Sarris Candy Giveaway

Congratulations to Jenny Lee who won my last giveaway. And good news! Here’s another chance to win some fine quality chocolate. This time, from Pennsylvania’s family-run chocolate company Sarris Candies.

As the story goes, Frank Sarris was in love with Athena and gave her some chocolate. She was so happy that Frank wanted to keep her that way and decided he could make chocolate that was even better. From that point on, he began making chocolate in the basement for family and friends. Word spread and he found a local market. Pretty soon, Frank and Athena were married and Sarris Candies was born.  By 1963, they outgrew the basement, the business kept growing, and family members pitched in to build a business that is now a Canonsburg, PA landmark. The Sarris Chocolate Factory and Ice Cream Parlour fill the area the size of a football field with chocolate, penny candy, ice cream and plush toys.

Their on-line presence is growing as well, with a fun-to-browse mail-order site and Sarris Candy Recipe page with recipes from Candace Sarris, who loves to bake.

After reading Yelp reviews and doing a little research on Sarris, I’m kind of sad I didn’t pick any up while I was in PA. However, I did get a chance to host this giveaway and am happy to say Sarris is offering a lucky reader

— a 1 pound deluxe assortment AND
— 8 oz of milk chocolate pretzels

For a chance at the giveaway, visit the Sarris Candies web page, then come back and tell me one thing you would like to receive as a gift (no need to add a link to it).

Me, I would like my own personal chocolate fountain. I had no idea you could buy small ones and I think that would really impress people who came over for dinner.

The deadline for this giveaway is this Friday (Dec. 17th) at midnight.

Sarris Candy

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  1. corinne says

    I sort of love the idea of the grilling fondue. We’ve got the grill going all the time at parties, this would be an excellent way to take advantage.

  2. says

    I’d really like a mix of the Peanut Butter Carmeltaways and the Peanut Butter and Jelly chocolates. Or just a huge box of each!

  3. says

    I’d love a box of caramels, yum!

  4. says

    Since it’s the season of giving I’d choose the pecanettes for my husband or the cherry liquid cordials for a dear friend.

  5. Amanda says

    I would want those Christmas Oreos. An Oreo dipped in chocolate and then covered in sprinkles?! Yes please.

  6. Christina says

    It all looks so good! I’m a big salty&sweet together fan so I think I’d have to go for one of their Pretzel pails! Thanks for the give away chance!

  7. says

    I would love to get a box of chocolates filled with only caramels. Thought I appreciate the assorted boxes, I pick through to find the caramels. Soooooooooo good.

  8. says

    The Hot Pepper Chocolate bars look amazing and I think my husband would enjoy those. I would also love the teacher bars to pass out to the kid’s teachers. Thanks for this great giveaway!!! jeanette at thealldays(at)

  9. Claire says

    Yum, there’s no food I love more than chocolate! I’m a sucker for truffles, so those look really good.

  10. says

    I’d love any of the assorted chocolates. I like too many types of chocolates to make up my mind! Although I wouldn’t turn down a box of all caramels.

  11. Glanathema says

    I would appreciate the cocoa powder, because I hardly ever get fancy cocoa powder and I would love to bake with it.

  12. Beth L says

    The Peanut Butter Carmeltaways – peanut butter, caramel, and chocoate – what’s not to love!!

  13. Barbara says

    There is nothing I love more than solid milk chocolate, so I personally would love any of their novelties, most of which seem to be just good ol’ shaped milk chocolate that I would be so tempted to sink my teeth into! NOM!!

  14. JoanS says

    All of their stuff looks wonderful. I’d never heard of these candies until I read your page. But looking through their catalog, I’d love anything off their sugar-free page!!

  15. Jane says

    I had Sarris chocolates several years ago on a trip to Pittsburgh. It was delicious! I am torn between the chocolate covered pretzels and the peanut butter meltaways. Actually, I can make my own chocolate covered pretzels, so I’d choose the meltaways. 🙂

  16. Kristen says

    I think the S’mores look fabulous! The custom box would be fun too–that way I could try a little bit of everything!

  17. Heather K says

    I love Sarris! I live pretty close and their chocolate covered pretzels are my favorite. They used to have this sundae that had around 12 scoops of ice cream, and my parents took us all to split 2 of these sundaes. I think I would want to try their baking chocolate since I’ve had most of the other chocolates.

  18. Melissa says

    I live in central PA, very close to Hershey. I used to live in Pittsburgh, which is very close the home town of Sarris. I NEVER passed up an opportunity to order from kids doing fundraisers. I LOVE their chocolate covered pretzels, especially dipping them into ice cream. Yum.

  19. Jenny says

    i’m with those who’d go for the dark chocolate assortment. it’d be in my tummy in less than a day.

