, of course! My favorite is the S’Mores cupcake; toasty marshmallow on top.

  44. Allison says

    My favorite cupcakes of all are from Georgetown Cupcake (and, yes, I loved them before the TV show). But, my favorite cupcakes in my area come from Carolina Cupcakery in Chesapeake, VA.

  45. says

    There are only two places in my small, southern town that do cupcakes and that’s me and another place called Crave. And being biased, I like mine at The Sweetery the best! 🙂

  46. Michelle says

    It’s not in my town, but Sprinkles cupcakes in Newport Beach, CA are good. Pricey, but really good!

  47. says

    Here? Well, there’s no bakery and no place other than the grocery store to buy cupcakes (you know, the ones in the plastic clam-shell boxes?) so I’d have to say that my cupcakes are the best ones around. (Not that I’m bragging or anything- there just isn’t any competition!)

  48. Sondra says

    There really aren’t any cupcake places where I’m at. I know there are a couple in St Louis but they aren’t close to me. We did have a new bakery open not too long ago. It is called Slice of Heaven Bakery. I’ll have to check if she has cupcakes the next time I’m in there.

  49. Laura says

    I can’t say that they make the best tasting cupcakes…but my co-workers follow The Cupcake Truck blog (New Haven, CT) to see if they’ll be parking nearby, and to check you the cupcake/frosting choices of the day. The lines and pre-truck crowd are a testament to it’s popularity.

  50. kindra stewart says

    The best place for a cup cake is at the New London Bake shop in Prince Edward Island.

  51. Katy says

    The only bakery cupcakes I will eat are from Two Little Red Hens on NY’s upper east side. Any flavor. If I win I want Emma to have the cupcake stand 🙂

  52. Laura L says

    I think the best bakery cupcakes in Houston are from Crave, but they can’t compare to homemade!

  53. says

    In Cleveland… White Flower Cake Shoppe 🙂 I’ve heard Main Street Cupcakes are amazing, I just haven’t had the chance to go there yet!

  54. Arden says

    My favorite cupcake spot in New Jersey is Crumbs Bakery, but when I go to my hometown in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sprinkles is the clear choice!

  55. Tina says

    Well since we don’t have anybody that sells cupcakes here I guess mine wouldn’t consider to be my favorite. 😉 Miss Emma ready for school?

  56. says

    I won’t take the vain route and say myself (though it is true!), so I’d have to say this one bakery in Pittsburgh called Vanilla. It’s not too far from me and it’s definitely worth the drive anyways!

  57. Charlene says

    I live in a very small town and there isn’t a good bakery for at least 30 miles – so sad, but maybe someday I will have to do something about it. So, I am going to say that I make the best cupcakes, at least that is what my family tell me. My niece is seven and just announced she is going to be a baker and she told me that she thinks mine are the best too! Have a great week-end and thanks for the chance to enter

  58. Ginna Dunn says

    The Coffee Shop in Gilbert, AZ has amazing cupcakes. Boston Creme, Pumpkin Spice, Lemon and so many more!!! They competed on Cupcake Wars and they won! I love that they are a family owned and operated business! It is always great to support our local businesses!

  59. says

    Honestly, I don’t have a place because I don’t know if I’ve ever been to a real bakery. I know my cupcakes get eaten quickly, but if I had to pick, my friend at school always made cupcakes for someone’s birthday.

  60. mai says

    Everyone raves about Trophy Cupcakes in Seattle but we think they don’t compare to the original Sprinkles in Beverly Hills. Love, Love, Love them. PS, the mix from William Sonoma doesn’t even compare.

  61. Pat says

    The best cupcakes baked in Catonville, Maryland are made in my own kitchen…………can’t keep them around long with 8 grandchildren waiting for them to come out of the oven!!!!

  62. says

    I’m an administrative assistant at an office in Cambridge, MA and we order from Kickass Cupcakes in Somerville, MA all the time. They are super tasty.

  63. says

    this isn’t really “in town” for me, but Carlo’s Bakery (home of Cake Boss the reality show…) makes AMAAAAZING cupcakes 😀

  64. sue says

    Salted caramel cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake in Washington, DC!!

    Oh my! These are amazing!

  65. says

    My favorite cupcake place is Sprinkles in Newport Beach, CA. I had to wait in line for an hour and they only sell certain flavors on certain days!!!!

