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Here are a few more pictures from the trip. I tend to go to the same places over and over, then slip in a couple of new ones. One place I always visit is Chelsea Market. It used to be the Nabisco building, but now it houses offices and food stores of all types. The day the other bloggers went it was crowded, but I have a knack for going when it’s very quiet.

Eleni’s is one of my favorite stops in Chelsea Market.  They’re known for their fabulously decorated sugar cookies.

Frosted animal cookies from Eleni's

Eleni's Cookies

While their sugar cookies are pretty, my favorite cookies are their thin, crisp, crunchy, chocolate chip cookies which they package in little plastic cylinders. They also make good cupcakes — especially the raspberry.

Eleni's Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chelsea Market has other bakeries including Sarabeth’s, where I bought a cookie and took this picture. It has a whole different feel to it than Eleni’s.


And I can never skip the Italian store, Buon Italia! One this trip I was hoping they’d have the elusive Fiori di Sicilia.  Nope.

Italian Store

But they did have good prices on blocks of Callebaut chocolate!

After Chelsea Market, I wandered over to The Village area in search of a little cupcake place called Sweet Revenge.   Amanda told me their cupcakes were amazing, so I had to see for myself.

When I finally found the bakery, I settled in for a cup of tea and checked my email. It’s a very comfortable place to kick back and relax even though it’s quite small. Below is a photo of the cupcake selection.  The idea is to pair the flavored cupcakes with some type of booze from Sweet Revenge’s bar, but it was still too early for that.

Cupcakes at Sweet Revenge in New York City

I wished I could have stayed and tried all the flavors, but I wasn’t particularly hungry by that time and had to buy the cupcake to go. If you buy your cupcake to go, they smash it into a plastic cylinder so you can carry it home. Here’s my “Pure” (vanilla flavored) cupcake. The cupcakes are more like pound cake, so if you like rich, sweet, pound cake these are for you. Other people I spoke with loved the peanut butter flavor and red velvet.

cupcake from sweet revenge

Later that day I stopped into Rockefeller Center’s La Maison du Chocolate. It’s quite elegant, but they let me in anyway and I bought some macarons. The macarons were very good for a chocolate store, the filling being better than the shell, but it’s chocolate they’re known for.


For macarons, the best I’ve ever tried are at Bouchon near Columbus Circle (or if you’re in Vegas, The Venetian). They also sell $10 cylinders of granola, which for some reason I felt compelled to buy and am still eating.  Notice again the plastic cylinder.  It seems a lot of New York bakeries are using them these days.  I need to get my hands on some.

Bouchon Granola

After all the walking around New York and visiting with the I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter team, it was time to go home. Due to snowy roads, I had to take the subway to JFK and I was so happy with myself for having taken it to the city because it got me to the airport on time for my Jet Blue flight when the roads were closed to traffic. If you need advice on taking the subway to or from JFK, shoot me an email and I’ll tell you how to do it. It will save you about $50 (more money for sweets).

But I did make it home safely. Jet Blue was at the airport on time, though they did have some delays getting to the gate due to ice. The animal cookies made up for it. Note they are the iced kind and not just plain? This was my first flight with them and I really enjoyed it. Also, if you ever find yourself trapped at JFK airport, try to get yourself trapped in Terminal 5. Apparently the restaurants there when multiple awards for airport food. No joke.

Animal Crackers

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  1. says

    I miss New York! When I’ve gone with my mom, we always take the Super Shuttle to and from the airport. I think it’s like, $30. But you have to ride in a van full of people and you have to make stops at all of their hotels. And a lot of times the passengers smell funny. I think the subway woud be cheaper and faster.

    I have to go into Sarabeths if I ever make it back to Chelsea Market.

  2. Patrice says

    ahhhhh, thanks, I’ve been craving a visit to NYC . . . love Chelsea Market, although I was disappointed in two cupcake comparisons there on my last trip (and I always forget how much weight those Buon Italia chocolate blocks add to your luggage!) (not to mention body parts 🙂

    re your subway ride to JFK, I used to take the A train from JFK to its last stop up on 207th St, where my daughters used to live. I took the Super Shuttle once and lost track of time after 3 hours – never again – and I can’t even imagine what a cab would’ve cost . . .

  3. Anne Ardoin says

    You can find the elusive Fiori di Sicilia at King Arthur Flour’s website… is wonderful in so many things!

  4. says

    I would love to try the pure vanilla pound cake cupcakes!
    And I like the iced cookie “safari” animals! Thanks for the update and pics.

  5. says

    Stacie, enjoy New York1 I lived there a long time ago and feel like I didn’t take advantage of all it had to offer. Enjoy it while you can.

    Emily, I have the worst luck with Super Shuttles. There is one very good bus, though. If you happen to be flying out of Newark, there’s this bus that goes directly from Port Authority to the airport and I think it’s only about $15. It’s not a shuttle, though.

    Patrice, sorry you were disappointed in the cupcakes. Maybe you need to go back to New York and eat some more to make up for it.

    Anne, thanks! I love King Arthur, but I’m trying to avoid paying shipping. I keep thinking one day I’m just going to walk into a shop and find the Fiori di Sicilia so I keep putting off ordering and paying shipping.

    Gloria, we might have to develop our own pound cake cupcakes. It can’t be that difficult.

  6. C L says

    These goodies look fabulous! If it were possible, I think I would dive through my screen and into the “pure” cupcake without hesitation. Please excuse me while I dab my face with a napkin. LOL 😉 The “dirty” cupcake in the case sounds intriguing too…is that one chocolate with chocolate? Thank you, Anna, for the update and the pics. So glad you had a great trip! 🙂

  7. says

    I have actually eaten in terminal 5 and yes it IS good! I can’t remember which resturant, I think the American grill type—I got some type of soup and really loved it! It is a bit expensive, but then again, everything in New York is fairly expensive!

  8. Louise says

    I envy you so much for being able to visit La Maison du Chocolat for macarons, I’m dying to try them ! I also loved the NYC decorated cookies. Sounds like you had a great time 🙂

  9. Rosie says

    I recently visited La Maison du Chocolat in Hong Kong. I didn’t try their macarons, but their chocolate…OMG…simply divine!

  10. Louise says

    Are the Eleni sugar cookies decorated with fondant? That’s what it looks like in the photos.

  11. Patrice Marie Grace says

    I swoon for food! From-(Patrice Marie to Patrice)–No cupcake has ever really disappointed me!–But,-giving up sweets–to svelte it down a bit is a sh—- bore! Try “Georgetown Cupcakes”–they rate too girls! In China Town,NYC–red velvet cupcakes are amazing! Enjoy-Patrice Marie

  12. jerry says

    not sure what the big deal is about Eleni’s cookies. they seem to be burnt on the bottom and so dry. i almost choked on the crumbs in my mouth. they do like nice tho.

  13. Kara Brown says

    Hi Anna
    All those sweet treats look so good. Thanks for advise about subway sounds like the best way to get around. Im traveling to new york for the 1st time from New Zealand, we are only spending 3 nights there. Would love to know the best foodie places to go and any other tips would be great. Thanks Kara xx

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