Voskos Greek Yogurt Giveaway

Last week Voskos sent us a case of Greek yogurt. Because of Greek yogurt’s high protein content and numerous health benefits I was already a fan.  But I’d been buying the same flavors and had never taken the opportunity to try  the more eclectic sounding blends such as Exotic Fig and Honey Bean Vanilla. Luckily Voskos included those flavors in the sample case and to my surprise, they turned out to be my favorite.


—–Exotic Fig was so delicious that I finished off the container.  This was surprising since I generally only like figs when they have the word “Newton” next to them.

—–As for the Honey Vanilla Bean, I thought I’d use it in muffins or pound cake, but it ended up being lunch. The texture was fantastic. It was thick and creamy as promised, but also extremely smooth, and I had to check the carton twice to make sure I was eating the non-fat kind.

—–As for the blended Blueberry, I was already familiar with that flavor and liked it, but the other two flavors were (in my opinion, of course) much better.

The plain varieties I tried were also very good, though I only took small tastes and used the rest for baking. I used some in a chicken dish and in muffins.  I have yet to make a yogurt pound cake, but it’s been on my list for a while.

 I really enjoyed my free yogurt and am even happier to have found some new flavors I’ll buy on a regular basis. Now it’s your turn to try some good Greek yogurt. For a chance at a 30 day supply in the form of coupons, tell me one activity that you look forward to and which you feel contributes to a healthy lifestyle. For instance, my answer would be walking I like walking much more than going to the gym and when the weather is nice, I look forward to it. Post an activity you enjoy in the comment section and I will have a friend or family member pick a number at random after Friday, September 10th at noon.

So again, this giveaway ends Friday September 10th at noon. You can post a comment after that but it will not be considered in the drawing. Also, this giveaway is limited to the USA. Voskos is only sold here anyway.

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  1. Judy says

    I enjoy walking also, I roll out of bed and am out walking about 6:30 a.m. I detest going to the gym. It’s so much easier than getting in the car and having to drive down to the rec center.

  2. says

    I look forward to biking with my husband. It’s so fun to get out and explore different places on a bike!

  3. Lamya says

    I look forward to evening walks with my fiance! It’s nice to get the exercise and explore the town at the same time during the cool, evening weather.

  4. Christine says

    Playing soccer in the backyard during spring, bike rides in summer, and raking leaves in Fall. Great reasons to be outside!

  5. Stephanie-Oh says

    Walking. My husband and I walk 5-6 miles a day. This summer was a challenge becauseit was one of the hottest summers but we perservered. We welcome the recent cooler temperatures.

  6. Marissa says

    I like walking at the dog park, then both the dogs and I get a daily dose of exercise! Plus it brings you closer to nature.

  7. Cheryl says

    Yup, walking is my favorite particularly in the crisp Fall morning. Such a relief after the summer.!

  8. Camille says

    For me, there is nothing like a good run. In Fall, the weather is perfect for a long, relaxing run around town!

  9. Jessica S. says

    I like walking in the park. There are some wonderful parks to walk at in or around San Marcos, and my boyfriend and I enjoy going together and just enjoying each other’s company with no other distractions. You never realize how loud and crowded your life is until it’s not.

  10. says

    I like walking too, but I’ve discovered I LOVE playing tennis with my kids. I play single on my half of the court and they play doubles against me. I get a great workout and we have a blast all at the same time.

  11. Josie says

    I look forward to the volleyball net going up in the back yard every year. My sister Suzy and I play all the time—and are often joined by her friends or kids from the neighborhood—it’s the best kind of exercise: it’s so much fun you forget it’s exercise! *smile*

  12. Janice says

    I’m with you on the walking – provides great exercise, a communion with nature, and a chance to reconnect with my husband, unencumbered by phones, televisions, or other distractions. And it’s free.

  13. says

    Hiking is definitely one of my favorite healthy activities! I live in New England so I am surrounded by beautiful scenery, and hiking is one of the best ways to enjoy it! 🙂

  14. Susan B says

    I know this is so retro, but I really enjoy Sweatin’ to the Oldies exercise DVD’s.. the music is fun and it incorporates movements I can actually accomplish!

  15. Carrie says

    I have a love hate relationship with spin classes. I have yet to experience a harder workout and I feel like I am using my body in all its glory during class. But, they are so hard and I find myself truly exhausted at points. When I have really pushed myself and the teacher say “time for cooldown” I feel very proud for my committment to taking care of my body.

