Anna Will Be Back Soon

Hi everybody! This is Todd, Anna’s husband, filling in for a quick guest post. Unfortunately, Anna isn’t feeling so great and hasn’t been able to bake anything for the last couple of days.  Hopefully, she’ll be back to her old self soon.  I sure hope so, I can’t cook and I’m going to starve without her.

I would love to provide you with a recipe today, but you’ll be better off if I don’t.  Trust me on that.  Instead, our dog’s namesake’s grandson got married today over in England, so I figured I would share a couple of pictures of Lizzie the Corgi.

As you can see, she likes to sleep on her back.


I see you

Lizzie doesn’t let me take a lot of pictures of her.  She usually sees me pointing my phone at her and runs around, which makes my Lizzie the Corgi photos fall into two categories: blurs and sleeping.


While I’m here, I wanted to show you this picture of a really neat looking cloud I took while we were out on a walk the other day.  It turns out a lot of people saw it and did the same thing.  There’s even a web site dedicated to pictures of this one cloud! When I took this, the sun was behind us, so the cloud looked like it was glowing.  I have a picture from about five minutes before this one and the top of the cloud is pure white and the bottom is glowing bright orange.


Anyway, like I said, hopefully Anna will be back to normal soon.  Otherwise, you’ll be getting pictures of corgis and poorly written recipes, mainly involving heating things up exactly as the packaging indicates.


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  1. corinne says

    I hope she’s feeling better soon! My Reader stream is a bit less delicious without her.

  2. says

    Hey Todd awesome cloud shot, did you stay long enough to see the UFO break through :)? (I thought it was funny).
    Let Anna know that we all hope she gets better soon. In my opinion the best cure for any cold or illness is a roll of McVitie’s (or your favourite brand) Milk Chocolate Digestive Cookies; or plain Digestives if you’ve had too much chocolate. They’re equally awesome :). It’s considered health food, right? So you can eat the entire thing and still feel good about yourself :).

  3. says

    Aw, sweet post. Been thinking about you, Anna, knowing you’re sick! Hope you feel better SOON! In your honor, I now have a cold (just in time for my 5K tomorrow!) sigh
    Have a biscotti for me. 😉

  4. Louise says

    Thanks for the cloud photo and update on Anna. I hope Anna is well soon and things get back to normal in the Ginsberg household.

  5. Paula B. says

    I liked your post Todd, you should write here more often (and start developing some of your own favorite recipes). Hope Anna feels better soon, and that you are at least getting her the occasional cup of soup!

  6. says

    please give anna my best. rest, water and i know i told her already but need to tell her again (for it saved me when i was really sick). she needs to eat fruits high in vit C. like canteloupe. those foods really help ‘clean out’ the infections.

  7. Darlene says

    Thanks so much for the update, Todd. Our days are a little less sweet without hearing little anecdotes from Anna and seeing what she’s been baking. Anna, best wishes for a speedy recovery. I know I speak for everyone when I say “We miss you!”

  8. pumpkinpie says

    Get well soon Anna! So nice to see a peaceful cloud, instead of those terrible funnel clouds. Boo, tornado season!

  9. says

    I hope Anna is starting to feel better. Thank you for the update and the pictures. The cloud shot is stunning!
    I wish I could come by with something for all of you but it’s long way from here to there.
    Lots of fluids and lots of rest will hopefully have her on the mend soon.
    All the best to all of you!!

  10. Pam Shank says

    Todd you did an awesome post…sounds like you are taking good care of Anna just like she takes care of you. Wishing her a very speedy feeling better!

  11. says

    Anna, hope you are on the mend and Todd, thank you for the pictures and helping Anna. Anna, you are always posting recipes and helpful hints for us. This is for you: 7 Up or sprite and crackers or dry toast for bad stomach. Hot toddy (no pun intended!) or tomato tea and neti pot for bad cold.
    Hot toddy: Pour a shot of Whisky into a cup and add boiling water to it. Add a spoonful of honey or sugar. Add a half slice of lemon, two cloves and, if available, a cinnamon stick. Let brew for three to five minutes. Depending on preference, the cloves and cinnamon stick can be removed before drinking, although leaving them in is often said to make a toddy even better for clearing a blocked nose and relieving a head cold.
    Tomato tea:

  12. Angie says

    Todd, you have a real knack! Thanks for filling in for Anna. Anna, I hope you feel better soon. Take good care of yourself.

  13. Rina says

    Aww, very sweet post! I hope Anna feels better soon! That is a pretty neat looking cloud, wow! 🙂

  14. C L says

    Todd, delightful and very sweet post. Love the cloud photo.
    Anna, hope you are on the mend. If you can stand one more suggestion, my grandmother’s remedy was always a cup of hot chicken broth followed by a large shot of Wild Turkey. (Feel free to substitute your liquor of choice.) She lived to be a sharp and witty 100, so it must work. 😉

  15. Eleanore says

    Dear Anna,
    I’ve been reading your blog for years and years but have always been too shy to comment since I don’t have my own blog. But I’m really sorry to hear you’re not feeling well, and I just wanted to wish you well and thank you for your wonderful recipes (I’ve tried many, and they’ve all been great!) and your writing, which never fails to cheer me up.
    Feel better soon!

  16. says

    So sorry to hear Anna isn’t feeling well. Hope you get well soon Anna! In We love the corgi pictures so keep em coming! Nice post Todd!

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