Great Macaron Base and Filling

I made my first batch of Parisian style macarons back in June. They tasted great, and I was really proud of them at the time even though they were far from perfect. Today, I took another stab at it using two different recipes and I think I’ve made some progress.  And even though I’m new to making macarons,  I feel very comfortable recommending these two recipes — one for the base and the other for the filling. macaron The macaron base is from a blog called Duhlicious and I found it after trying a different macaron recipe that didn’t work out so well. So to date, I’ve tried three total and this was the best. The filling is Joanne Chang’s buttercream icing from Fine Cooking. It’s perfect for macarons and I wouldn’t change a thing except for flavorings. The only thing hard  about making these was spending $12.00 on the Bob’s Red Mill almond meal, but now I think it was totally worth it.

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  1. T. Martin says

    $12.00 for almond meal!?!?! If you have a Trader Joe’s nearby I would check them for almond meal as they have it at a great price, as they do all their nut products.

  2. says

    Wow they look great, I use sliced almonds and grind them up with the powdered sugar, way cheaper. Now having said that I have only made them once, and they did not look as nice as yours.

  3. says

    Taneka, Austin does not have a Trade Joe’s. Maybe someday…

    Sue, the Bob’s was very fine. I’m not sure I could have gotten it quite as fine in my food processor, but I might have been able to do it in the coffee grinder.

  4. Mary says

    I agree w/ T. above — if you have the chance, look for Trader Joe’s when you travel. I have a Trader Joe’s just a few blocks from home but don’t go there often (except to buy nuts and dried fruit). It’s been a while since I’ve bought almond meal there but I think you could get two bags for the BRM price.

    Would enjoy seeing more suggestions for using the almond meal!

  5. Terri A. says

    These look great! I’ve tried them a few times and they don’t look anywhere near as good as yours. In regards to the Trader Joe’s Almond Meal – it is cheaper, but you’ll have to grind it finer in order to use it in these – the Bob’s Red Mill is much finer than the TJs version.

  6. says

    I still haven’t gathered the courage to try. Although I have a couple books staring me in the face on the kitchen counter. I’ll go check out this recipe….perhaps in January….

  7. says

    These look just like they should! I’ve made macarons with home-ground almonds, Trader Joe’s almond meal and Bob’s Red Mill. I’ve found that the Bob’s Red Mill is the one that works the best for me. Nothing else seems to be as fine a texture. The class I took at Sur La Table on macarons also recommended using Bob’s and additionally recommended sifting it 3 times with the powdered sugar to get a really fine mix. Pretty fussy, but the results were worth the trouble! If you can stand to pay even more, hazelnut meal is also good.

  8. says

    Wow! That looks inspiring. I’m glad people chimed in about the Trader Joe’s vs. Bob’s Mill Almound meal/flour. That’s helpful to know the difference.

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