  16. Louise says

    I love Salsa dancing, fly fishing, gardening, and Cross-country skiing, obviously not all at the same time.

  17. ladywild says

    I love to do anything outside. I love hiking and walking the dog. Anything to get some fresh air.

  18. says

    I like to walk with my husband in the afternoons. It gives us a chance to catch up on each others day.

  19. Beth says

    I enjoy exercising outside – especially hiking. If it’s in the middle of the hot summer, though, treading water at the pool while my kids are swimming counts, doesn’t it?

  20. ~hula~ says

    hi anna ~

    for me, i have two things i enjoy – one of which is easy to do year round (thanks to indoor malls) – the other which is weather permitting but fun and healthy

    of course the first thing i am talking about is power shopping – because i tend to do a MAJOR amount of walking and lifting/carrying additional weight when i go on one of my power shopping excursions.

    the other thing i enjoy doing which promotes good health is roller blade. most people in my age group do not do this with any regularity but i love it! burns calories, great for muscle toning and you get out in the fresh air.

    hope all is well with you and the family – your new kitchen looks fabulous!

    regards –


  21. Susan says

    I always get excited for my Zumba classes at the gym. And for doing my training for my first half marathon in January.

    And on the non-exercise side, I always get excited to cook my own healthy & tasty meals. I always know that I can eat what I love, with good ingredients, and cheap!

  22. says

    My favorite activity is walking my dogs everyday! It’s kind of like the “buddy system” with them – because they never let me get out of walking just because I don’t “feel” like it!! 😉

  23. Becca W. says

    I look forward to running everyday. I am training for my first marathon, and even after all of these miles, running still relieves stress and provides me with some peace during an otherwise hectic life!

  24. Pam says

    I have recently gotten hooked on Walking It Out for Wii. It’s addictive and it makes me sweat far more than walking on the treadmill or outside!

  25. Melissa says

    I like walking the dogs – it helps all of us. Also been going to a class at the gym – I can’t just go to the gym, but the class has been really motivational. I think it is the group.

  26. Janyne says

    I love riding my bike. As one of the posters above said, it’s great to do an activity that you can start/finish from home rather than needing to drive somewhere to do the activity.

  27. CindyD says

    We walk, and are anxious for temps to drop this week so walking will be more comfortable, and we swim laps in all but the coolest months.

  28. says

    I love cooking on Sundays so I can have a healthy lunch at work all week! Especially now that its fall I can back into soups and casseroles.

  29. michelle says

    Another vote for walking – I live in Manhattan and hardly ever use the subway when the weather is dry. A weekend for us can be a 10 mile walk, depending on the errands that need to be done. In the winter I enjoy the WII – I will have to check out Pam’s suggestion for Walk It Out.

  30. cheryl says

    I love to garden, but only when it’t not horribly buggy and humid. It puts me into a very peaceful state of mind, almost like meditation.

  31. Tiana says

    Cycling class, it’s always a challenge and just when you feel like you can’t and won’t finish, the class is over and you feel like a million bucks…and you don’t feel guilty eating dessert.

  32. Bing says

    I love taking Zumba classes at my gym, but I need to start planning for two half marathons next year!

  33. Sherry says

    Luckily I have a puppy that needs socialization–so my favorite is walking with her. We both get benefits!

  34. Kim says

    i enjoy going for a walk with my husband or going to the gym after work to relax before my next job starts…a mother and a wife 🙂

  35. Kathy says

    I’m looking forward to completing my first multi-sport event: a duathlon! The training for the race is really helping me stay in shape.

  36. Christina says

    I’ve always enjoyed walking – that’s my favorite form of exercise! Those yogurts sound really good, especially the vanilla bean. I’ll have to look for them in my grocery store.

  37. says

    I always enjoy running near a beach when I’m on vacation! I live in Las Vegas and it usually really hot and the smell of car fumes isn’t exactly nice. The beach breeze, the sea salt smell, and the sound of the waves make the run so much more enjoyable!

  38. Rina says

    I love cooking healthy meals (to counteract the damage done with flour, butter and sugar on most days). 🙂

  39. Kim says

    I like walking in nice weather. However, I love my weighted hula hoop !!! It’s so much fun and you don’t realize how much you’re toning while doing it. After reading the posts, I think I am going to try Zumba too.

