Snowy Morning in Austin

“Hey, what is this stuff?”


“Whatever it is I like it.”

corgi in the snow

“Where did you come from?”


“Let’s be friends!”

corgi meets a friend

“This place has really gone to the dogs.”

“Mom, can we try skiing? Can I buy a sled?”

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  1. says

    Your photos just made me chuckle. I bet snow in Austin is the coolest thing! I wonder what your munchkins would have thought of the 2 ft we got a few days ago.

  2. stephanie says

    YOu need to visit Michigan! We got the 2 day blizzard & about 10 inches of snow. My 15 yo old terrier took one step outside & said forget it. I then got the bark that means “do something NOW!!! I gotta go & I don’t like this”.

  3. Caroline says

    How fun! Our Cody is still coming to terms that our snow is higher than he is! I should get some pictures up, it’s unreal – kind of like you getting snow at all!

  4. Amanda says

    Those pictures are great. I live in Los Angeles and have never woken up to a snowy morning! Looks like fun for everybody (especially the dogs).

  5. T. Martin says

    HA! Snow in Austin?! That’s global warming for you…all sorts of craziness. You should send Fuzz up for a visit and I’ll take her sledding in Central Park.

  6. says

    Velcro loves the snow but hates the cold. We have had snow on the ground since early December. I can take the snow but, like Velcro, not the cold.

    At least we have a snow plow.

  7. Shannon in Canada says

    By the way, I live in Ontario, Canada and if you pictures weren’t so lovely, I would probably laugh at you for calling that “snow”!!

  8. says

    Shannon, I have a feeling a lot of people up north are laughing. They shut down the city for our snow! We just don’t have the resources to control it, I guess. Doesn’t happen enough. Also, the houses are my neighbors. Mine’s actually behind me when I’m taking the picture.

  9. says

    I hope Fuzz and Lizzie had a big time in the snow! We had family members living in Dallas for almost 15 years and snow there was a big deal for them too.
    Needless to say it’s a season long event here…. sigh….

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