Summer Top 10 — 2010

Class lists are posted today! Fuzz doesn’t know any of the teachers at this new school, but we’re excited about finding out who is going to be a big part of her life for the next 9 months. We’ll find out out at 5:00 PM. 

So it’s safe to say summer is close enough to being over that I can do a Summer Top 10. The last Top 10 was in April. These are the best things I’ve made since then, but there were so many to choose from I threw in a few extras.  “Top 13” doesn’t sound right, so I’m sticking with Top 10.

Chocolate Frosting

It felt a little strange putting frosting in the Top 10, but I think this recipe deserves to be there because I found myself making it over and over again. It’s not as complicated as a true butter cream, but it’s a step up from the powdered sugar and cocoa type and it can be kicked up a few levels by using better chocolate.  I made it once with chocolate chips and it was good, but not great. Stick with semi-sweet or bittersweet chocolate bars.

Magnificent Moist Golden Cake

Early this summer I went on a back-to-back yellow cake baking spree and decided this one was my favorite. It’s moist, light, flavorful and everything you’d expect from a recipe designed by Shirley Corriher. A very close second…..VERY close, was CI’s Yellow Cake.

Chocolate Butter Cake

Because I picked a frosting and a yellow cake, I had to throw in a chocolate cake. I made a lot of chocolate cakes this summer and every single one of them was good. This one stood out the most, though. I liked the dense, light, moist texture.

Chocolate Cake

Italian Cream Cake

This was a basic Italian Cream Cake recipe and very good. After I posted it, I was given an Amaretto version which I need to try ASAP. I have it on good authority that it’s worth it.

Italian Cream Cake

Roseanne Barr’s White Chocolate Macadamia Cookies

These were a good thickness, had a lot of flavor and were easy to make. It’s a solid choice for a White Chocolate Macadamia Cookie.

Macadamia White Chocolate Cookies

Louise’s Lemon Pudding Cake

What a surprise this one was. I figured a lemon pudding cake would by good, but this was recipe satisfied on so many levels. Texturally it had a lot going on, the flavor was tart and sweet even though I didn’t use Meyer lemons, and the pudding was relatively easy.

lemon pudding cake

Favorite Bran Muffin

My friend Nancy told me about this recipe. She and I had both been on the quest for the perfect bakery style bran muffin and she said this was it. She was right.  It’s grainy but not healthy tasting, flavorful, and has a nice crown.  It reminded me of something I’d get from room service at a good hotel.

Bran Muffin

Fast Rise Yeast Bread Sticks

I have this problem where I go to the grocery store for a $2 loaf of bread and walk out the door with $40 worth of stuff. This last minute, fairly quick bread recipe saves me from myself. If I keep instant yeast on hand, I can whip up bread sticks to round out just about any last minute dinner.

bread stick dough

Texas Sheet Cake

I got a lot of good feedback on this one and it made me very happy because Texas Sheet Cake, though typically thought of as an easy recipe, can be tricky. Sometimes the icing is too thick, too grainy, not grainy enough, etc.. I think this version’s just about perfect….or at least as I can get it.

Texas Sheet Cake

Crunchy Oatmeal Cookies with Wheat Germ

Either I was really hungry the day I made these or they were really good. I forgot about them already, but what a great review I gave them that day. I need to go buy more wheat germ so I can test them again. If you’re a soft oatmeal cookie lover then don’t waste your time on these. I do remember they were crunchy.

Crunchy Oatmeal Cookies

Best Key Lime Pie

I called it “Best” in the post, so it must be worthy of the top 10.
It’s the Joe’s Stone Crab restaurant recipe.

key lime pie

Sour Cream Scones

This batch had chocolate chips in it, but I think blueberries or cinnamon chips would be just as good. The main thing was the sour cream and how it added flavor and lightness to these scones. This is a recipe I have made again since then and will make in the future.

Chocolate Chip Sour Cream Scones

The Best Blueberry Pie

Todd said this was the best blueberry pie I ever made which means it is.

blueberry pie

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  1. Shannon says

    I love your top 10 (or 13) lists!

    This is probably one of the first ones I’ve seen though that has more non-cookie recipes than cookies!

  2. says

    Everything looks scrumptious! I have a birthday cake to bake in a couple of weeks, and I’m going to try that fluffy yellow cake. The Italian Cream cake, though, sounds marvelous too! Thanks for the re-cap!

  3. d says

    I LOVE when you do the top ten lists. I have printed off 2 to try first. They all sound amazing. Thanks for all your work.

  4. says

    Ah, lovely list. I don’t really care if some people around here don’t like cake. I do! I want to make myself a cake. 😉
    Made Texas sheet cake twice this summer. I made one VERY similar to yours and like it better than PW’s I also made to compare.

  5. Tina from PA says

    Top 10 list looks wonderful! I would also like to wish Fuzz to best school year ever ! Hey if you got any tough teachers , there’s always moms goodies ! LOL

  6. says

    Key Lime Pie on my “to make” list this weekend.

    I am sure Fuzz will love her new school, new teachers and new friends. A new school is a wonderful adventure.

  7. Karen says

    I love your top ten lists! The chocolate cake tempts me the most, not surprisingly. Not too many cookies made the cut this time!
    I’m not ready for summer to be over, it hasn’t really started here in freezing Northern California.

  8. Katy says

    I love this post.It’s an honor for me to be represented!
    I will try the frosting asap. My current favorite is Martha Stewart’s Dark Chocolate Frosting made with Vahlrona cocoa and Dove bittersweet.

  9. Michelle says

    Oh Anna, drool worthy as usual. Those cakes look so yummy! I haven’t been by your blog for a while as I’ve had to go gluten-free and coming to your blog is too tempting. Just figures that when I come by to check it out tonight I find your top 10 list! 🙂
    Keep you the great baking!

  10. Patty Link says

    For over 50 years, I’ve searched for the perfect yellow cake & been disappointed at every recipe I try, no matter how well known or not the author. Your Shirley Coriher recipe, Magnificent Moist Golden Cake, sounded like a great solution to my quest. However, I can’t find this recipe on your site. Is there some way I can get hold of this recipe? It sounds divine!

    As for chocolate cake, I came across Gale Gand’s chocolate layer cake recipe on the Food Network TV site several years ago & it’s SO good, it stands up & surpasses every other chocolate cake recipe I’ve ever tasted. While time-consuming to prepare, it’s well worth it and the sour cream is the perfect counterpoint to the otherwise sweeter cake. I’ve often made this cake for friends & all the doctor I have to see as older age creeps in. Everybody loves it without frosting and merely dusted with a tad bit of powdered sugar. You might like to give that a try.

    Thank you for any help you can give me regarding the yellow cake recipe. By the way, I use Peet’s Dutch process cocoa for Gale’s recipe & prefer Peet’s to all the fancy European as well as American brands. Tops in my book!!

    Patty Link

  11. says

    Hello Patty! I’m going to email you some more info. Shirley’s recipe is in her book, Bakewise. I can see if I have a copy to send you. Honestly, the one I like best is this one.

    Also, Jocelyn Delk Adams recipe is good, too. The trick is to use cake flour or a combination of cake and AP, keep your ingredients at room temperature, don’t over-soften the butter, and follow the steps slow and methodically. I think experienced bakers try to rush through yellow cake because they already know what they’re doing, then ultimately fail because they intuited something “not quite” right, didn’t measure the flour carefully enough or tried to make a substitute that in most cases works. Thanks so much for the Gale Gand cake recipe! I’m going to look for it and make it ASAP.

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