  40. Becky Z says

    Definitely the spinach smoothie I have every morning. It’s such a delicious way to start the day, but still so good for me!

  41. Julie N. says

    I enjoy getting out to the garden and weeding. Great exercise, and the veggies that result are great for me too!

  42. says

    I have rediscovered bicycling. I love it so much I can only wonder why in the world I ever gave it up. I love riding FAST, and am working really hard at getting faster.

  43. Clare says

    I love going for a brisk walk during my lunch hour. The weather is finally turning, and it’s so nice to unplug, get away from the computer and just enjoy the fresh air in the middle of the day.

  44. T. Martin says

    Meditation – As this world increasingly becomes a 24 hour information saturated place I think taking time out just to breath and think is essential to a healthy lifestyle. So much of one’s day can be spent in reactionary mode if we don’t take the time to just stop and assess.

  45. Claire says

    I love swimming, and although I don’t get to do it much anymore, I always get so excited when I do!

  46. brooke says

    I’m looking forward to the fall weather and throwing
    the football with my boys. We are a busy bunch but will
    always find some time to spend together on a nice sunny afternoon playing a little “light” football. It’s a blast!

  47. Laura says

    I love ride our bikes on the greenway near our house and watch the leaves change colors along the way. We have 3 young ones, 1 rides his bike and the other two ride in the cart behind my husband. Its a great way to spend time as a family too.

  48. Beth L says

    I look forward to walking daily because I walk with my husband and it’s “our time together” each day.

  49. Robbie says

    Having a black Lab that needs a walk each day gets me out of the house and I always feel better afterwards, even if it is 8:30PM and I just got the kids to bed.

  50. beth says

    I enjoy a cup of green tea. I steep loose green leaves in hot water. After I finish the tea, I sometimes use a spoon to eat the plumped up leaves. If you have a good tea, the leaves will be tender and easy to eat.

  51. alice says

    an activity i look forward to is going to yoga class. it’s very challenging but it’s worth it because i feel amazing afterwards

  52. Megan says

    I really enjoy running. I have been semi-successful in getting my friends to run with me. We try to do a race a month. By running with friends, I am getting a physical and social benefit!

  53. Mary says

    I take my two dogs to the dog park and instead of standing around, we walk and walk and walk. I walk for over an hour and we are so happy to do that every day. And the dogs sleep wonderfully.

  54. Jane says

    I do a workout video every morning. I enjoy working out in private because it doesn’t matter what my hair or make-up (or lack thereof) looks like, and I can literaly roll out of bed and start my workout in less than ten minutes. I always wear a cute workout outfit, though. That is a must! 🙂

  55. Kelly says

    I absolutely love lifting weights at night before I go to bed. Since I started 5 months ago I’ve seen an enormous difference, and feel it too in my strength! Wonderful!

  56. Nancy says

    Taking a walk as well. We do this after dinner with our three year old son. Fresh air, quiet neighborhood, talking…it’s just wonderful. Thanks for the giveaway and all the great recipes.

  57. suzanne says

    I love to run outside when it is cool. I am so ready for summer to end so I can stop running on the treadmill.

  58. dorian storbeck says

    I love to walk! I just moved to San Francisco and one of my favorite things to do is just go out for a reallllllly long walk (sometimes up to 8 miles!) around the city, zigzagging through the streets and parks and looking at the city art!

  59. Stacy says

    I enjoy walking! My husband and I get up early every morning but Sunday, and go with our dog on a 2.5 to 3 mile walk around our subdivision. The days I cannot go, I really miss it 🙂 I also love making homemade bread for us, I think it’s a lot healthier than the store bought ones, or at least I try to convince myself that it is 🙂

  60. Karen says

    I’m another walker. I walk a lot everyday, but I really love taking 4-5 mile walks on the weekends, usually up in the hills.

  61. says

    I love Greek yogurt but haven’t tried this brand yet! Your chicken looks so easy and yummy 🙂 I’ve gotten into running this year and went from being able to run 10 minutes to doing a triathlon and several 5Ks! I’m actually training for a half marathon right now, but I’m not telling anyone until I know I can run 10 miles 🙂

  62. Kelly says

    I love walking outside when the weather is nice! Sadly, the fall days are starting to appear which means winter isn’t too far behind.

  63. Rachel says

    I like to bike as much as possible instad of driving my car- to class, to the grocery store, to the gym, etc.

