Gesine’s Perfect Chewy Chocolate Cookies

I love posting chocolate chip cookie recipes, but up until a few days ago I hadn’t seen any that struck me as particularly unusual or better than the gazillion I’ve already tried. But then I saw Gesine’s. Her chocolate chip cookies weren’t that flashy in appearance, but from her description I could tell they were exactly the type of cookies I love when I’m craving thin, chewy in the center, crispy-edged, very buttery, almost toffee flavored chocolate chip cookies. That’s exactly what these are and if I had to give them a name, I’d call them Heathcliff cookies because they are dark and brooding until you bite into one and realize it’s extra special. Anyway, I had fun making these and they are unique.

Chewy Chocolate Chip

Gesine made these special by using a little bread flour, some egg white, both baking powder and baking soda, plus the magic touch — European style butter which I think is a key ingredient in this recipe. You can really taste it.

My only question to Gesine was about the salt. She uses a full 2 teaspoons, but I think she uses a salt the average baker may or may not have in the pantry. If you are using something like Morton, then you’ll probably want to reduce it a bit even if it’s Morton’s extra fine sea salt or Morton Kosher. The three types of good Morton salt I had all weighed 4 grams per teaspoons. Some salts such as Diamond Kosher and other fancy salts weigh half that. If you are used to baking with fancy salt, you probably already know this, but if you’re not familiar with the issue of brands of salt in baking, this article about brands of salt from the New York Times might be enlightening.

Morton Salt

Okay, enough talk about salt. If you’re in the mood for chocolate chip cookies, just make these!

Gesine’s Perfect Chewy Chocolate Cookies — Click the link for Gesine’s exact recipe

On the other hand, if a thin, dark, chewy cookie is not what you’re after, here’s a link to a recipe I discovered a few years ago right about this time of year.  The cookie below is thicker, has crispy edges, is less chewy, moist in the center (but not cakey) and less toffee-like.  It’s similar to a traditional Toll House cookie, but better (if you follow the directions exactly as written and add the egg in tiny bits).

Santa’s New Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie

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  1. says

    I remember the Santa’s Favorites! Yum!! I love your description of Gesine’s cookies. The Heathcliff reference made me smile and the toffee description makes me want to make them NOW. It will have to be another day though, ’cause Santa’s getting different cookies at our house this year.

  2. says

    I like to “cook” with Diamond Crystal. But I keep several salts on hand so that I can “bake” with whatever the recipe writer uses.

  3. says

    The Santa cookies look more like the kind I like, but I love Gesine and would want to try those just because they’re hers. Great post, Anna! Happy Holidays!

  4. says

    I saw these on her post and was going to make them after the holidays so I’m glad to see that you beat me to it! Yours look a little thinner than hers. I wasn’t aware that these were a thin chocolate chip cookie. I love the slamming of the baking sheet step!!
    Happy Holiday!

  5. says

    Oooh, yum! I will be making these soon 😀
    How is European style butter different from regular butter? Also, where would you buy that?

  6. says

    Some days I like thin and crispy, some days, thick and chewy. I’m torn! These look so good! As do Santa’s favourite. Guess I’ll have to make both. Happy holidays, Anna!

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