  66. says

    I’m a strong believer in home-baked goods, so in that respect I’d like to think I’m the best cupcake maker in Baltimore (not to toot my own horn!). Otherwise, Charm City Cupcakes is delicious, too. omydarlingblog(at)gmail(dot)com

  67. Lindsey says

    I abolutely love the Kettle Corn cupcake from Sweets Bakeshop in St. Paul! Such a unique flavor for a cupcake! The Very Vanilla is always delicious too!

  68. Kandi says

    The “Cake Lady” of Fairland! She makes the best, simple birthday cupcakes known in the area!

  69. says

    Sprinkles in Newport Beach makes the best cupcakes. The founder is one of the judges on Food Network’s Cupcake Wars. The red velvet, banana chocolate, and peanut butter dark chocolate are my favorites. I think I have to make a trip there this weekend! This is making me hungry!

  70. Angela says

    Obviously I make the best cupcakes. 😉 But if I had to pick the place that *sells* the best cupcakes, I think I’ll say either Hey Cupcake! or Lick It, Bite It, Or Both.

  71. Sally says

    I live in Los Angeles and my favorite cupcakes are in . . . Houston, TX from Crave. I had a wonderful Key Lime cupcake . . . hmmm the airport isn’t far from here I could be there for breakfast. I find Sprinkles way too sweet and sometimes dry. Crave was moist and delicious with just the right amount of not-too-sweet frosting!

  72. Rachel says

    Chocolate cupcakes from Ketchie Creek Bakery in Mocksville, NC. Very rich, but good! The icing was sort of marshmallow dipped in a very thin chocolate glaze.

  73. Nikki says

    I am still searching for a great cupcake in my area. I’ve tried Dozen’s cupcakes here in Pittsburrgh. They looked great but the texture was very dry, almost stale. Going to Chciago in a couple weeks will try there.

  74. Ann says

    sweet cupcake in cambridge, MA.
    I love their “frosting shots” perfect size for sweet cravings that won’t make you guilty!

  75. Tory says

    Elizabethan Bakery in Encinitas has FABULOUS cupcakes! Amazing flavors, and you see them making them right there with fresh ingredients, nothing processed. Plus they are beautiful!

  76. dorian storbeck says

    mission minis — on 22nd street between mission and south van ness in san francisco!

  77. Jen says

    I’m also in Pittsburgh and agree about Dozen.. they look fantastic, but I’m vegan and though they do make a couple vegan flavors that are quite good, they’re just not.. amazing. I’d have to say my favorite cupcakes are made by a local baker whose company is called “My Goodies” Bakery.. she bakes treats to order and also supplies a lot of goodies to the Quiet Storm and some other local shops. I think she’s better known for her cheesecakes but I LOVED the cupcakes I had made by her. So my vote (in Pittsburgh) for best cupcakes belongs to My Goodies.

    Frankly that cupcake stand would probably make even the worst cupcakes look good, though.

  78. Patty says

    Well, I make the best cupcakes in town!!!!! I don’t buy cupcakes. It is a waste of my time and money, since the family doesn’t want anyone else to make them.

  79. CookieMama says

    Honestly, I’ve never had a fancy, baker-bought cupcake. I’ve only ever eaten grocery store varieties, box mix cupcakes, or ones I’ve made myself.

  80. Tiffany says

    I can honestly say I’ve never paid money for a cupcake. For the price, I can make myself a whole batch. For something like pastries, however, I would recommend Gourmandise in Salt Lake. My husband and I go there all the time for eclairs, croissants, elegant cakes, etc.

  81. Michelle says

    Out here in the middle of nowhere, Fingerhut Bakery in Knox, Indiana makes the best cupcakes!

  82. Suzy says

    I don’t think anyone makes cupcakes in my tiny town except Kroger, and I don’t think they count. Can I vote for myself? I just made strawberry cupcakes with vanilla buttercream for my daughter who turns 6 Monday, and my friend who tried one just raved about them. They are pretty good, if I do say so.

  83. laura says

    In Chesterfield Township, Michigan the best cupcakes are made in my kitchen. i use an old Sanders Bakery recipe for chocolate Bumpy Cake.

  84. Kate R says

    The best cupcakes in Houston, TX come from Crave Cupcakes! Try the Espresso or the Humingbird, you can’t go wrong!

