Frosted Pumpkin Pie Pop Tarts

Happy Thanksgiving, Charlie Brown!  You bring the toast, Peppermint Patty can bring the popcorn, and I’ll bring dessert.

Pumpkin Pie Pop Tarts Box

Sorry about the too-early-for-Thanksgiving humor, but when I saw these at Target the first thing that crossed my mind was the Peanuts Thanksgiving Special and how perfect a dessert these would have been. Someone at Kellogg’s is a flavor genius, so I bought a box in that person’s honor even though I wasn’t sure I’d eat them.

Pumpkin Pie Pop Tarts

Okay, that was a lie.  Of course I’d eat them!  I’ve never met a Pop Tart I didn’t like and neither has Fuzz nor Todd, though Todd is partial to the fruit flavors while Fuzz sticks with the “creme” variations.  Everyone likes pumpkin pie, so I was sure these would be a hit.  Or at least they’d get a laugh.

This morning I served Pop Tarts for breakfast and even skipped the forced toasting,  which is a source of contention in our family as I am an ardent believe in toasting Pop Tarts and the rest of the family like them raw.  I usually just toast them anyway and hand them over, but Pumpkin Pie Pop Tarts got a “Get out of the Toaster Free” card since pumpkin pie is rarely eaten hot.

Pumpkin Pie Pop Tarts

The verdict? They were good and tasted like pumpkin pie in a Pop Tart crust. About what you expect and in a good way. I waited until later in the day to try mine and sampled the Pop Tarts raw and toasted. Toasted was definitely better.

Good luck finding these, Pop Tart fans!  Like I said, I found them in Target in the seasonal Halloween area alongside the Halloween sprinkles (Hooray!!!), Halloween themed cupcake mix and candy.  I’m not sure they’ll still be around by Thanksgiving, but they’d make a good substitute for pumpkin pie.  At least if you’re Snoopy.

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  1. Kris says

    I did not need to know these existed. I love anything pumpkin!!! I can see my diet being blown wide open by these babies! They look and sound so yummy!!!

  2. says

    Kris, I think they’re pretty new. Let me know if you find them in your area. A Pop Tart won’t ruin your diet. A milkshake maybe, but not a Pop Tart. I think they’re pretty satisfying for 200 calories….if toasted ;).

  3. Camille says

    I looove Pop Tarts. They are a food that I always feel like I should probably hate or avoid, but they are just so damn good!

  4. Gigi says

    These sound sooo good – but the frosting on PopTarts contains gelatin so I can only have the “naked” ones 🙁

    Maybe I’ll have to try a homemade version…

  5. says

    It took them this long to finally come out with pumpkin pie pop tarts?? The only thing stopping me from trying them is the ingredients. 🙁

  6. Louise says

    This is probably a good thing. — Pop Tarts have never appealed to me. It’s probably because I was already in college when they were first introduced so I didn’t grow up eating them.

  7. Brenda says

    I’ll be in the States next month and I’m definitely going to look for these at Target. I suspect it’ll be years (if not decades) before we ever get that flavour up here. There’s always a box of pop tarts in our cupboard and it’s just me and my husband here and our 20-year-old son, lol. We love them!

  8. says

    They sound so good! Believe it or not, I only ate poptarts one time in my life only. I just ate them raw and then I found out from my brother that you were supposed to bake them, haha. I like it raw, it’s crunchier.

  9. says

    Oh wow! I’m such a sucker for Pop Tarts AND pumpkin pie! I MUST find these now! We don’t have a Target in my town though, so I’m going to have to snoop around! ^_^

  10. says

    That’s an interesting flavor. I don’t think my kids would like them, but I probably would. The nearest Target is far enough that I almost never go here. I’ll look to see if they are elsewhere. Now Pecan Pie Pop Tarts–yes, I’d definitely have to try those! Glad you like them–toasted. 😉

  11. Ronda says

    Sweet mercy, someone get Katrina involved with the PopTarts people STAT! Pecan Pie pop tarts? YES PLEASE.
    As for the pumpkin…I’d try them IF they were in more of a graham cracker-y crust.

