Cook’s Country Key Lime Pie

Happy New Year!

Sorry to start the year off with yet another key lime pie, but it’s one of our favorites and I wanted to make this reduced fat version while the memory of the key lime pie made with Fiber One and Key Lime Pie flavored yogurt was still fresh in my mind.

This pie from Cooks Country had a completely different taste to it then the yogurt pie. It was quite sweet, very tart (which we like), lighter, and kind of stiff from the gelatin.   It also had a bit of chalkiness which a lot of key lime pie has and which can be delicious or annoying depending on your palate. I liked it, but tasting this one made me realize how much I appreciated the lack of chalkiness in the yogurt pie.

Key Lime Pie

Here’s the Cook’s Country Key Lime Pie recipe.  They make you register to see it, but registration is free.

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  1. Barbara says

    The best Key Lime Pie I ever had was of course in Key West. I have never found a recipe to equal the one we eat everytime we go to Key West.

  2. says

    The best Key Lime Pie I ever ate was at a Cuban restaurant in Little Havana. I’d love to go back there again just for the Key Lime Pie. The closest I’ve come to making it myself was Key Lime Cheesecake which was awesome, but not Key Lime Pie. I like the idea of these lighter versions as the waist of my jeans is feeling awfully tight right about now. 🙂

  3. Gloria says

    Believe it or not my favorite custard style key lime pie comes from the Publix in Fort Myers Florida. It is silky smooth! My favorite key lime pie comes from the Mucky Duck restaurant on Captiva Island, not far from Fort Myers Florida. It is a frozen pie made with pasteurized raw eggs and not cooked. The eggs are separated and the whites whipped up and folded into
    the yolk mixture. My mouth is watering now thinking about key lime pie!

  4. Louise says

    I used to make Key Lime Pie, but never with condensed milk as I don’t care for that taste. I have a 1973 “Great Recipes The New York Times” cookbook with a recipe from before we worried about eggs. And also a Lime Meringue Pie from a New York Times Heritage cookbook which includes some flour and cornstarch.

  5. says

    Gloria, my sister and brother in law live in Florida and my brother in law talks about that Key Lime Pie from Publix too. My sister isn’t a big fan of sweets so she just rolls her eyes at him. 🙂

  6. says

    The best Key Lime Pie I’ve tasted can be found at Whole Foods. Someone brought it for New Years one year and I had never tasted anything like it before. If you have a Whole Foods within your area, at least try it out and tell us what you think.

  7. says

    Suzan, thanks for the tip! Yes, I have access to a Whole Foods here in Austin. I’ll see if I can find their pie.

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