1. Louise says

    Joanne Chang’s articles are really well written. Her Maple Buttermilk Cake with Caramelized Apples looks intriguing. Perhaps you should try her CC Cookies.

  2. says

    i went to flour in boston a couple of times. it’s wonderful. next time i go i will do a post. but i have to say that she has these fig newtons done almost like a cakey pop tart. the recipe is in her new cookbook “flour”.
    she advice is true, and what i really wanted to say here was i miss my convection oven. when we had a rental (before we bought our own house) i noticed a huge diff in how the texture, cooking times and overall color of baked items came out. i hope someday to own a convection; what a diff they make even in jsut cc cookies you know?

  3. Louise says

    It looks like Joanne Chang had a Sticky Bun Throwdown with Bobby Flay. I came across the recipe while looking for the fig newton one. I’ll probably have to buy “Flour” for that recipe alone.
    And, I strongly agree with Dawn about convection ovens and baking. I love my convection oven almost as much as my induction cooktop. I love melting chocolate without a double boiler and being able to saute with a piece of parchment under the skillet to collect the spatters. 😉

  4. says

    Read Joanne Chang’s article for beginning bakers. Interesting info. on temperatures-I didn’t realize the importance of them. Thanks for posting.

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