  64. Karen says

    I wake up every morning and I am in the pool by 5:30 AM. I have been swimming daily for the past 10+ years. This is my “me” time away from the kids, the house, the husband and all of the responsibilities that go with those things. It is my quiet time to think, plan, and relax.

  65. cookienurse says

    I love walking because it is easy on the joints and I get a chance to be outdoors. It gives me an opportunity to engage in mindless thinking and decompress from stress. Unlike running, I don’t think about ‘when will this be over?’

  66. Cheri says

    The highlight of my day is when I am able to go on a nice, long run in the fresh outdoors. My favorite time of day would definitely be in the morning when the grass is still dewy and very few people are around.

  67. Krystle says

    I enjoy “racing” my 4 year old outside. It gives him a sense of accomplishment when he “beats” mommy. And it helps us both get some exercise in.

  68. Nive says

  69. Melissa B says

    I am not a fan of exercise. However, I always take a spot at the back of a parking lot and try to take the stairs as much as possible.

  70. Sally says

    I LOVE my mat pilates class. I get to stretch and move in ways I didn’t think I could. The instructor plays great music as well so I leave relaxed and rejuvenated!

  71. F. Plvan says

  72. Kristen says

    I signed up for a sprint triathlon which forced me to train since I couldn’t even run a mile:) Since the race, I’ve kept up with going to the gym- which is a big deal for me. So, I guess, making a non-negotiable goal helped me adapt a healthy lifestyle.

  73. says

    I love being outside, especially in the beautiful fall weather, I grab my dog, leash him up and we go for a jog or a nice long walk to just enjoy the weather!

  74. Stephanie says

    Love Greek Yogurt. I usually make my own and do plain unsweetened with a bit of jam and some granola.

  75. Elle says

    I love running in the fall, when the leaves have turned and you’re just cool enough to enjoy yourself…but daily I love walking my dogs. 🙂

  76. Laura says

    Every day after work, I get off the shuttle about a mile before my apartment (I work at a University with a great transprotation system). I walk the rest of the way, and use the time to talk on the phone and catch up with my mom. It’s a great way to end my day!

  77. Hilary Purcell says

    I love walking on the beach in Galveston with my Springer Spaniel, Mollie! The sweet sea air always seems to heal me from head to toe. My favorite part is to watch the flock of pelicans flying so gently and peacefully along the beach. After my walk, I love to eat greek yogurt with homemade granola and blueberries!
    The perfect morning!

  78. Kris says

    Every day, rain or shine, for my toddler’s nap time, I put him in the stroller and go for a 5-mile run, pushing him along. It is just about the only way to get him to nap, so if I am being a good mother and making sure he gets his much needed nap, I am also being good to myself and getting my much needed workout! We live in the mountains, so any time I spend outside is great for the soul!

  79. EmilyM says

    I look forward to dance! I take dance classes at least 2 times a week, and even if I just happen to NOT look forward to class one day, afterward I always feel better!

  80. Colleen says

    Walking my kids in the stroller on a nice cool day. A great workout and good to be outside getting my exercise in too.

  81. sunny says

    walking (or strolling?) after dinner, preferably at dusk. running is nice too, preferably at dawn!

  82. Juli says

    Sunday dinner at my Mom’s – always a big green salad and lots of vegetables. It’s my detox from a weeks worth of carryout and food on the run.

  83. says

    My favorite active thing over the hot hot summer has been Wii Fit. I’m ready to get outside again with the cooler fall weather!

  84. Stacey says

    I love taking my kids to the farmers’ market to pick out fresh fruit and veggies! We all eat better after a fun trip.

  85. says

    Hmm, I have several. I love making a nice big salad with an extra punch added by some olives. Gives nice flavor and color. I also look forward to my time at the gym…it’s good for my health mentally and physically. My job can be pretty stressful and this is a good way to release stress (and catch up on some reading!).

  86. says

    I like that I get to walk 10 minutes each way to the train as a part of my daily commute. Not only am I getting a little forced exercise but it gives me a few moments to daydream.

  87. Janna says

    Surprisingly, I like to run! It’s a great workout, and you don’t need anything other than a good pair of shoes to do it.

  88. Jennifer says

    I mostly run because it’s the most time efficient way to get a workout in and allow me more time for everything else, but my favorite activity is long hikes on the weekend.

  89. Felice says

    I recently got a bike and I had forgotten how much fun it is to be outside in the fresh air with the breeze blowing in your face. I look forward to discovering new areas and improving my skills.

