I’m on vacation, but couldn’t resist posting a few photos from Seattle.  We just got here and it’s SO pretty.   Just like this Wall of Gum. 

Yup, you read that right.  It’s the famous Wall of Gum in Pike Place Market.   It was gross but interesting. Fuzz made a contribution.

wall of gum

And here’s another picture from one of the highlights of our day, a visit to Cakespy. Jessie is an artist and cookie afficionado who has her own little shop with gifts, jewelry, t-shirts and other things with Jessie’s signature happy cupcakes, robots and unicorns. I’ll post a few more photos when I get back on a regular computer, but I can tell you we had fun and that her new cookbook (I got to see her advance copy at the shop) is totally cute and has some really fun recipes. 

Cake Spy and Cookie Madness

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  1. says

    Oh dang, you look a ton like my college Latin teacher/advisor. (That’s not a bad thing. I still visit her when I can – she’s super cool.)

    I met Jessie last year at a craft fair in Chicago. She sure knows about cupcake places in a whole lot of cities!

  2. says

    Wall of gum! Like you say, gross, but fun for the kids! Kind of like Wall of Weird for those Smallville fans! I’ll bet the difference in temperature and scenery is welcome! Can’t wait to see more photos and hear about your Pacific Northwest impressions!!

  3. says

    Eww, that wall would really gross me out. One of my biggest pet peeves ever is chewed gum left in annoying places–especially when I step on it! I guess it wouldn’t get stepped on on a wall. Still–yuck.
    Yeah for you to have had a fun day with Jessie and be loving Seattle. I’m sure just the cooler weather is something to love!

  4. says

    looks like you are having fun! can’t wait to see more of your visit here. I hope you were in town for a few of the truly treasured sunny days!

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