  85. says

    Crumbs Bakery just moved into our neighborhood last week, and I was very excited. My favorite of theirs is the “Squiggle”. I like their cupcakes much more than the ones at Magnolia.

  86. Dee says

    My daughter-in-law, Laura, in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, makes the best red velvet cupcakes.

  87. says

    I LOVE this cupcake stand!

    Who makes the best cupcakes in my town? Since we have no “real” bakery here, I’m going to go with….me. I have to make my own unless I want to go to Wal-Mart. Not that I’m the best baker in the world, but I’ve made some more than decent cupcakes. I’ve also made some less than decent ones, but nevermind about that.

    And right at this very minute, I am watching Cupcake Wars. What a coincidence!

  88. Janis says

    We love the mini cupcakes at the Bent Spoon in Princeton NJ! Lovely to look at….delicious to eat!

  89. Melissa B says

    We don’t have a cupcake bakery in my town but I make awesome buttermilk cupcakes if I do say myself!

  90. Emily Jean says

    Cupcake Royale in Seattle makes the best darn cupcakes. I was smitten when I had my first bite of a Peppermint Patty. My little town in Montana doesnt have any bakeries tha make great cupcakes (1 bakery aside from Walmart/Albertsons – boo).

  91. stephanie says

    Homemade are best. THe cupcake places in town charge $3.00 for a standard cupcake. I can’t justify that, plus my little guy is dairy-free, so homemade is always best.

  92. Kim says

    Sadly there isn’t a bakery or coffeeshop anywhere near here that sells cupcakes. (I live in Europe, where the cupcake crazy hasn’t quite hit as hard, commercially.)

    I do have agree that homemade cupcakes are the best (anyway)… I bought half a dozen cupcakes from the bakery at the market once and they just tasted…”mass produced”…a bit rubbery…just blah…

    So unless a dedicated cupcake bakery opens up, I’m sticking to the ones from my own oven. My favorites so far: Snickerdoodle cupcakes, lemon ricotta, coconut and plain vanilla. (Reading the comments now to see what other flavours I should really try!)

  93. says

    In Cleveland Ohio there is a little cupcake shop called A Cupcake and a Tea that sells the very best cupcakes in both usual and unusual flavors.

    I like to do theme cupcakes. On Tuesday I am making cupcakes to take to my radiation oncologist. I am making red velvet cupcakes with a cream cheese frosting. I have some pink ribbon sprinkles and they will go on the top of each cupcake.

  94. says

    Sweet and Salty Chocolate Cupcakes from Baked in Red Hook, Brooklyn. It’s not my hometown, but a great cupcake.

    2nd time entering, I do not see my entry on your blog!!!

    Carmen of Baking is my Zen

  95. Dinah says

    I really love the cupcakes from Mars grocery store in Ellicott City, Maryland, but they HAVE to be the ones with the marshmallow icing. Hmmm. YUM!!!

  96. Barbara Noga says

    A place here in our town makes deliciously delectable and sinful cupcakes. It’s called “The French Confection” and the cupcakes are devilish good. They’re baked fresh everyday, and they are so fresh they melt in your mouth. I haven’t found another place locally that makes em better. At least once a week I stop there to get a “cupcake fix”. Love em!, Love em!

  97. says

    I love the vanilla cupcakes from Cake Couture on Oahu. The frosting is sweet, but not too sweet. It’s just right 🙂 And oh so yummy!

  98. DeAnna says

    My sister Dodie makes the absolute best cupcakes in the state of Maryland. No fancy flavors or fixins, just the basics. They are the best!!

  99. Kim says

    We don’t have a cupcake bakery nearby and honestly I have never had a cupcake from a bakery other than Sam’s or Walmart. I’ll have to say homemade.

  100. says

    The best cupcake I had was red velvet with a delicious icing from Queen Bee Cupcakes in Seaside, FL. They sell gourmet-flavored cupcakes from a vintagey-looking camper trailer in a scenic neighborhood! I’m actually planning on attempting a little cake-decorating business of my own soon though….any advice?

  101. Miya Woods says

    I make the best cucpakes.My favorite… Rise & Shine. It’s a French toast cupcake with maple cream cheese frosting and crumbled bacon on top.

  102. says

    Cupcake Tower Winner — Congratulations to Dee who said her favorite cupcakes are from Icing on the Cake in Folsom, CA. Dee wins the cupcake tower.

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