  90. Glanathema says

    When I want to feel good and healthy, I pop in my Jazzercise video cassette from the 80s and move my boogie body.

  91. says

    Yogurt. YUM! I like walking up and down and up and down and up and down the stairs in the morning because I keep forgetting:

    My daughter’s socks.
    Her baby doll.
    My earrings.
    My work computer.
    Her favorite book (The Grandma Book).
    To brush both our teeth.

    Isn’t that a nice way to get fit?

  92. Bethannw says

    Yoga. I love how in tune with my body I feel, plus I do it with my brother & SIL and we have tea and conversation after, which is even more fun.

  93. Janice says

    I love walking at twilight. Even after years of sports injuries I’m able to still enjoy walking to stay active. =)

  94. jancd says

    Walking on a track at church listening to Christian music and seeing other friends from church walking.

  95. Emily says

    I really enjoy taking the dogs for a walk or jog because it both good for me and for them. And, I’m especially looking forward to it now that fall is coming. There is NOTHING better than a walk on a nice cool fall evening!

  96. Shelly says

    This 52 year old still plays soccer in a womens league! My team has been together for over 28 years now. Although our soccer isn’t quite what it use to be, we still get moving. Then after the game we continue our “exercise” in the bar, doing right and left handed bicep curls with my beer mug!

  97. Jessica says

    Jogging or walking along the river in our area. It is so refreshing and helps my daily outlook tremendously.

    I would love to try the new yogurt flavors so I hope I win!!

  98. Melissa says

    I walk with my friend several mornings a week! It’s a fun way to socialize AND get my workout in…and it’s easier to get up and go when I have talking to her to look forward to…whereas when I’m going walking or jogging on my own sometimes I have trouble getting out the door!

  99. Angie says

    My daughter and I go for a long walk every evening after dinner. My boys are doing homework and my husband is watching the national news. Kate and I catch up on our day and talk…she is my favorite person to walk with

  100. Sue says

    Loading both kids in the jogging stroller and heading down to the Lake Michigan bike path — a great way to exercise and enjoy early mornings.

  101. Karen says

    Hiking up big mountains. This summer, I’ve climbed up three mountains, all higher than 10 000ft. It takes hours, there is some pain, but the views are worth it. Most importantly, you can eat whatever you want afterwards without guilt because you’ve burned thousands of calories! (literally!)

  102. santiya says

    Weight training is the best! For me, it works better than any amount of cardio for keeping me fit.

  103. Dawn says

    Dog walking in beautiful parks! And as far as greek yogurt goes…any flavor is super yummy drizzled in honey, Oh man, now i gotta get some!

  104. JB says

    Swimming in my pool or more to the point, treading water on my noodle in the pool – always trying to lose weight! I also eat yogurt everyday for my lunch but have never tried Greek yogurt.

  105. says

    I am so excited about this giveaway! I was just talking to a friend the other day about trying this yogurt!! I love riding my bike in the cooler weather! One of my favorite pastimes by far!

  106. sandy says

    I love to run. I usually head out every day on my lunch hour and run 5-7 miles. It’s a perfect break during the day and then I don’t feel so bad sitting in front of a computer all day.

  107. Michelle says

    I love to go for a walk in the fall and take in the colors and the crisp air. I nourish my mental health by walking with a friend.

  108. heather says

    i actually look forward to raking leaves in the fall. then, once i’m done there’s a huge pile of crunchy fun waiting for me and my son to jump into. 🙂

  109. kristin says

    I enjoy taking daily walks in the mornings. They help me get exercise and help me wake up for the day ahead.

  110. says

    I started running last year and really enjoyed that. I had to stop when I found out I was pregnant but now that I’ve had my son, I look forward to getting back into it soon.

  111. Beth says

    I like running both alone and with friends. I love the feeling of being free and I especially love the satisfying feeling I get post-run. 🙂

  112. Karen says

    Gardening, it my choice of exersize. You get fit and give the world a beautiful view to boot. Digging pulling bending alot like pilaties. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT !!!:)

  113. Katherine says

    I look forward to my morning exercise routine of abs or weights and then my stationary bike. Every day, 5am, it’s a great way to start the day! The rest of the day I feel happier and healthier knowing my exercise is out of the way for the day.