  20. Hannah says

    Oh my gosh, I about died when I saw those adorable little Crocs & flip flops!! So stinkin’ cute! Probably too cute to eat, though.

    So…if I had to pick, I’d go with the VIP 2 1/2 ft. long tray of assorted chocolates. Would probably be my breakfast, lunch & dinner the day I got it. Or maybe just a mid-afternoon snack; I can PUT AWAY some serious chocolate, yo!

  21. Rebecca Eitelberg says

    Well, one of each! But if I really had to choose, I would just love the Executive 3lb assortment. I can eat my weight in chocoloate. Bring it on!!

  22. Tierney M. says

    Either a custom box of mixed dark chocolates or the chocolate covered pretzels – YUMMMMY!!!!

  23. Emily says

    I think I would love to receive the sugar free assortment of candies so I can share them with my diabetic sister and father! I always feel guilty when I bake because I can’t tell them about it with feeling like I’m rubbing it in their face!

  24. Lynn Kendrick says

    I would love to receive the Sarris Candies Almond Butter Toffee as a wonderful gift! Thank you and Merry Christmas.

  25. says

    As a baker, I could think of nothing better than to get a nice 2.2lb block of their Dark 62% Bloc Chocolate (my mouth is salivating at the cooking possibilites!)

  26. Linda says

    Ah, peanut brittle…my grandparents owned a luncheonette and made their own ice cream and candy. I can remember watching my grandfather spreading the peanuts on a huge marble table, then pouring the hot sugar syrup over them. They kept the brittle in a big glass container for display/sale, but always had some in a candy jar in their house, too.

  27. Sue says

    The individually wrapped s’mores look absolutely decadent — something you wouldn’t buy for yourself but would love to be given.

  28. Jen says

    everything looks yummy to me – but I think I would go for the chocolate covered pretzels or popcorn!

  29. Carol says

    I want the chocolate covered pretzels. I live close to Pittsburgh and all of the schools around here sale Sarris products for fundraisers and many of the stores sale some of their products also.

  30. Carol says

    Wow! I did not know they sold all of the baking stuff. I am going to have to visit that store soon. A nice pick-me-up for this already cold and cloudy PA weather.

  31. Cindy says

    I would like a deluxe assortment of chocolates because that is what my father brought home as a Christmas treat, long ago. A sampling of everything good! Cordial cherries, which delicious cream did I pick? Covered cashews, peanuts, almonds! A true holiday memory!

  32. ChristineO says

    The chocolate bark with butter almond toffee looks divine! Thank you for your introducing Sarris Candies. I had not heard of them before, but they have top notch offerings.

  33. Supergoo says

    Give me the caramels – love that stuff. I just got a recipe and am determined to learn how to make my own!

  34. cindy ziliak says

    Of course I’d love the Gold collection to share with everyone I know, but my favorite would be the chocolate/peanut butter meltaways.

  35. Karen says

    Wow, so hard to choose. That one pound box of caramels is looking mighty fine…. 🙂

    BTW, I really enjoy reading your blog and I’ve tried a number of recipes, all of which have turned out marvellously. Merry Christmas to you!

  36. Jessica says

    I would LOVE a 2 pound box of assorted creams or a VIP assortment! Sarris Candies could make this pregnant girl very happy!

  37. Shirley says

    Peanut butter melt-aways, no Chocolate covered pretzels, no Chocolate nut assortment. LOL Ok anything as long as it is chocolate!:)

  38. Kelly K says

    Yum, I love Sarris chocolate (I used to live in PA). I’d love some chocolate covered pretzels.

  39. Angie says

    A big block of 62% dark chocolate. I love to go through the cabinets and find food to cover in chocolate. 🙂

  40. Angie says

    Their milk choclate pretzels are to die for…thats what I would choose! Thanks for the chance to win! Merry Christmas

  41. k says

    I would choose the pick your own assortment, so that I could assemble all of my husband’s dark chocolate favorites in one box (cherries, black walnuts, dates, raspberry creams, pecanettes especially) then give it to him as a present. If I were to be VERY good, I might even tempt him into sharing. 🙂

  42. Allie Luxenberg says

    SO CUTE! They have dog bone chocolates. That would combine two of my favorites, dogs and chocolate~

  43. Siera says

    I would just die for the VIP assortment- or any assortment really!! I’ve always wanted to try them- It would make Christmas so much better!! 🙂

  44. says

    I know the giveaway is over but I have to say, if you ever do stop at Sarris do NOT attempt to finish one of their ice cream sundaes. We ordered the small ones and it still came with 3 very decadent scoops! But soooo good! We live shy of 2 hours straight south of Sarris.

    I had been away from the blog world for a while since my lappy was out of commission and, ironically enough, I just had my first Sarris chocolate covered pretzel at my neighbor’s house tonight!

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