  12. C L says

    I…MUST…FIND…THESE. And I heartily agree with the Pecan Pie suggestion. 🙂 Regarding the “to toast or not to toast” debate, just remember: toasting decreases the calorie count, especially if the aforementioned PopTarts are served with milk and/or coffee. LOL 😉

  13. says

    We just picked them up today. There was only 1 box left after I grabbed mine. I probably should have grabbed both. I’ve never met a pumpkin I didn’t like! Can’t wait to try them tomorrow!

  14. says

    Your writing about Pop Tarts has brought back childhood memories! I haven’t eaten a Pop Tart since I was maybe 10, but as a kid I absolutely loved the strawberry variety toasted and buttered (never ate the frosted kind). The taste is still vivid to me, and suddenly I have an urge to go and buy a box.

  15. says

    OMG – I will be heading to Target tonight!

  16. Therese B. says

    I can’t remember the last time I had a pop-tart…but,
    these sound really good to me. And any excuse to
    go to Target, I think this would suffice! The thrill of the search!
    What about a pumpkin trifle with these poptarts crumbled
    on top??…(toasted, of course!..ha..ha.).
    I prefer my PT’s untoasted too.

  17. says

    This post made me smile! 🙂
    And, I’m with you on the toasting!! They sort of have that raw uncooked flour taste without toasting.

  18. says

    I often joke that my son gets most of his nutrition from the “9 essential minerals and vitamins” in Pop-tarts.

    I also prefer them toasted, but my son likes them untoasted in “*pop-tart sandwich” form.

    *He takes the two pop-tarts and puts them “back to back” and eats them as one.

  19. says

    Gosh, I still can’t get canned pumpkin at the store to make pies and bread… Guess I’ll have to break down and buy some Pop-Tarts! These look really good! 🙂

  20. Carol says

    These sound good! Have any of you notice a shortage of canned pumpkin in your area? I live by Pittsburgh and am dying to make some pumpkin cookies and muffins. I think I will have to resort to real pumpkins instead.

  21. says

    I’m glad some of your are just excited as I was :).

    Katrina, I would definitely buy your Pecan Pie Pop Tarts. How hard could that flavor be to develop, anyway.

    Lisa, I guess “untoasted” would be a more accurate description, but I always think of them as “raw”. Maybe it’s due to the raw flour taste (like Sue mentioned).

    Carol, I haven’t noticed a pumpkin shortage here in Austin.

  22. says

    Thank you! I’m going to look for these. I have a new Pop-Tart obsession. I think they are pretty satisfying for 200 calories. I always microwave mine. Only for 10 seconds though because those babies heat up fast.

    My goal is to try five Pop-Tart flavors because you can get a free magazine subscription. See box for details.

  23. Therese B. says

    I found the last of 2 boxes left of the “special” addition pop-tarts! I can’t wait to try them.
    I was sooooo excited that I found them!!!

  24. Dawn in Michigan says

    Thanks for the heads-up on these pumpkin Pop-Tarts, Anna! As luck would have it, I had to go to Target last night and there they were! I tried them this morning and immediately was hooked!! These are delicious! Thanks for always sharing new products!! P.S. Thanks for the tip on making sure to toast them – it made all the difference in the world!

  25. says

    haha, i saw these today at target, and as someone who not only loves pop tarts but is obsessed with pumpkin anything (i even sent an email to them once suggesting this flavor!) i was deflated to see the whole section wiped clean except for one crumpled box. they had better have them at a dif target when i show up this wknd! i must have these.

  26. sweet toothed one says

    It’s about time Kellogg’s. I thought of this flavor a long time ago. I’d like to see pumpkin Nutri-grain bars too 🙂

  27. says

    I appreciate that you:

    A) Reviewed this worthy product
    B) Tried it both toasted and “raw”

    I have been looking everywhere for these blessed things. Sadly, to no avail. You are the only person who has reviewed them and shared where you found them, so I commend you on your thoroughness (I had no idea that was really a word) and appreciation for processed, seasonal treats.

    P.S. I went through an “untoasted” phase. It was a dark time, but I came through it.

  28. nobody says

    i have looked in 8 different stores for these and all were sold out. 4 of those stores were target. dear people: stop buying the whole shipment! other people want to try them too! (i’m totally buying the whole shelf of them when i find them). i love all things pumpkin pie.

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