  114. barbi says

    I love gardening, veggies and flowers. I’ve enjoyed watching the monarch caterpillars on my milkweed and the black swallowtail caterpillars on my fennel this year. it’s so much fun watching them all.

  115. karla says

    I love walking the dog in the evening and now especially with the fall coming up and the leaves going to change the weather. The walking is a great form of exercise while enjoying the scenery

  116. Carol G says

    I run every day until the snow brings ice! After that I switch to a rowing machine. Good to switch it up a bit.

  117. says

    I know this sounds silly…but I put my indoor Tonkinese cat…LucyGrace…in her stroller and we walk and run and just feel the sun our our faces!!! It is so much fun…she loves our walk from the safety of her strolller…

  118. StacyM says

    I’m a teacher and I’ve been riding my bike to school this year (so far…). I’ve been enjoying the cooler morning weather and quiet ride before starting my hectic day 🙂

  119. Charlene says

    I love early mornings at the gym – It makes my day so much better!
    Thanks and have a great week-end!

  120. says

    I love family walks – me, the husband, and our two pups!
    I do love going to the gym, but a leisure walk with great conversation is the best.

  121. Karen says

    The best exercise I enjoy is walking with my pal, Abbey doodle dabbie. Cause she has 4 legs and makes me keep in step.

  122. Laura E. says

    I look forward to walking my dogs more now that it is cooler. They are 11 and 12 and don’t do as well in the heat anymore.

  123. Gina B. says

    I love walking my wonderful dog, but I really look forward to playing tennis because it doesn’t happen as regularly.

  124. Catherine O. says

    I enjoy walking around the UT campus or walking on the elliptical while studying for my classes 🙂 It’s always nice to multi-task!

  125. jacquie says

    walking. and w/ two large dogs i’m out at least 2x/day – might not be happy about it at the begining but it is very rare that i’m not in a better place on the return.

  126. Anne says

    I enjoy walking around Balboa Park here in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles. Beautiful surroundings and lots of people out walking, running, playing golf, biking. It’s a great environment to find fitness motivation.

  127. Katie R says

    Yoga is the activity that truly excites me. Although the classes are somewhat costly, the amazing way that I feel afterward is worth every penny.

  128. Tracey says

    My boyfriend got me a fabulous bicycle for my birthday and I’m looking forward to riding it everywhere now that the hot Florida summer is almost over. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  129. Lynette says

    Swimming! I love to get up and go lap swimming! Something about climbing into the water and only my own brain to listen too, the feel of the water all around and knowing I’m exercising, but enjoying it and building up my muscles in the best possible way! Thanks so much for the opportunity at a give-a-way!

  130. Anonymous says

    30 day supply? Wow I’d love to be able to try their yogurt.

    My new favorite activity is practicing yoga. I just started, but I really, really like it and it makes me feel good afterwards.

  131. says

    30 day supply? Wow I’d love to be able to try their yogurt.

    My new favorite activity is practicing yoga. I just started, but I really, really like it and it makes me feel good afterwards.

  132. Sheila in MD says

    Running dog agility with my dog! It is obstacle courses for dogs-while the human doesn’t do the obstacles, we have to run the course to be able to direct them…and at trials, bar setting (changing the jump heights) and running leashes (taking the leash from the start to the finish) really adds steps to the pedometer! Love your blog!

  133. Mary on Long Island, NY says

    I love walking along the Long Beach boardwalk here on Long Island with the sun and ocean breeze in my face one way, and at my back on the return walk. At the halfway point I relax on a bench gazing out at the ocean and the volleyball players while sipping on my water…ahhhhh, what could be better?! A 30 day supply of Greek Yogurt, that’s what!

  134. laura ambler says

    does napping count as an activity?

    I do lovve walking my dog when it cools off in the evenings.

    And I adore greek yogurt.

  135. Pamela M says

    I look forward to cooking every day. Because I’m always thinking about food anyway, cooking allows me to have full control over what I put into my body. I even get to experiment and make healthier versions of my especially indulgent favorites. =)

  136. Kathleen says

    I look forward to yoga. It is the only time of the day where I REALLY concentrate on just breathing and being in the moment

  137. shoyski says

    I love to roller blade to get my heart rate up. I haven’t tried this version of Greek yogurt but will make sure it passes my lips, whether it be free or purchased. 🙂

  138. Bill says

    I have just started using greek yogurt as a substitute for sour cream, I have not eaten it by it’s self.

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