More Frosted Fudge Brownies

Last week I discovered a great recipe for frosted fudge brownies. The flavor was good, but what I really liked was the texture.  It reminded me of the  Plantation Brownies we used to buy for my sister at the gas station, but moister and with more frosting.

Not wanting to settle on just one frosted fudge brownie recipe, I tried a second – a recipe with similar ratios, but actual melted chocolate instead of cocoa powder and a frosting with more butter and sugar. It also had the interesting step of beating the egg white and folding them into the brownie batter at the end. I wanted to see what that would do.

fudge brownies

I’m not exactly sure what the beaten egg white did for this recipe other than stretch it a bit. The brownies were slightly softer and more truffle-like than the others, but in my opinion they were a bit too rich. Not that brownies aren’t supposed to be rich, but these just seemed like too much. Then again I sometimes find Texas Sheet Cake too rich, so consider the source. The recipe is supposed to be Southern and rumor has it that people down south like a little more sugar.  No one at Todd’s office complained, but I wasn’t there to get a real critique.  If you know this recipe or make these, I’m really interested in hearing what you think.

This is from and I didn’t make any changes.

Frosted Fudge Brownies in a 15×10 inch pan

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  1. says

    What I find interesting about this recipe is that there isn’t much melted chocolate. The brownie recipe I use (built upon Anna’s effortless fudge brownies) calls for 6 ounces of melted chocolate for an 8 x 8 pan. Louise, I checked out Bobby Flay’s recipe. I am surprised he has half the chocolate and doesn’t add any salt and uses unsalted butter. Over the last couple of years all of my brownie taste testers-old and young-have liked the brownies with more chocolate and salt better than the brownies with less chocolate and, in my opinion, less depth of flavor because of no salt. It amazes me how many brownie recipes there are out there! Oh yes, and opinions!

  2. Louise says

    Gloria, what I find interesting about the Bobby Flay brownies is that the chocolate quantity is actually split between the brownie and the frosting. That’s why I referred to them as “integral”. You don’t just make the brownie base of this recipe.

  3. Shannon in Canada says

    I made the frosted brownies you posted last week and thought they were spectacular. I actually frosted them with the icing from your Texas sheet cake recipe frosting, as I adore that frosting- and it complemented them terrifically. I guess I will have the make another batch of brownies this week (these ones) so I can compare too!

  4. says

    Gloria, your shiny blueberry & banana brownies are intriguing! I love your brownie model ;).

    Louise, thanks for the link to Bobby Flay’s brownies. His version looks very rich too. I’ll probably try it anyway because I love the idea of swapping out some of the sugar for Frangelico. I would make these today if I had hazelnuts, but I don’t.

    Gloria, I know what you mean about the salt. Maybe all the competing flavors from Frangelico and the nuts makes up for the missing salt? Louise’s point about making both the base and the frosting is a good one too. I really need to get some hazelnuts.

    Shannon, I haven’t noted it but I’ve been making the recipe with the Texas Sheet Cake icing and like it better that way too. I think the extra half tablespoon of milk plus mixing the sugar in the bowl makes the icing come out smoother. I’m going to go note that in the other recipe.

  5. says

    I’m glad you wrote about these. I wondered how they would go over.
    I’m also glad that Louise mentioned the Bobby Flay brownies with the Frangelico. I opened my bottle of Frangelico yesterday just to smell it. How dorky it that? I seriously love the smell of that stuff!! It’s been in my cupboard so long I was worried that it might have evaporated. I doubt I’ll get to make those brownies any time soon. No hazelnuts.

  6. says

    Anna, thank you for providing a discussion forum which probably involves the whole world! I just bought some banana chips which I am going to chop up and mix into my banana brownie recipe-I hope it does not backfire! I might add some coconut and call them tropical brownies. I suppose I shouldn’t give my secrets away if I’m going to enter them into the state fair! Do you have any tips working with shredded coconut?

  7. Louise says

    I’m jumping in on the coconut issue with my two cents worth. If I actually want some taste from the coconut, depending what it’s used in, I swap out coconut milk for buttermilk, or add some coconut rum instead of vanilla, etc. I never use coconut extract as I think it smells and tastes too much like suntan lotion. Plus I add shredded coconut, of course.

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